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  1. Thanks for the welcome back wagon.

  2. Hi Pepperchan! Do you mind locking my thread? I want to close my commission, but I'm bad at denying people's request. If you don't mind thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you again! I will ask you again when I have more questions if you don't mind
  4. ah dw about it. It's seriously very helpful to me already. I'm just trying to make the decision, and everything else I could find out when I get there ^^
  5. Okay thank you, I have a problem with my application actually. I heard from my highschool art teacher that I need to submit a portfolio of about 30 multimedia art, but I only did digital stuff and most of them are not even complete pictures. Did you have to do this when you applied to your school? Another question is, how strict is the schedule? My cousin told me that undergraduate year is like highschool, but after the first year you can choose how many classes you take every week. (Ah also you said you are doing illustrations, does that mean you learn how to do digital stuff too?)
  6. Hi peperochan, thank you for the detailed response. I was gonna reply to you on that thread, but I can't write a paragraph properly for the life of me. To save myself the embarrassment I decided to ask you here xD (sorry)
    uhm, thank you again for taking the time to respond. I've seen peperochan before on the forum, but I didn't know you were an art student! Did you just graduate from highschool in recent years? Anyway, I have many questions I want to ask. Hopefully it isn't too much xD
  7. Thank you for moving my thread to the right section. (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)
  8. yes but is obama confirmed is gay?

June 20
piglet my guy

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