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  1. Sorry for the late reply. To answer your question, I've been really busy with work. Since I have a job, I barely have free time nor forum time to post nor chat. And also preparing to see a friend this summer so theres that to look forward too. But I do manage to check forums even when im working just to check on everyone & in-game. But I do make the time for everything including forums. But if you want easy axcess to me to keep in touch I have a Discord, you can easily contact me through there, since thats now where I keep in touch with Elsword peeps and friends.
    Discord: Juni #7104
  2. aww oki.
  3. I'm okay.

    I wanted to know if you played PSO2, I'm looking for more pals.
  4. how is the wan
  5. '^'

    \'^ '
  6. Im fine, glad to hear from you, and np. ^^;
  7. Hi Abeyll, hope your doing okay. c:
  8. It's fine, don't worry! <3

    Oh, have you been having some troubles? If it's not too personal of course... I'm just a bit of a worrywart. ;;
    I've been fine myself, apart from some financial troubles making me want to tear my hair out, but I got them all sorted so I'm a lot less stressed today. Phew.
  9. Awh! I spy three little cuties- Oop, better make that four actually~

    How have you been?~ It's been a while huh. ; ;
  10. Idk; I stopped playing for almost a year now but I really didn't want to do anymore MOD work as well.

    I can comeback whenever but who knows.

February 6, 1991 (28)
Lazy 26 years old. I like to draw a lot of things to pass time. I'm also on internet a lot. I'm mainly playing as a Crimson Avenger or Blazing Heart as they are the only classes I like to play for now.
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Anime, Drawing, MMORPGS, RPGS, Horror movies.

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  1. akuma9 

    Bethma Guard

  2. akuma981 

    Ruben Villager

  3. Akuri 

    Sander Chieftain

  4. anglepichu 

    Captain Elsword

  5. AniHimeAi 

    Velder Noble

  6. AquaTail 

    Shelling Guardian

  7. BabyLoves 

    Ruben Villager

  8. Dntien 

    Velder Noble

  9. Iajino 

    Feita Knight

  10. iLoveRemix 

    Velder Noble


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