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  1. Eve... c: 300MP talk.
  2. So, according to Riku and Eve,
  3. What kind of EM..
  4. So are we just getting base raven?
  5. Question about Skill Reset Medals
  6. What character are you making?
  7. Gameplay videos of each class
  8. Skill build simulator thingy
  9. Skill Guide
  10. Characters estimated release date? and job advancements
  11. Is raven available yet ._.?
  13. Job Change Question
  14. Character Names?
  15. What's a B slot?
  16. Elemental Master Or Void Princess?
  17. A Shortsighted graphic
  18. How come you can't use
  19. post your IGN/Class/Country
  20. Which character should I start with?
  21. Do the characters get deleted after CBT?
  22. Which do you prefer?...
  23. Party Fever?
  24. Who is this mysterious warrior???
  25. CHARACTERS: Raven, Eve, Chung
  26. Lets Predict New Chars :o
  27. Not really sure if I should be posting this :P
  28. Skill resets.
  29. Blade storm
  30. Wind Sneaker or Void Princess
  31. Attention, All You Code Nemesis Main Out There
  32. Emotes List?
  33. Raven's unneeded Passive Skills?
  34. Hay guys, so I've been looking at their data files
  35. Raven's jobs: Reckless fist? Or, Blade master? Which is better
  36. Official Release Trailers for 2nd Classes
  37. Quick Question
  38. Skill Tree Planner Link
  39. Pros and Cons for Eve?
  40. One of the cutest thing ive seen on the internet.
  41. There is no permanent job quest sets?
  42. Which Character are you maining?
  43. List of Sets!
  44. Where are all the Rena/Aisha #1 Fanboys?
  45. What exactly does awakening does?
  46. Best for the "priest-like" support chars.
  47. Lord Knight vs. Rune Slayer
  48. Grand Archer vs Wind Sneaker
  49. Reckless Fist vs Blade Master
  50. Code Nemesis vs Code Empress
  51. >>^z
  52. Main character Class Path?
  53. Plagued
  54. Looking For A Grand Archer Skill Guide
  55. I got a Dilemna
  56. Ice burners
  57. Pro Youtube Elsword Channel for you all =]
  58. About Void Princess Combo
  59. So what do all the cool kids play down in Korea?
  60. Pro Blade Master (Dungeon run)
  61. embarassed to admit this buuuuut.......
  62. Which theme is your favorite?
  63. New char?
  64. Favorite boss BGM?
  65. Female Chung at last....but the price...oh god.
  66. Reverse-Raven looks awfully familiar...
  67. Still learning the game, got a question.
  68. Interested in an English Skill Simulator?
  69. Changes To Avatar upon Job Change
  70. The effect of Attack Speed - Raven
  71. problem w/elsword
  72. well there be cash skills
  73. Raven- which side are you going for
  74. mizer has a question
  75. Wondering what Element you should Use for Your Class?
  76. Siggy plz!
  77. Eve is always Wright
  78. I can't decide on which Raven job to use!
  79. So I finally tried Chung
  80. Female Blademaster
  81. any new character
  82. A class question...
  83. What Character?
  84. School
  85. i am doubting myself
  86. What is going to be everyone's team of Elsword heros? :D
  87. Chung-Shooting Star skill AKA FIREWORKS!
  88. English Voice Overs?
  89. Locked skill Quests
  90. why do people hate chung?
  91. what skills should i have before 1st job
  92. I Wonder...
  93. [Blade Master] Shockwave VS Flying Impact
  94. Ok , so can some1 describe ot me the 3 chars that are available ? Like their playstyle classes etc.....
  95. How is the skill system? Old or New Version?
  96. Did anyone play Eve?
  97. Damn DannyLee
  98. May I please have an overview of the 3 other characters?
  99. Skills Alright for Dungeons
  100. BM Infinity Cause - Quick Question
  101. Code Empress combo video
  102. Dare I...? Eve's Chest
  103. Fan Made Video: Raven's Past (spoilers)
  104. Raven Combos
  105. Elsword vs. Raven
  106. Which path is better? RF v BM
  107. Third Job Advancement?
  108. Post your Elsword character pics/info/whatever else that relates to it.
  109. Public service announcement: EVE IS NOT EMOTIONLESS!
  110. Decided/Undecided
  111. Out of blunt curiousity,
  112. Who should come after Chung?
  113. I think I finally figured it out.
  114. How do skill points work for the job advancement?
  115. Blade Master or Reckless Fist?
  116. For those who played Koraen Elsword
  117. Shooting Guardian Showoff
  118. Female Elsword
  119. Eve or Chung
  120. Elsword vs Raven video
  121. Whats Your Favorite Skill
  122. What if...
  123. Fangirls are evil, evil creatures.
  124. If you could use any elsword skill in real life what would it be?
  125. Character physical or magical ?
  126. Who would win in a pvp match?
  127. Raider/Thief/Rogue Class
  128. So...where is Sniping Ranger?
  129. Quick Question
  130. is there a way to reset skills?
  131. Job advancement?
  132. SP reset on job advancement?
  133. First Jobs
  134. Job Advancements.......?
  135. So, now that I have all this SP, what do I do with it...?
  136. Job Advancements and Skill Points
  137. Question Pertaining stats AFTER a job change.
  138. new class thif or a ninja??
  139. Just wondering
  140. I need Help
  141. sound effects
  142. sp reset????
  143. What Attribute should EVE get?
  144. 2nd classes and new characters
  145. Future classes
  146. Elsword or Rena?
  147. Set item drop rate
  148. I guess we ARE getting Skill Resets...Sorta o.o
  149. Sp Reset job advancement?
  150. Jump speed question
  151. Cant Wait Till I can be a Magic Knight xD
  152. Different Running Style?
  153. Do you want Eve or Raven?
  154. Job Change: Weapons??
  155. Raven , chung & eve
  156. How does magic attack affect the other characters besides Aisha ?
  157. Will my skill tree disappear?
  158. Question...
  159. Spinning Kick & Hell Stone = OPed?
  160. About Ti,tles.
  161. Trading between own characters
  162. Character Directory
  163. Popularity
  164. So...I saw locked skills
  165. Changing jobs after doing one part of the quest
  166. +5 or +6
  167. What would you like to have for 300 MP on 2nd jobs?
  168. Progression?
  169. Updates
  170. ElShards
  171. Job Change Cash Item
  172. 1st Poll : 'Which Character Do U Think, Its The Best ?'
  173. Current best gear for each character?
  174. There exist a Reset skill?
  175. Dark El-Shards
  176. Why can't we do long combos? :|
  177. Code Nemesis Combo Vid.
  178. My Fury Guardian Build
  179. Are they going to have more job advancements? Speculation.
  180. Question on elshard enchantments
  181. We need Locked Skills
  182. Best Players of Each Class?
  183. Do you think there will be a 3rd class sometime down the line?
  184. Possible a glitch?
  185. Hrm. More skill sets?
  186. Fury or Shooting Guardian?
  187. Best Set for pvp Sniping Ranger?
  188. i am think about chosen this pafth for eve Code Architecture
  189. What is the hardest character to use?
  190. So....chung...err nice...
  191. Newbie questions about the characters!
  192. Who Thinks Rena Is Super OP
  193. Elite Accessories (not Boss drops)
  194. [Help] New player, which character?
  195. Do you like Knocking Down or no
  196. Plagued staff didn't do crap
  197. Normal combo damage %s
  198. I'm speedhacking
  199. Berzerker Blade or Cut Tendon
  200. Skill set B question. Please help.
  201. Favorite starting pose?
  202. Awake charge speed?
  203. Elswords: What are you waiting on?
  204. Locked skills conformation?
  205. Next set of equips?
  206. infinite cycle of combo
  207. Can some post pix of item mall stuff in Korea?
  208. Nickname a Skill in Elsword
  209. Chung ultimate combo?
  210. Anyone have pictures of "Wild Tracker"?
  211. Am I imagining things..?
  212. Blade Master for PvE. Am I bad?
  213. Chung Discussion
  214. CheeseLuvas's Code Nemesis Build/Skill Guide
  215. Characters in Elsword?
  216. All of the stat, what do you think is the most important
  217. Whats your favorite character? (REDO)
  218. Let's talk about Chung.
  219. Black Crow VS Altera VS Master set 36 Vs Nasod ?
  220. Eve's skills and elements...?
  221. Gigantic Impact <3
  222. Movement speed and flinch duration?
  223. Which person's personality fits their character?
  224. when will raven be in america?
  225. skills
  226. New Characters
  227. Which Raven class are you making?
  228. Sword Knight Combination
  229. So im thinking of making another character.
  230. 2 class job change
  231. Locked Skills Question
  232. Which you think?
  233. Should we get a SP reset when locked skills come out?
  234. Which Locked Skill should I bother with.
  235. Will Chloe ever become a playable character?
  236. When will the 2nd classes be available?
  237. Dear Kill3rCombo.
  238. How do you do X-4 ?
  239. Some good SK combos
  240. Chung's Features Guide
  241. General attitudes of the different character sub-forums
  242. Element Enhancement Question
  243. What would you do if Raven had to be Unlocked?
  244. Possible Rena nerf? Someone confirm this please.
  245. Let's talk about Eve.
  246. Because not enough people know about...
  247. Spring Stepping; A Possible Clarification?
  248. Can someone explain this new level of stupid?
  249. Should I combine element or go straight to level III ?
  250. Elsword vs Chung