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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure just one per account. I'm having finals too but I kept updating.

    I really don't know which character, really. Both are great, but note that it could be in Black version.
  2. Wow I'm glad I could be of help for you about this.

    It's about anniversary event and you could get the rewards like Royal Maid 5/5 + weap for your character if you had logged in your account for 600 days or more since when you had made that acc. You could check this thread for more information:

    Also there are other rewards, not just IBs. Also the Anniversary day hadn't been announced yet, but imo you should check homepage often from now on lest missing it, would be a shame.

  3. Hi musha.

    Have you accumulated enough logged in day to get the IB set? I'm having like 700+ days, what about you?
  4. Guess I will stick to my MM then, thank you. Do you in need of materials and ED to craft these SD pieces? I could provide you with these, I'm in possessing of many Sacrificed Adventurer's armors and weapons and not bothering to sell them. Pls PM me your IGN so I can send you some.
  5. Hi musha.

    I'm using my Mk-5 set 5/5 on my Master Mind because I was too frail. But do you think it worth enough to trade dmg for protection? Also please advise me what SDG or armor/weap set you used on your Add, did you have separate sets for each of your Add or banksharing them?

    I don't think I was strong enough to get upcoming Type void dynamo... What Add class do you think is strongest in PvE at the moment? I heard that DiE is the worst Add in PvE, and ppl banwagoning to Ain, do you think LP is better than MM in PvE, like easier to survive for example?
  6. What the... hundreds of years of plans? It sounded very much like Henir fanatics who had undermined the El 500 years ago and assaulted First El Lady. Imo Apostasia just resembling Aizen, but also Henir fanatics having that look too, whenever we encountered them in the future and lived to tell the story...
  7. Hello musha, I would like to ask you about something.

    When Ain's Apostasia path was released, ppl rushing to play as him because he looked like Aizen. I hadn't read Bleach and couldn't understand why Aizen was so popular. The stuffs I read about him was lost in the context because I had no understanding about Bleach's universe.

    So could you please brief me why Aizen was popular and extend of his power pls?
  8. Yeah but the problem was that his insanity seemed stemming from being incarcerated or something. First, as a children, he was kept at home all of the time, became a social shut-in. Then being imprisoned, another trauma from being caged. Then the Library - another cage, with a dead robot.

    So yeah, imo DiE's story was just his fear of being imprisoned and couldn't return, so he went rampage without any calculation or machination, the opposite of "Machiavellian" MM or "street thug" LP. So it should start with mental health treatment first, he had tons of powers and potentials but couldn't put them to good use or making others to work with him.
  9. Yeah, was still not clear in DiE's story he went insane was because of entrapment, being sold into slavery and caged, abusing father, losing family and extreme isolation, whichever was the last straw for him to be that desperate. Any way insane people wouldn't to be blamed completely, right?
  10. Then LP was left... I didn't know how he was supposed to destroying the world. LP having gimmicks like "EVE", stalker and insane, Accelerator... but it would be hard to imagine how he could come as close to destroy the world as MM or DiE.

    So could we discuss how LP could destroy the world to balance with MM and DiE?

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