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  1. International Elsword Forum: Must Read
  2. How's Elsword Today?
  3. Can't Find INT Official Site
  4. Is the server still down?
  5. Elsword INT Maintenance
  6. need help (can't even make it to the server selection)
  7. Servers down again?
  8. Elsword Migrated Account
  9. 18 hours + Maintenance
  10. oh wow i got 2k K-Ching already
  11. I really Need Help from The CUstomer Service
  12. Server up! Discussion thread
  13. missing item mall costume
  14. Stuck at data\data 068.kom
  15. " Invalid datai009.kom"
  16. How to VIP for PH based players?
  17. Migration Events
  18. please how to fix "client has been terminated by game guard / Force close when login"
  19. HELP My migrated Account BLOCKED / BANNED before i can even log in
  20. Item mall rates
  21. SD/Henir/Titles/Event Run Party request
  22. Questions and some thoughts about the "INT" Server
  23. Got the level boost now I'm confused
  24. PSA About my Stats/Sockets/IDs and how to be OP.
  25. A Few Concerns
  26. Which Client To Use?
  27. Elsword Auto Closing and "download package is invalid."
  28. The delay is REAL!
  29. Let's not pretend this server isn't plagued of any problems...
  30. Where Are The Moderators?
  31. enemy not spike
  32. Welcome Package
  33. Questions regarding Perkisas
  34. Which is Cheaper MOL or CC
  35. Can't play 9-1
  36. No response from server :(
  37. Boosting a second character
  38. My New Level 70!
  39. Is VIP Membership card Tradable?
  40. Elsword Register rewards problems
  41. GameGuard
  42. cant join perkisas
  43. The mysterious event pet
  44. symbol of devotion
  45. Channel Server Connection Failed
  46. Forum Events(?)
  47. Question about bunny costume
  48. socketing to a durational item
  49. I have trouble with Load Up feature.
  50. Why INT server so laggy?
  51. The real name of the Ancient Demon God
  52. Chung's Mobile siege Stance
  53. Which color looks better?
  54. Should I buy a skill page?
  55. fix server in ph
  56. We Are Quitting.
  57. Question about Elsword INT
  58. So how much henir run you did a day
  59. After looking at the tournament list.
  60. Question NA/INT
  61. Some thoughts about this event.
  62. soooooo....my characters are gone?
  63. After 12/16/15 Maintenance, Logged in @ 7:55 am. My characters went *poof*
  64. Dark Gladiator Key in the Mail
  65. new update problems
  66. Can't buy anything on board ( INT )
  67. Wow... so our ranks got reset??
  68. New Event NPC - Veteran Blood Demon.
  69. Will this server get the Dark Gladiator cube eventually?
  70. Pumpkin Fairy pet
  71. Help! Something happened!
  72. Bug or...
  73. [Rena] i felt...cheated?
  74. Nasod Inspector's Shield
  75. X drops post-renewal on elsword
  76. Oh come on, Epics!
  77. 1k k-ching
  78. $20 K-Ching on Migration Event
  79. My B-Slot Disappeared
  80. Does 100% Exp Medal stack with 30% Exp medal
  81. PVP Questions
  82. Perkisas Phase?
  83. Revamp Questions kinda confused Q~Q
  84. fox bandit cloth
  85. Silver bank membership card
  86. Many Questions to Ask , also Merry X-mas to all Elsword Players
  87. "+10 Incomplete Fox Bandit Blade"...
  88. Migration Celebration Bonus
  89. event key drop?
  90. event key drop?
  91. Channel Server Connection Failed?
  92. Checking Version 100% Stuck
  93. the merrymaker
  94. IM Gifting
  95. +12 event
  96. Is there a movement for a better server?
  97. My Point ?
  98. Pet Training Affinity Service Idea
  99. Merge
  100. About Exploding Crystal Ball of Anger
  101. Do EXP medals' effects apply for all party members if only 1 persons uses it?
  102. IS Phantom Sword Skill Note Application Post Renewal
  103. Raid Times in ES INT
  104. A couple questions
  105. What should I go for?
  106. A Dungeon Runner trying to PVP - WOW myself for the Salt in it LOL
  107. Cash Item Storage
  108. Uniel, the light bringer vs. Mystic
  109. Finding recorded video
  110. HA Quest
  111. Excessive screen flashing
  112. Input lag
  113. Item mall prices raised again
  114. 500 kching and mount?
  115. Enhancement preofession
  116. Is anyone else getting crappy connection?
  117. Thank you oh so much, INT player.
  118. The Additional K-ching
  119. Dark Gladiator
  120. Teach me how to level up my blacksmith profession with effieciency
  121. NPC Affinity Gab & Gift - Gab's Event Guide!
  122. Uhh guys assistance!!
  123. How to know if I'm able to gift? (Item Mall) Help.
  124. Pyro Knight (Kick)
  125. I feel cheated.
  126. Some Perkisas question.
  127. Elrios Starter pack BUG
  128. When does phase 3 for the fox bandits event start?
  129. Epic GameGuard Fail
  130. Explain to me the story please?
  131. Awakening status from Sage Stone
  132. Elsword Int Stamina
  133. nickname
  134. Didn't got Class Promotion Quest?
  135. Just a random vp visual question regarding her renewal
  136. How to get ciels promotion.-.
  137. Do Raid Scores Transfer from Old to New Guilds?
  138. about starlight strike
  139. Well then....
  140. . . .
  141. Chung
  142. Old Grend AG armor enchant bug?
  143. Daily SD quest bug?
  144. Accuracy for Raid & PvE
  145. Why is the game's title's the weakest character?
  146. Raid Phases: Progress Bar/Percentage
  147. Schematic Armor Fragment
  148. Elemental Chaos Top Piece?
  149. Does having PVP rank really matter?
  150. TT's Red Cannonball Skill Boost
  151. Fox Bandit Gear Piece
  152. Server question
  153. some skills are suppose to be final enhanced but it didnt
  154. Eve insta death after leveling up :V
  155. Client Stuck (data104.kom)
  156. What is this Farmeskip?
  157. BH vs BM (anime)
  158. Anyone else encountered this problem?
  159. BUG when playing Chung
  160. Disconnected every 10 minutes or so
  161. Is there any way to at most time NEVER switch to lu when using luciel?
  162. Game Lag
  163. code nemesis job change
  164. didnt get my january swag reward event
  165. [Philose's New Leaf Ver.2] 2016
  166. Explain me this :D
  167. Which Payment method you use?(INT) PH players.
  168. when will the fox event ends?
  169. RNGesus.. Please..
  170. Best Attribute for Ara?
  171. LuCiel Sockets and Accessories
  172. Elsword INT
  173. What Happened to Eve/Chung English VA?
  174. SD friends :D
  175. RIP CEm :(
  176. Lunatic Psyker vs Diabolic Esper
  177. Which one is better,+9 4th Dimension Weapon or +10 SD Weapon?
  178. Sakra Devanam or Asura?
  179. Need elsword client
  180. [ASK] Just to make sure
  181. Please help me with a current issue :o
  182. Im.....back...e.e im sorry for what happend.
  183. When NPC and MEL Chronicle is acting very actively
  184. Been gone for awhile and kinda lost...
  185. Question about sage stones
  186. No [Guide] section for INT, or must we use the NA one?
  187. Is there any other GM who logs in our server?
  188. Passive Buffing in Perkisas
  189. Need help migrating :D
  190. Shared storage not aloud on new characters created anymore?
  191. Need Help, my Items are gone
  192. Scammer
  193. Camilla Skill Quest
  194. Is it better?
  195. perkisas phase 2
  196. Perkisas rewards
  197. Where is Perkisas' ruins located?
  198. Questions about Fire III and Fire resistance
  199. Help with job change!
  200. Titles
  201. Proof of Change
  202. Calling All Reaper Title Holders
  203. which is better my current weapon or a higher level weapon
  204. Elsword Marrige
  205. 30 min and still no red crystal frag...
  206. Few dumb question's related to perkisa phase changes
  207. How do you Signature and Avatar?
  208. boss raid and daily quest reset time change ?
  209. Question about the promo costumes ver. 2
  210. Questions from a Newb
  211. Is there an official chibi art for each of the character job paths out there?
  212. Did the enemy get a buff or our character become weaker?
  213. I didn't get the raid cube item
  214. Please explain to me how this is possible?
  215. Perkisa bug strikes again
  216. Noticed this accidentaly
  217. Returning Player Rewards and Returned Hero Growth Cube
  218. Request
  219. Please..dont just reyp the right turret
  220. Help!
  221. Grendizing Broken Equipment.
  222. Why is pve not lag, but pvp does?
  223. about balance patch
  224. Void Princess
  225. Best class elsword
  226. Ereda Island Advice ?
  227. New Exp Bar after lvl 80 ?
  228. No response from the server
  229. Thank you KoG, for the mount upgrade
  230. Data033
  231. Elysion
  232. [Event - INT Server] Kaedah's Dungeon Time Attack!
  233. when you go pvping and you realise the enemy's got 3 luciels
  234. Bethma SD Help
  235. Event weapon (Decion) is good
  236. Has anybody noticed this?
  237. Stat Revamp Clarification
  238. Socket Help
  239. just want to check if this working or no :D
  240. ID Players - How Do You Usually Load Up?
  241. Can`t take Screenshot
  242. Socketing questions
  243. Cash Load Up QUestion
  244. Help in stats.
  245. Are we getting another enhancement event?
  246. Elsword stuck on checking version 100%
  247. Skill Quest Missing
  248. Dear Kog. ( A formal request regarding the event)
  249. Tips on Perkisas Phase 3 for getting high points
  250. No Response from the server