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  1. Rose Appreciation Thread
  2. First!
  3. when..
  4. Rose classes
  5. How do you switch weapons during a combo?
  6. Gameplay Impressions So Far?
  7. Secret Dungeon Sets for Rose
  8. Overstrike?
  9. Ereda?
  10. M-3 Flamethrower Help
  11. A Must Ask Question
  12. SD sets for Storm Trooper
  13. Who enjoys playing base Rose?
  14. Why?
  15. Skills to use as base?
  16. Crimson Rose
  17. Rose Art Gallery Thread
  18. Rose Jobchange Quest doesnt show up
  19. Avatar Succubus Suit Rose
  20. Best SD set for Optimus
  21. About Rose classes
  22. Rising Shot Randomly Getting Canceled
  23. Best Skill Ring for Optimus?
  24. Storm Trooper PvE Skills
  25. rose question
  26. Rose raid question
  27. Rising Shot
  28. Recommended stats and title for Storm Trooper
  29. Rose Class questions?
  30. Am I the only one..?
  31. End game base Rose
  32. What Class Path should I consider?
  33. Rose Raid Weapon
  34. Would Alterasia SD set be good for Optimus (When she comes out 3-4 months maybe)
  35. Can someone give me some tips for Rose in PvP
  36. Is it just me or does KoG hates me? (Item Mall issues for Rose)
  37. Imperial, Rebellion, Transform and 4th type class for Rose
  38. Question about Crimson Rose Passive
  39. Rose classes being realsed 1 at a time?!
  40. [question] any rose's skills can buff party member?
  41. Just a Rose combo I wanted to try.
  42. Question
  43. Storm Trooper skill advise
  44. Chance of Job Change tickets?
  45. i'm wondering if those savior of X boxes will work for rose...
  46. rose classes tier?
  47. Best Set for Crimson Rose? (PvP)
  48. Well now, when it came to this...........
  49. Rose confuses me.
  50. Honestly
  51. What 2nd Job Change for Rose is the best for PVE?
  52. Unopened Cubes/Boxes that works for Rose
  53. Attributes for Rose?
  54. Job change: I want to play main CRIMSON ROSE but the issue is the barrel ticket
  55. Rose Bug
  56. SD set consideration for Rose PvP and PvE
  57. Best SD Set for Storm Tooper
  58. PSA about Miracle vision
  59. Need help choosing SD set for Optimus
  60. Infinite Loops for Rose
  61. Skills & Enhancements for ST PvE
  62. So when is rose going to be nerfed.
  63. SD Choosing
  64. So Crimson Rose vs Freyja. Which is better?
  65. Pampero Booster
  66. Rose Glitches
  67. Which SD Set is best for ST PvE (+PvP)?
  68. Storm Trooper and Mana Burns
  69. I'm lost
  70. Crimon Rose Title
  71. Storm Trooper Questions
  72. Storm Trooper's Special Actives can proc.
  73. Does Rose no longer cause bleed?
  74. Rose Socketing
  75. Crimson Rose or Optimus?
  76. Freyja Socketing?
  77. Spec B questions
  78. Rose Classes
  79. What SD Set For Freyja ?
  80. Crimson Rose SD Set
  81. Crimson and Oath
  82. Moonstone
  83. is there any guide to solo the Nasod King Normal?
  84. Which weapon attribute for Crimson Rose?
  85. Deleted ?
  86. Is Crimson Rose worth the wait?
  87. Best skills?
  88. Storm Trooper Suggested PvP Skills and Build
  89. Storm Trooper +20 MP Gain in Overstrike
  90. Crimson Rose's Blody Action has a tooltip problem.
  91. Crimson Rose Quest Trouble
  92. Question about Crimson Rose skill '-'
  93. Kill Point, Water III, Wind Orbs, do they stack?
  94. Problem with Crimson rose Quest
  95. PvP Loop Video
  96. A Couple questions about Crimson
  97. Guide for Storm trooper when?
  98. Freyja or Crimson Rose for raid?
  99. Crimson rose skill slot a
  100. bloody festival question.
  101. Crimson Rose vs Freyja
  102. Rose Equipment HP Modifier Question (Crimson Rose)
  103. Freyja or Optimus??
  104. PVP Build for Freyja.
  105. Best Rose class for PVE?
  106. about V Key Switching Lock...
  107. Rose ECP System Questions
  108. How to PVE with Freyja
  109. Freyja Thoughts
  110. Freyja Traits
  111. what makes crimson rose so good?
  112. What?
  113. DFW or Grim Gaze??
  114. Fun new discovery
  115. Freezing Bullet vs Blazing Bullet
  116. Which skill ring to use for Crimson Rose?
  117. Optimus Sockets - Max or Crit?
  118. How Fitting
  119. Can Crimson Rose be good in PVP and PVE without a B slot?
  120. SD Set for Freyja
  121. sd set for optimus alt?
  122. Rose's pistol (3rd weapon) too OP?
  123. 4D 5/5 or 4D 4/5 + Eltrion for CRo
  124. Freyja stats
  125. Crimson Rose and movement speed
  126. Freyja's Derp Dive
  127. Optimus A-slot set-up OTZ....
  128. Optimus Raid Setup
  129. Optimus' G-Extension Speed Passive
  130. Anyone else feel that Optimus is weak
  131. Give me very good reason why I should try Optimus.
  132. What skills+traits do I take for Optimus pve with b-slot?
  133. Optimus is garbage :(
  134. Crimson Rose Wep Element
  135. So how many hits do autoguns actually do?
  136. Optimus A-Slot Setup (PvE)
  137. Storm Trooper Overstrike Enhance Bug
  138. Optimus inquiry
  139. Which Weapon Element for Freyja?
  140. Rose "Free 2nd Job Change Ticket" not working.
  141. Optimus Ask
  142. Magnetism Field
  143. So about costumes again
  144. Does any Rose work without a B-slot? Which one?
  145. Wep/Armor enchant slots for Crimson Rose
  146. End game help
  147. Which Rose benefits from OoR the most?
  148. Is it something wrong with my game or do I just have really bad luck?
  149. Pampero Booster and bosses
  150. CRo skill setp up feat Eltrion
  151. Title Scouting for Roses
  152. Question(s) for Optimus
  153. CR best SD set (except dragonic) + attribute?
  154. Sparrow Factory
  155. Any Optimus video with 100 mp consumable+100 mp drink?
  156. CRo Element Weapon
  157. Freyja Element for PvE
  158. Questions about STr, FJ and OP's 2nd job advancements
  159. 5/5 SD + 4D wep or 6/6 SD? (Freyja)
  160. SD set and Weapon Element for Optimus
  161. Crimson Rose job change quest trouble!!!
  162. Would Oath Of Ruin title go good with Freya?
  163. What nerfs does CR suffer?
  164. Eltrion MK-2 Phase 3 with Optimus
  165. MVP Sparrow Factory Aggro x3~
  166. Wind 3 on Wind 2/Water 1 on CRo
  167. CRo Ereda Skill set up?
  168. So I just thought about Sonic Spike
  169. The irony of ET Rose
  170. CR socket set up
  171. CR bugged on Bloody Action
  172. Need advice for ST/FR pretty please
  173. Optimus combos and skills?
  174. Costume help (reboot)
  175. class choosing for my rose
  176. Did KoG do something to Rising Shot?
  177. CR >>X Looping and other PvE questions
  178. The best PvE Rose?
  179. Storm Trooper Overstrike Enhance Bug 2: The Sequel
  180. How is spec A calculated?
  181. LF>Advice on Titles
  182. Any awesome CR combo copilation video???
  183. Where are all the ST's and Valks at?
  184. What SDG would you recommend for Freyja & Optimus?
  185. Is this skill currently bugged???
  186. Best in PVE
  187. Crimson Rose's best command damage now?
  188. Double checking passive names.
  189. eugh, they changed Nitro Motor activation
  190. STr & FR
  191. Freyja Enhance Equipment passive
  192. Damage check for OPTIMUS and FREYJA
  193. Recently JC T.STr in Henir
  194. FR Ereda Setup
  195. Str skillbuild (pve)
  196. Rose's side story.
  197. I'm mad >:C
  198. Freyja Skill Question
  199. Highest DPS Rose?
  200. Freyja PvE skill slots
  201. STr - Laser Rifle - Which trait? (cause of the new rebalance)
  202. Metal heart/Optimus guide
  203. Questions about my rose class
  204. I'm New to Rose Classes Help!!
  205. CR's skills for pve (Heroic especially)
  206. G-Extension (Opt)
  207. Best Rose for PvE that isn't CRo?
  208. Tell me about Optimus (and Rose in general)
  209. Cr set
  210. Need advice on STr socket build after attaining OOR
  211. Best class for ERP EXP mule
  212. New(?) Freyja tech thing
  213. Need advice on STr
  214. How do you pvp with freyja?
  215. Freyja skill and general advice
  216. Some PVE Optimus questions.
  217. OoR Title for Rose
  218. Is CR efficient in HD (both mode)
  219. Freya SD set and elemental combo?
  220. Making an Optimus[I Need Advice]
  221. Should I switch from CR to Freyja?
  222. Draconic or ARG for strormtrooper?
  223. ERP for Rose ^o^
  224. Should my Freyja go for Eclipse?
  225. Quarter master won't load extra flash grenade??
  226. Best PvE rose if funded?
  227. Regarding Optimus Mechas
  228. Best Skills / Title for CR in PvE?
  229. <100 ERP Setup for CRo
  230. Optimus Mecha and Elements Relate
  231. CR and ST Stat priorities?
  232. Question about Rose--
  233. Attribute for Rose~
  234. T.STr skill set-up?
  235. Optimus Skill
  236. Cro total crit passive
  237. Stats and set for CRo.
  238. Pressure grenade 96 use
  239. Which PvE class should I go for?
  240. ERP for Optimus?
  241. How effective is double hit on Crimson?
  242. PvE Optimus Guide in the works!
  243. Storm Trooper Active Loops
  244. Valkyrie and Freyja build for Pve and skill traits
  245. How to get good combo score (S-SS) as Storm Trooper?
  246. Optimus in Challenge
  247. Optimus Skill Slot-A Only...
  248. From Luciel to Rose
  249. CrO vs Debuff immunity
  250. Crimson Rose, Wind or Water?