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  1. *gives Vicky the sneaky smooches*
  2. i like what you put on my thread it was funny
  3. What gave it away?
  4. Try again vickybby
  5. You've changed man
  6. Ur a mod now? You've changed
  7. sup bby u wan sum ♥♥
  8. not really. I'm not planning on leaving the forums or anything even though my activity might drop a bit, but the other applicants are probably pretty capable as well so I'm sure the forums would be fine without me being a moderator. Most of the stuff that made my application appealing was my ideas for improving the forums, but anyone can do the same thing if they wanted to and had some free time on their hands.
  9. yeah, but I intended to do a lot for the forums like I stated in my application and I intended to do it as fast as possible, but due to having the responsibilities of the club president and possibly involved in every team we have operating in the club I don't think I could meet the timeline I set for myself and gain the faith of the community fast enough to resolve the issue of the community's trust in me. Thought it would be best just to drop out of the running since I don't think I could meet expectations under these conditions.
  10. your inbox was full so I couldn't reply to your pm, but yeah I might be stepping up to president of my college robotics club so I don't think I could meet the expectations I set for those who believe in me while still being able to enjoy the forums with all the responsibilities I would end up having. I wanted to be sure about it, but I know the other two candidates aren't interested in becoming president so it's too likely that I'll end up with the position to let my application delay the selection of a moderator. Good luck with your application though and hopefully you'll be considered by the current mod team.

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