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  1. Angle I will not judge Yuuma but, he is doing what your explaining. And just to let you know, and I believe you and agree. I'm not known to do nonsense like that, nonsense-posting and what not. I'm know for my kindness.....I think half of the forumers can tell you that. I'll even make a thread if need be. But yeah. If you haven't noticed and I'm pretty sure the forumers know this, his up-session with CN says it all.
  2. Sorry, um but I just commented because, Yuuma just needs to calm down. Believe me, I wouldn't post anything for no reason.
  3. I saw your comment, can't tell I scared you or something.
  4. I won't be playing it until tomorrow, but if you want you can add me in there IGN: Junis
  5. Everything's been okay, I was just trying HeroWarz OBT. What about you? c:
  6. Hey Angle! c:
  7. Much love, husbando <33 I miss you.
  8. Ugh, you are so precious.

    I try to unwind but being the oldest sister makes it a tad impossible.. I'm working on it though!
  9. I died for a couple days. omf

    Yesterday was so exhausting, emotionally and physically. I swear my back is gonna go out and I'm gonna run out of tears. As for being lonely, nothing much anyone can do~
  10. Am exhausted. u.u

    And as I type this, am alone. So lonely too, I guess.

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