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  1. Beta Key? We don't need no stinkin' Beta Key.
  2. Patching error
  3. Character Wipe?
  4. Character Wipe?
  5. CLosed beta be shorter?
  6. The last 24hrs. CBT will close at 11:59pm PDT, March 29
  7. Elsword Goes 2x EXP, 2x Drop and Unlimited Stamina from 7pm Until CBT Closing
  8. Elsword Isn’t Name Dropping. CBT Players Freak Out.
  9. OBT Date Confirmed. The Madness Starts Midnight (00:00 PDT), April 27.
  10. Server Maintenance Today, April 26, 2011 @4:00PM PDT
  11. OBT 1¢ Item Sale
  12. IMPORTANT: Patching Problem
  13. Update: Game Downloader Problem
  14. Important: EXP Bug Fix
  15. 1st Job Classes Will Be Released For The Official Launch of Elsword, 5AMish PDT, May 4
  16. New Time for Official Launch. 6:30AM or Bust.
  17. Elsword Online Voice-over Video Contest
  18. Amendment for VoV Contest
  19. Elsword Best Party Screenshot Contest
  20. Buddy Up With Us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube
  21. Mangaholics Rejoice: Eltype Contest
  22. DRUMROLL PLEASE... Elsword Online VoV Contest Winners
  23. Winners Best Action Party Screenshot Contest!
  24. GoCash Promo Event
  25. Elsword Events Extended (a.k.a E3)
  26. Sneak Peak: June 22nd Patch
  27. $120 Spending Cap Increase! Yippie!
  28. Elsword YouTube - Sneak Peak for July 6th Patch!
  29. Elpeeps go on a Scavenger Hunt
  30. Eltype: THE POLES ARE UP!!!
  31. Accessory Creation Contest Winners!!!
  32. DEV Diary, part duex on Massively
  33. QQ No More... A New Hero Joins Elsword Online
  34. Oopsies... Patch Crash Compensation
  35. The scores are in: Scavenger Hunt!!!
  36. Sneak Peek: August 17th Patch
  37. DEV Diary, part 3 on Massively
  38. A Soldier Redeemed Event (Big In-game Prize for All Elpeeps)
  39. Accessory Creation Contest Winner's Concepts Revealed
  40. Epic Boss Battle Screenshot Contest: Wanna boss cube?
  41. My Favorite Siggys... :3
  42. Raven's 2nd Job Reveal
  43. KC Has Once Again Won The Heart's of Elpeeps
  44. Soldier Redeemed Event 9K "Likes" Mini Manga Panel 2 Reveal
  45. Epic Boss Battle Screenshot Contest Winners
  46. SponsorPay Fixed... Go get your K-Ching!
  47. William and His Cronies... Time and Space.
  48. Woo ~ We reached 10,000 Likes on FB
  49. Sneak Peak: William's Time and Space
  50. Just Reached Over 12K Likes on FB
  51. Forum Exploit Incident
  52. Pets Exclusive Article Coming
  53. OnRPG Covers Elsword Pets
  54. ...And Our Cute Video for Pets...
  55. Almost at 15K Likes for FB
  56. A Whole Weekend for Pets
  57. 15K Likes on FB = Awesome Event
  58. Halloween Goodies Sneak Peek
  59. Vote For You Favorite Creepiest Wallpaper!!!
  60. FB Elsword Pumpkin Carving Contest
  61. Voting Poll for Wallpaper Contest is Back Up
  62. ULTMD Stamina + 50% EXP Boost Medal = Beat The Grind
  63. Vote Extension: Creepiest Wallpaper Contest
  64. Creepiest Wallpaper Winners!!
  65. Creepiest Wallpaper Honorable Mentions
  66. Amazing Elsword Pumpkins
  67. Halloween Unlimited Stamina Weekend
  68. Thanksgiving Title Creation Contest
  69. Patch Update for November 9th Delayed
  70. Take Back Velder!!!
  71. Maintenance tonight @ 12AM PDT Time
  72. Winners of Thanksgiving Title Contest
  73. Hint... Hint...
  74. Eve's Bass Bumping on Massively
  75. Official Eve Trailer Now Available on YT
  76. I <3 Eve Photo Contest
  77. Are you man enough...?
  78. Eve's 2nd Job Class Reveal
  79. Winners of the I<3 Eve Photo Contest
  80. GM PvP Holiday Event
  81. Winners of the Elsword Holiday Jingle Contest
  83. GM Secret Dungeon Assistance
  84. Secret Manga Contest
  85. GM Secret Dungeon Assistance Part3!!!
  86. Winners of the Secret Manga Contest
  87. Cover Video: Elsword Holiday Jingle Contest
  88. Score a Date with One of Our GMs!!
  89. PvP With GM SigmaII and GM Smokes
  90. <3 Winners of the GM Valentine Gram Contest <3
  91. Elsword Blog featuring GM Skillz
  92. Glave is coming... So you know what's next...
  93. 02-22-12 Server and Maintenance Issues
  94. Compensation Event Extension
  95. Elsword Blog: Interview with Chester Ocampo
  96. Henir's Time and Space Trailer
  97. Henir’s Time and Space Dungeon Assistance
  98. Elsword Blog: How to Keep Your Account Better Secured
  99. VOTE for the Forum Ranking Rename Contest
  100. Elsword Blog: Interview with GM Mirage
  101. Last Chance to Vote for the Forum Ranking Rename Contest
  102. Winners of the Forum Ranking Rename Contest
  103. Winners of the Lucky Limerick Poetry Contest
  104. PvP Throwdown w/ GM Crow & Gang
  105. Elsword Blog: What to Buy with 250 K-Ching?
  106. EGGsword Decorating EGGstravaganza
  107. Elsword Blog: Interview with GM Eunissy
  108. Elsword Blog: Remembering Salvatore Solace
  109. Riddle Me This GM Event
  110. Winners of the EGGsword Decorating EGGstravaganza
  111. Do you know everything about Elsword?
  112. Elsword Blog: Pro Guide to Henir's Time & Space Challange Mode
  113. Winners of the Daily Quiz on Facebook
  115. El Arbor Day Dungeon Trailer
  116. Elsword Blog: Arbor Day Tree-via!
  117. Cuddles on Twitter
  118. Date Extension Elsword Anniversary Photo Contest
  119. Our Happy 1 Year Video!
  120. Elsword Blog: Elsword Turns 1!
  121. GM PvP Tower Defense Event
  122. Gate of Darkness Defense Dungeon Mode
  123. Winners of the Elsword Anniversary Photo Contest
  124. Elsword Blog: Interview with GM Crow
  125. GM Event: Gate of Darkness Dungeon Run
  126. Elsword Blog: Playing MMO Games Can Be Good For You
  127. Elsword Blog: Honoring Memorial Day
  128. It's Official: Elsword @ AX 2012
  129. Elsword Blog: Void Princess Cosplay Interview w/ Kasea VP
  130. Oh Noes... You know what this means...
  131. GM Event: Gate of Darkness Survival!
  132. Elsword Blog: Cosplay Interview w/ Jessica Nigri
  133. Server Issue Compensation Announcement
  134. Set Sail For Hamel!!
  135. Elsword Blog: Reckless Fist Cosplay Interview
  136. GM Event: Party Up in Hamel
  137. Elsword Blog: Eve Code Empress Cosplay Interview
  138. Elpeeps #GoBerserk
  139. 6/26/12 #Go Berserk Winners
  140. Compensation Event: The Servers Are UP!
  141. Elsword Blog: Chung Cosplayer Interview
  142. 6/27/12 #Go Berserk Winners
  143. 6/28/12 #GoBerserk Winners
  144. Elsword Blog: What to Buy with 500 K-Ching?
  145. Last Chance! Spot Chung @ AX !
  146. 6/29 to 6/3 Winners of #GoBerserk Twitter Event
  147. GM Events: July 4th Tower Defense
  148. Winners for the Chung 1st Job Class Trailer Share Event
  149. Vote for Your Favorite AX 2012 Chung Cosplayer Picture
  150. #GoBerserk Final List of Winners
  151. Elsword Blog: Ready for Chung's New Skills?
  152. Chung Manga Contest!!
  153. GM PvP Happy Hour Livestream on Twitch
  154. Elsword Blog: Cheer for the Elrios Elympics!
  155. Chung Manga Contest Winners!!
  156. Elsword Blog: Welcome Chung's 2nd Job Class
  157. GM Event: Fight for the Almighty Guild Title
  158. Noka Noka Chung 2nd Job Livestream
  159. Previous Costume Packages are BACK!!
  160. Aria Blarg Livestream Plus Prizes!!
  161. Elsword Blog: Secrets of the Water Priestess
  162. Forum Title Design Contest: One Day Left!!
  163. Elsword's 1st Official PvP Tournement
  164. Elsword Blog: Speeding Up Your Wi-Fi Connection
  165. Screenshot Your SP Builds!!
  166. Winners of the Forum Title Design Contest!!
  167. Grab 'Em While You Still Can: Royal Maid Set
  168. Elsword Blog: GM Skillz Discusses Awakened Phase 1
  169. Gangnam Style GM Livestream
  170. Elsword Blog: Interview w/ CO Cuddles
  171. GM Livestream w/ Crow and Skillz
  172. Velder Secret Dungeon Trailer
  173. Elsword Blog: Talk Like a Pirate Day
  175. PvP in the GM Livestream
  176. Arr! It's Treasure Map Making Time Elpeeps!
  177. Community Spotlight: Our First One!!
  178. New Steam Greenlight Silver Titles!!
  179. ARR!! Tons of Prizes for this Week's Livestream!!
  180. Elsword Blog: Steam Greenlight
  181. Community Spotlight: Ask Elsword!!
  182. Higher Chances of Getting Luto... I'm in!!
  183. Winners Treasure Map Contest
  184. Elsword Blog: Elsword Awakened Phase 3 GoD
  185. GM Livestream 9/27 @ 4 to 6 PM
  186. Community Spotlight: EO Hats and YrsofEXP
  187. Elsword Blog: Trailers by Khameleon808
  189. Noka Noka Livestream
  190. 03-03-13 Get Recruited in the GM Almighty Guild!!
  191. Community Spotlight: Character Guides by Lenne
  192. Henir Remixed (10/10/12 Patch)
  193. CONTEST CLOSED: Elsword Pumpkin Carving Contest
  194. Elsword on Google+
  195. GM's Livestream: Cuddle Hour
  196. Community Spotlight: Interview with DeeRange
  197. Elsword Blog: Interview with GM Irine
  198. Community Spotlight: Artist Interview w/ Sei
  199. GM Livestream w/ Skillz and Crow Happening NOW!!
  200. New Halloween Dungeon Trailer
  201. Win K-Ching in the Aria Blarg Livestream
  202. Spooky GM Livestream
  203. Community Spotlight: "Let's Play Elsword" by Jette
  204. Winners of the President of Elrios Campaign Poster Contest
  205. Winners of the Halloween Photo Costume Contest
  206. Happy Halloween to our Elpeeps!
  207. Winners of the Pumpkin Carving Contest
  208. Community Spotlight: MOD SeraphSinger
  209. Raven's Rage Trailer
  210. Livestream w/ Jette & Win Prizes
  211. Livestream with GM Crow and Skillz
  212. Community Spotlight: MOD Kryojenix
  213. Jette's Livestream Part 2 Win K-Ching
  214. Elsword GM Blog: GM Amelia's Anime Picks
  215. Steam Greenlight Collections Giveaway
  216. SuxAtGames Livestream Win K-Ching
  217. Skillz and Crow Livestream
  218. Community Spotlight: MOD Air
  219. GM Tower Defense Mode
  220. Way of the Sword (11/21/12 Update)
  221. Elsword GM Blog: Way of the Sword with GM Skillz
  222. Black Friday Deals
  223. Elsword GM Blog: Making a Game Out of Greenlight
  224. Elsword Livestream: Cuddle Hour
  225. Play Together to Earn Prizes!!
  226. Livestream w/ Your Beloved GM Skillz
  227. Community Spotlight: Moderator BBird
  228. Jette's Livestream K-Ching Giveaway!!
  229. Elsword GM Blog: Interview w/ GM Chinook
  230. Round 2 Cuddle Hour plus K-Ching Prizes
  231. Official PVP Tournament: 2v2 Winter League
  232. Unlimited Stamina Weekends Extension!!
  233. Livestream w/ SuxsAtGames: Win K-Ching!!
  234. Win K-Ching in GTO's Livestream
  235. Elsword's Transformation: LET THE Q.Q TRAIN END!!
  236. Watch the Official Elsword PvP Tournament Today!!
  237. Greenlight Share Event: Win Cute Chibis!!
  238. Win K-Ching for LIKING the Sheath Knight Full Trailer
  239. GM Skillz Blog: Sheath Knight is Here!!
  240. Sheath Knight Cuddle Hour
  241. SuxAtGames Livestream Giveaway
  242. Jette's Fabulous Livestream Giveaway
  243. Community Spotlight: Videos by hikariinu124
  245. First Livestream for '13 w/ Skillz & Crow
  246. SuxAtGames Livestream for a Chance to Win K-Ching
  247. Aisha Transformation Sneak Peak Livestream
  248. Steam Greenlight Tweet Event!! Win K-Ching!
  249. GTO's Livestream K-Ching Giveaway
  250. 01-14-13 Livestream Schedule