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  12. About Magician and Mercenary tourney
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  14. Hao2ProEM
  15. So any strategies for dealing with Magic Missile at the moment?
  16. Yama Raja Gear for PvP?
  17. Is +11 deadly glidator weapon still worth using in pvp?
  18. It's been a while.
  19. closed
  20. Lagging in pvp
  21. how catch range spammer
  22. A question regarding EM vs Noblesse...
  23. skill cancelled + lag = marbas
  24. Delay is really real
  25. From a noob........ The hell?
  26. pvp season 4 is comming and guess what ???
  27. is this even possible ?
  28. Diabolic esper . lunatic , wind sneaker or Reckless?
  29. What to Say if...
  30. I'm tired of this ._,
  31. Any tips? I become so nervous when I fight in PvP.
  32. PFFFT Balance revamps oh please
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  34. Few questions
  35. Major PVP Bug
  36. Recently called out for being an MP Hacker.
  37. Cheers! 100 @ 40!
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  44. Life in SSS
  45. My video of Storm Trooper's PvP
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  48. This is why we don't have a lot of PVP videos from INT...
  49. pvp is broken
  50. Deadly Chaser- why can't I see the animation every time i perform an x drop
  51. Best PVP?
  52. PvP List/What needs to be fixed.
  53. why dont we just sharing our opinion here ?
  54. Almost a year and still,
  55. PvP is just getting worst.
  56. What should i do with this NB?
  57. Is Noblesse good pvp??
  58. I wish they just return us to our old server
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  62. Something to revive this place
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  65. Yo