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  1. A few weeks? Oooo. That's so cool! I did breakdancing for awhile.. My cousins taught me when I was about 9 years old. My family is full of break dancers. My dad did it too at a very young age and my uncle taught him. But I'm glad you're getting in there and trying out new things!

    Oh, don't do Knott's. You should totally do Horror Nights at Universal. I heard it's much better. But aaa, your poor friend. You guys could always chill at the house and watch movies or something. I don't know how college life works. ;;;; And! Iunno how to help with that. I've always reused my costumes. $40 for a costume is a little much, especially when that's not even the complete outfit.

    AWW, LOL. My little brother got me into it. He's the biggest fanatic about it. It's adorable.
  2. Wait! Dance? aaa, that's my thing. How long have you done that? Oh. Just a busy weekend. I have had plenty of those..

    What are you planning to do for Halloween? I'm still trying to decide what I wanna dress up as. I was thinking Bonnie from FNAF because my friends will be the other characters but I don't know yet..
  3. Ohh! That sounds so cool and so fun! I love being assigned projects where I can show off my art skills. They're not anything too special but they're better than the majority of my peers.

    I'm spending it with my man, aha. I don't have much to do this weekend so I've chosen to spend it with him. How about you? Besides what you've been doing. Do you have any plans to go do anything?
  4. Oh you're a busy little bee.. What are the projects on?

    And aaa! I'm sorry! I just really like talking to new people and getting to know the forumers. u v u
  5. Nothing much. How are you, friend?
  6. Hii Dungeoneer!
  7. That second half is L'avantale, What's the upper half?
  8. hi!

  9. Okay. Thanks for the info. I was wondering because I love the visuals of those two characters in your siggy. I'll look into it soon.
  10. Is it good/active/fun?

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