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  1. [Guide by Psycho K] Shelling Guardian and Tactical Trooper PvE
  2. Overtaker and Reckless fist guide by Kaika
  3. Fishman's Lord Knight guide (focused on the practical)
  4. BM Guide by... Kaika
  5. Eve Code Battle Seraph Guide, ST revamped edition
  6. [Guide by ShadeMalkior] Fury Guardian/Iron Paladin *Skill Tree Revamp!*
  7. [Guide by Skairine] Wind Sneaker PvE Playstyle Guide - Windy Tales of Elrios
  8. BM Guide: By Arcelite. (Dhaoslight): General Guide to Ravens
  9. Val and Pep's Guide to the Elemental Master
  10. RF Guide, by Arcelite
  11. "Be a Man". PvP Fighting guide by Arcelite
  12. Moose's Biased Guide to Dimension Witch [PVE]
  13. Elesis- Saber Knight and Grand Master Guide by Etokaiten
  14. Phantom's NW PvP guide: How to be a Gardener? (Feel Free to AMA about Rena PvP)
  15. [Pyro Knight/Blazing Heart Guide] By Arcelite. (Along with Book 3 of PvP Tactics)
  16. [Guide by Glave] How to be a Night Watcher ❧
  17. Add- Arc Tracer and MasterMind Guide by Dr.trolololapus
  18. Mastermind Guide by VTKajin
  19. The Astral Fencer: LK Guide by Rubato.
  20. The no bull Void Princess guide by a terrible Void Princess
  21. Veteran Commander Guide by Xenoverse
  22. A Frozen Lunatic Psyker Guide
  23. Risuki's Composite Ara Guide
  24. Ara: Facts for FAQS
  25. ★ Memorize - An Informational Guide by Peper0
  26. Guide to DW, becoming a Magical Girl! [all builds]
  27. Veteran Commander PvP S3 guide~ by Jedster
  28. Veteran Commander user guide - PvE in S3
  29. Blade Master PvE Guide by Jolleon
  30. High Elo Lunatic Psyker Guide by Outspire
  31. Ultimate Elemental Master Handbook
  32. [Guide By Bliss] Wind Sneaker PvE
  33. Tiano's guide to Rune slayer
  34. Guide by ChiTan - Little Specter and Asura Guide
  35. [Guide by Red] Infinity Sword guide
  36. Guide to the Exorcist: Asura
  37. Code: Exotic/Code: Nemesis Guide by Elsoup
  38. The Extracurricular of Do's and Don't's for Battle Magi and Despair Weep
  39. void princess pve guide for beginners
  40. Sakura's Grand Master guide, rushing to victory.
  41. Mystio's Guide to Being a Dark Loli
  42. [The Celestial Queen] Code: Battle Seraph PvE Guide
  43. [Guide by xAthenex] Grand Archer's PvE Comprehensive Guide
  44. Crimson Avenger PvE guide [by Kiryu]
  45. [Guided by Karosi] Deadly Chaser Guide
  46. [Guide By Shirayuki] Basics to Base! [Rena]
  47. [ElsWarlord's] Mega Grand Archer Guide
  48. [Guide by Bliss] Rena Tips: Nature's Spirit!
  49. A simple guide to playing Deadly Chaser [By me]
  50. Yama Raja Guide by Dntien
  51. [Guide by Akuri] Tama's Guide to Being a Decent GA
  52. A Guide to Noblesse.
  53. notveryindepth cem pvp skill guide imo ≧ヮ≦
  54. CN- A PvP Guide
  55. [Guide by Red] Rune Slayer guide
  56. YR-the salt garner : PVP guide by Cracker
  57. Wind Sneaker PVP: The Lifestyle-The Game
  58. Madness Incarnate: A Diabolic Esper Guide by Nova.
  59. Elesis: An Overview of the Red Knight
  60. Lost in Time: A Time Tracer/Diabolic Esper PvE Guide by EmptyShadow
  61. Sakra Devanam PvP Guide- The Guide To Being A Majestic Spearwoman
  62. The Guide To Becoming a Master Exorcist- Asura PvE Guide
  63. The Elegant Ruler. A Code: Architecture/Code: Empress Guide
  64. [Guide by Bliss] Night Watcher PvE: Basics and More [WIP]
  65. [EVE] Code : Empress Guide
  66. Cemp Guide : How to subjugate your servants properly ♥
  67. [Guide] Time/Space Domination for Diabolic Esper (By KronosTracer)
  68. MasterMind - Full PvE damage dealer COMBO + SKILL explanation
  69. [Guide by Akuri] Guide to the Spear-Wielding Shrine Maiden
  70. [Guided by Karosi] Code Empress Guide
  71. Lazuline's Iron Paladin PvE Guide [under construction]
  72. My MasterMind - PvE - All in one by AdMoreBlood (Build/Explanation/Guide/Party)
  73. Official Character Guide Guider
  74. Veteran Commander PvE Guide by Skyress
  75. All-purpose Add Guide by DNC
  76. Eve in Ereda
  77. Basic Lu/Ciel PVE guide by CheonByeol
  78. Lord Knight (LK) Skill Build
  79. Underworld Kingpin: A Guide to Ciel by EmptyShadow.
  80. A Mediocre NW's Guide to 1v1 NW PvP
  81. Simple guide for Tactical Trooper in Ereda
  82. [Guide by Purple] The Wizard's Path
  83. Yama Raja: Howling Gate skill Description wrong...or?
  84. [Chilliarch & Dreadlord] The MLG Pro Guide to Chili and Bread Lord
  85. [Guide by xSinon] Breaking Limits: A Night Watcher PvE Guide
  86. Guide To Ara: Little Hsien/Sakra Devanam
  87. [Guide by Elsoup] A Guide to Empress
  88. [Guide by Aprico] The Noble Duo
  89. Dralard's Yama Raja PvE Guide
  90. [Guide by DarkLlyud] Sakra Devanam PvP: The Clocking Master
  91. [Guide by Rilluca] Royal Guard/Noblesse's Guide for Hybrid
  92. Val's Recipe for Scary Chili [Chiliarch/Dreadlord]
  93. [Guide by Rilluca] Little Specter & Asura's Guide for Hybrid
  94. [Guide by MLB] Royal Conductor and Noble Sourcream
  95. 101 Noob Guide to Add's X-drop
  96. Dreadful Days- A Dread Lord/Chilliarch Guide
  97. [Guide by 4Chan] Infinity Sword guide - Metagame Edition
  98. Mikeyy's Grand Archer PVP Guide ouo)b
  99. SETPLAY RAJA - A YR 1v1 PvP Primer
  100. Code Battle Seraph PVE Help?
  101. Looking for skillbuild pve for Veteran commander
  102. 4 Corners Of a Good IP
  103. [WIP :^)] Wind Sneaker PvE!
  104. Revamped Magical Girl - An updated guide on DW! (All builds)
  105. Post renewal Code Nemesis Guide
  106. Reckless PVE - A guide to post-renewal Reckless Fist
  107. Elemental Master: A Guide by Rabbit!
  108. A Diabolic Esper's Handbook to Warping Time and Salt
  109. Tactical Trooper's Tricky Training Techniques - by Brancliff
  110. HNTS : Blade Master PvE & PvP Guide
  111. [Guide by Sora167] A Guide to the Demonic Duo - NB!
  112. A (somewhat) detailed guide to Noblesse PVP (NA post-balance revamp)
  113. [Guide by Purrei] A Guide to the Insane time traveller.
  114. One Does Not Simply DiE as Add
  115. [Guide by DeathSlashsr] Death's Guide to a Salty Time Traveler
  116. Ultimate infinity sword guide (Pve and Pvp after renewals and patch)
  117. Ultimate IS pve combo(recently discovered)
  118. [Guide by jinwei] Here's how you inflict terror (Chiliarch/Dreadlord Pve & Pvp Guide)
  119. A PvE Guide on a certain Lolicon Butler and his Demon Master ( aka Noblesse)
  120. Veteran Commader's military school
  121. [Guide by ShadeMalkior] Royal Guard/Noblesse [PvE]
  122. Crimson Rose PvE Guide by Kiryufazer
  123. Elsword character guide: everything you need to know about Elsword
  124. Finally A Heavy PvP STr Guide! (WIP)
  125. A Certain Scientific [s]Accelerator[/s] Handbook - [b]LP PvP and PvE guide WIP[/b]
  126. A Certain Scientific ̶A̶c̶c̶e̶l̶e̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ Handbook -LP PvP and PvE guide-
  127. [EXTREME guide] How to PvE Glass Cannon
  128. 2016 Void Princess Guide
  129. [STr PvE] I'll Show You the Power of Heavy Weaponry!
  130. WS pvp guide
  131. Diabla and Demonio's Skills, Commands and Passives
  132. Elemental Master PVP Guide by Lexxeh
  133. [Guide by Reziakti] Channeling Your Rage: A Reckless Fist PvE Guide
  134. Lord Knight Transcendence Guide
  135. Elemental Master Combos guide.
  136. A starter guide about Ainchase Ishmael - The Celestial Knight of God
  137. Very quick PvE rundown of skills: ver. Ain: Arm Thingamaturkey
  138. [Event Tutorial] Hao2BH
  139. [Event Tutorial] Crimson Avenger the Bloody Knight [PvE] by IEnuDi
  140. [Event Tutorial] Blazing Heart PvE Build by Kleindiana
  141. [Event Tutorial] With a Vengeance: A Guide to Crimson Avenger
  142. [Event Tutorial] Blazing heart's Simplicity
  143. [Event Tutorial] Mashimizu's Crimson Avenger Guide
  144. [Event Tutorial] Guide to Crimson Avenger (PvE)
  145. [Guide by Reziakti] Understanding Your Feels: An Erbluhen Emotion PvE Guide
  146. [Event Tutorial] Blazing Heart Full Guide
  147. xKazuJinx's Guide to Psychopath (Lunatic Psyker)
  148. [st0rmbreaK] PVE & Grand Archer 2-in-1 Guide - Unleashing Your Full Potential
  149. Blade Master's Actives -ImmortalSage
  150. Galero's guide to Iron Paladin
  151. [Updated] Elsword's Transformed Class Guide
  152. [PvP Guide by Akarna] Arme Thaumaturgy - Goddess's Emissary