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  1. it you
  2. I saw you ' ^'
    *pats too*
    Happy new year, Chieftain Tama ~
  3. You're very welcome, and thank you too~ :>
    And yup, I did indeed! Another day of getting spoiled haha~
    Hope you get lots of pressies yourself! <3
  4. Hey Akuri~
    I'm probably a little early, but I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a lovely day <3
  5. Not why I had it deleted.

    I had it deleted because it's bias. All of it. The poll, the "critique". I'm not an idiot. I know when something is one-sided. How is it that Pep and Vicky have the most "positive feedback" but the others don't? I know who's friends with who and I also know that they both have had planned this for quite awhile. I don't need to be in their group chat to know that.

    Aside from this, sure whatever. "No" votes. But I had what? 20 of them? And got like 3 people that explained why. Pretty fishy imo.
  6. Doing good... I am however late picking my classes... (Not because I wanted to but other irl reasons..)
    A new game on steam that I am raging so hard. (Base on RNG..)
  7. Yes, my childhood as well. o/

  8. Hi Tama. ovo
  9. Hehe right I suppose your right about the weapon since this will be our final one. But when new upgraded SD comes out you might want to reconsider, oh who am I kidding is a great raid weapon. I'm just aiming for the MK-2 Legendary Magic Necklace and MK-2 Legendary Ring of Strength for my Elboy (I only have one character and that's him cx.)
    Yeah I will pass it this time! Nothing bad has happened and I hope is stays that way. Believe me when raid is done, I'm pretty much done with Elsword and going back to livestreaming in twitch and doing other things until updates starts rolling maybe. It is serious, spiritual battles are everyday, when the devil trys to put in thoughts that arnt yours, discouragement, fear, dougth, anything that feels strange and abnormal I can feel it in my heart right away, when something is not right. But I can still hear Jesus which is a good thing, I don't mind giving you a testimonie if you want c: Here's my Discord: Juni#7104
  10. I'm going for accessories, getting a weapon is not worth it since it's gonna be outdated, believe me its not worth it. Um, no not really apparently going through spiritual battles with the mind and heart and it's not easy. I failed my math test so I have to re-take it. And if you have Discord I don't mind adding you there. And yes I was quite pissed when I d/c from raid. I'm not sick because I have Jesus. But I hope I get to talk to you more soon Akuri. I really do.

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