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  1. Hello GM Crow, when are you going to announce BTS album winners?
  2. Hiya, GM Crow! Just wanted to say it was cool meeting you at the booth today. xD I'll still be passing by tomorrow (Saturday) to check out more events while I browse around, haha.

    If you're wondering, I was the person you asked me a random trivia question to, relating to Code Empress's hyper. :v I'm not really on the forums often, but I lurk. lol
  3. Dear GM Crow
    I've sent a lot of ticket about the problem of design contest
    In the ticket 4 day ago, i replied this ticket but the problem still isn't solved
    I can't submit my skill cut-in now
  4. Hello, I have seen that in one of your posts you have talked about the Job change tickets, that were in the last event, apparently it didn't change me and my friend back to our original classes after 2 weeks, he was supposed to change back to a Blade Master and I was supposed to change back to my Wind Sneaker, but currently we are stuck as Grand Archer and Reckless Fist. That's all I wanted to say, is it a bug?
    Please reply to this message because I would like to know the cause.
    To: @GM_Crow
    From: @EraCool
  5. Hello can I join community livestream crew? Please and Thank you, I will be appreciate it
  6. Hello there, GM_Crow,

    I have some problems regarding the Elsword Facebook Page.

    For some off reason, It got seemingly blocked from the page. . . .
    I'm unable to comment, like, or contact the facebook page.
    I don't know why this has happened as I had no recollection of having done something wrong towards the page, or even accessed the page for any matter before.

    I hope that this problem could be fixed as I'm unable to participate in any of the Events held on facebook.

    Thanks in advance for reading

    Also I had sent you a private message thrice, but for some odd reason it doesn't seem to connect, I wonder why. . . . .

    PS: My Facebook name is Mahinda AggaJoti Viryanata
  7. Hello GM Crow, My name is Supermew10007 and my character IGN is GunVolt9V. 2 days ago, I got banned because someone reported me for hacking. There is no proof or anything that this "person" said about me hacking, nor do I use hack tools. With all due respect, please reconsider my penalty. I have spent a lot of money on this game, and I would hate it to see it go to waste because of someone who reported me who got mad or jealous. I ask but also begged of you to please reconsider my punishment for this. I to, have worked for my account by the Tickets, but they keep saying the same thing, which I believe isn't fair, which they didnt even acknowledge my ticket and just closed it, giving the account that I was NEVER on there at all during the time. I logged on and saw my account blocked. Please take your time for my appeal and I wish you the very best as a GM.
  8. Hello Crow, I'm seeing if I can apply for COBO-TV and if so what would I have to do
  9. What a pretty bird ;3;
  10. Hi GM_Crow

    i have a question
    i want to change my character nickname but the nickname is already 1 week still can not be used
    I've delete characters using the nickname of about 1 week
    so... when i can use that nickname ? or how much longer I have to wait until the nick will be used ?


10-19-2016 04:28 PM