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  1. Lu VS. Ciel
  2. Outfits
  3. Seal of Darkness or Punishment?
  4. Questions Accessories on LuCiel
  5. How to play Lu/Ciel?
  6. Which is better for PvP/PvE
  7. Lu Appreciation Thread
  8. Ciel Appreciation Thread
  9. Fruit of Growth
  10. Screw The Others! Give Me Princess & Butler Any Day!
  11. Job change
  12. quest help
  13. Base Luciel PVE build
  14. Invisible frames?
  15. How to avoid deaths as LuCiel?
  16. Bugged skills
  17. Nether Shredder or Soul Infest?
  18. why am i so weak compared to other luciels?
  19. Luciel Sweeping Shenanigans.
  20. Grending on LuCiel?
  21. Equipment Glitch
  22. what should i get for my LuCiel option status for there costume?
  23. Luciel's Aura of Darkness vs Aura of Punishment
  24. anyone got a combo for luciel?
  25. Switch command for LuCiel?
  26. Planned Skill trees for my current Luciel and later on.
  27. can a luciel marry another luciel?
  28. How Do I Play Lu & Ciel Effectively In PvE?
  29. Ciel's SFX
  30. Which stats would be more efficient for PvP?
  31. Better job for pve?
  32. Dreadlord/Noblesse Guide??
  33. Lu/Ciel's "Z loop"
  34. Aura of punishment and force terror
  35. Elsword nerf luciel pls
  36. How do i get an Archangel sealed ice scuplture?
  37. How to Ereda with Lu/Ciel
  38. Soul Infest seems week at max level
  39. Spiritual contract 3/3 quest help.
  40. What's so good about Ciel?
  41. Which Skill should I get?
  42. Question about Event Ammy.
  43. Evil Claw decent?
  44. A slot
  45. Regarding Lu/Ciel builds
  46. Can we ask questions about 1st jobs yet in this section?
  47. Chiliarch PvE Build
  48. Royal Guard PVP and PVE Builds
  49. Weapons
  50. RG Pve build
  51. Leveling 50 to 60 help
  52. RG or Chiliarch?
  53. Issue with Ciel's Combo
  54. What benefits more, RG or Chiliarch?
  55. my NB and DL builds for pve
  56. Th best Secret dungeon set for NB?
  57. Hybrid Noblesse is possible?
  58. Terror Chain or Ambush?
  59. Chiliarch hairstyle without hood?
  60. Apollyon vs Obilivion
  61. Royal Guard/Noblesse, Chiliarch/Dreadlord or ???/???
  62. PSA: Do Not Spam Soul Infest the Entire Run
  63. title for luciels
  64. +10 amulet when reaching level 70
  65. Please Convince Me. (NB/RG Halp)
  66. Players that will wait for transform path instead of rebellion/imperial: Why?
  67. RG or CH?
  68. Oblivion Insta-kill
  69. Magic Necklace Question
  70. Should I try to get to lvl 60 for the final +10 weapon?
  71. Known LuCiel Strategies
  72. which is more fun?
  73. RG help.
  74. Discount for LuCeil costumes?
  75. CH Hybrid Build
  76. Problem with Lvl 50 +10 Weapon
  77. Ch skill build help
  78. Ciel's hitbox?
  79. Oblivion vs Apollyon
  80. Is it just me or Luciel imperial path is mostly focused on Ciel?
  81. Creeping terror: questions on how exactly it works
  82. Dark Crescent or Ruinous impact? (PVE)
  83. Chiliarch/Dreadlord pve build?
  84. So I found a fun trick....
  85. Royal Guard or Marbas has a serious FPS Drop.
  86. Royal Guard's Eschaton
  87. Chiliarch and Dreadlord hybird skill build?
  88. PSA: Job Changing Lu/Ciel Guide ~by Tornadic
  89. Day 1 Chilliarch/Royal Guard
  90. RG's Soul Collector: Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  91. RG/Noblesse PvP Build
  92. so i'm a bit confused between the 2 paths
  93. Pros and cons about Chilliarch and Royal Guard?
  94. I haven't seen any Chilliarch use dead hands...
  95. I made a Royal guard/Noblesse build.
  96. Attribute for RG/NB?
  97. Is RG the God of PvE now?
  98. Effectively playing Ciel Mainly ?
  99. Lu and Ciel should be seperate (IMO)
  100. dead hands terrible question
  101. So... how good is this ring
  102. RG needing advice
  103. RG >>^xz not so useless
  104. Lu/Ciel Base PVP build?
  105. Need a Build for PvE Chiliarch.
  106. Hao 2 pilot Chiliarch.
  107. >z>z>z lu loop reliable in pvp?
  108. Dark Crescent/Ruinous Impact worth taking?
  109. Triple Shot and its Note
  110. Luciel PvE class
  111. Chaining Dead Hands into Dark Crecent
  112. Marbas's X shot
  113. Hybrid Future Dreadlord Build?
  114. Compiling a list of LuCiel bugs
  115. What's are good sage lines for Chiliarch?
  116. The Lu/Ciel mana necklace event?
  117. Regarding Soul COllector Passive for Royal Guard
  118. Best Current Set for ChA
  119. Does Seal Of Terror work without having dark attribute?
  120. Strange bugs in luciel passives?
  121. A neat little thing I found with Lu's >>^ZX
  122. CH taking too much damage from mob
  123. Ring of Brilliant Attack for Dreadlord
  124. Chilidog/Dreadlord
  125. A-slot NB
  126. Do you need both?
  127. Would this build work for RG/NB?
  128. Fantasy Impromptu's Usage in PvP
  129. Chiliarchs beware.
  130. Best Chillarch/Dreadlord Skill set combo?
  131. mana goggles
  132. Honest question here
  133. Curiosity regarding the future Noble Presence skill...
  134. Luciel SD Equip Help
  135. Why do CH skills have such a small range?
  136. Stacking Creeping Terror in dgn
  137. Terror Chain or Ambush?
  138. Nobility passive
  139. Luciel Looping Help?
  140. Is this...?
  141. About LuCiel's supposed "stat sharing"...
  142. Royal Guard (Sutcliff)
  143. Need advices, suggestions with Royal Guard/ Noblesse Hybrid Build
  144. Apollyon damage calculation
  145. Who the heck names their character Sourcream?
  146. Loli Unwelcome!
  147. Lu/Ciel Terror debuff
  148. Pure PVP and Pure PVE Build for Dreadlord/Chiliarch
  149. Luciel royal guard question about chain skills
  150. LuCiel Fun Time!!!!!!!!!!! XD
  151. Help with Noblesse Skill Build. (PvE)
  152. Noblesse Skill build help
  153. I made a RG/NB build because I was bored.
  154. How tedious is Dreadlord's job change quest?
  155. Newbie Lu Ciel Help
  156. RG/NB Pure PvE Build
  157. So ... Which path? ...
  158. Having trouble with soul collector :(
  159. Looking for Build
  160. DL Passive - Force or Threat of Terror? (PVE)
  161. Threat of terror cd reduction not working for chiliarch skills?
  162. Chiliarch/Dreadlord PvP skill build
  163. To those who aren't aware
  164. Pve skill build for RG/NB?
  165. Chiliarch/Dreadlord hybrid skill build
  166. Ruinous Impact Description
  167. Hybrid Skill Build for RG/NB?
  168. Noblesse second job change quest
  169. Castle of Abaddon range?
  170. Noblesse questionzzz
  171. Is this build okay? (Hybrid CH/DL)
  172. How many did u do
  173. Build for Noblesse?(No Skill Slot B)
  174. Too many SP points in CH/DL build
  175. Phantom Blade VS Dancing Blade
  176. power of oriax not considered special active
  177. I changed my Lu's name
  178. RG/NB hybrid skill build help
  179. Does the Tribute passive we have is the ver that extends Shadow Bolt?
  180. DL -> NB (pvp only)
  181. Hybrid Noblesse Build?
  182. DreadLord in Ereda
  183. Oblivion VS. Apollyon?
  184. man i've never been so undecided on a class path for a character before
  185. RG/CH PVP skill build.
  186. Is Dancing Blade bugged?
  187. Convince me to change to Noblesse.
  188. CH/DL PVE build
  189. So... when does Marbas get nerfed?
  190. I need some advice with LuCiel
  191. Flick Shot
  192. NB equipment help
  193. Noblesse Ereda Advice
  194. Luciel armor question
  195. DL Skill Slots (B-Slot)
  196. Konbanwa !
  197. Dreadlord Hybrid?
  198. DreadLord Pure PvE AND PvP Builds
  199. is it just me, or does lu fall fast?
  200. Rate my Hybrid RG/NB build
  201. alright i job changed into a DreadLord and welp..
  202. Best Element for Noblesse?
  203. fearsome beginner cutin price for luciel?
  204. Noblesse Job Change Question
  205. is soul collector bugged or...?
  206. Creeping Terror
  207. Shadow in PVE
  208. Power of Oriax vs Ruinous Impact
  209. How do i use the Sage skill note?
  210. CH/DL Build
  211. LuCiel Questions
  212. Is exclusively using Lu viable?
  213. Spiritual Enhancement or Noble Presence?
  214. Which skill note for my NB ?
  215. Anyone missing accesories?
  216. DL skill note help
  217. Magic necklace effect shared?
  218. Bursting/lord of Terror explanation after update
  219. Eschaton or Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement?
  220. so w/ the merged stat thing for luciel can u wear more then 1 skill boosting ring?
  221. Which skills are for PVP/PVE?
  222. DL and NB notes choice
  223. Phantom Blade
  224. DL PVE build
  225. PSA: LuCiel skills not working? Here's why.
  226. Dead hands skill note question
  227. DL skill questions
  228. Luciel
  229. Which is better for PvP, NB or DL?
  230. Ruinous Impact bug?
  231. Would this actually work, or is the idea impractical.
  232. Noblesse PVP: Convince me to run Soul Surge instead of Soul Eruption.
  233. Crit or Add Damage for DL? - for PvP
  234. Summon Darkness vs Supreme Punishment? Which one is better?
  235. I still have a certain weapon...
  236. Best Partner For A CH/DL?
  237. Ciel basic combo
  238. Luciel CRIT vs. ADD and SD set
  239. basic attacks for combo gauge
  240. Phantom Blade Dungeon Glitch
  241. DL and OoR
  242. Just a quick question about Dread Lord's lvl 60 passives.
  243. Noblesse without Trigger - Soul Eruption PvE
  244. Lu & Hunting Prey
  245. Why is this happening?
  246. can u wear both of thsoe el lord exodus items?
  247. Stomp's Skill Note
  248. Dead Hands skill note
  249. I'm stuck in a conflict....
  250. Is this an error?