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  1. thank YOUUU. ; v ;
    omg you poor thing. I would say gift cards?? I've heard people appreciate those more than anything bc they get whatever they want without any issues or regrets LOL. hmm I mean I'm gonna be with my family ofc and then I'm gonna blow some mula on Sal because he deserves it. Huhuhu~

    OOOO hustle and play, that's the way to go. and aaa I know how you feel. I had to do the same so I haven't gotten any art trades done except one out of the three LOLOL.
  2. I am back from the dead.

    I've been REALLY good. as you can probably tell, I got me a man whom I love so dearly and ughhhh. Sal = my whole world. IM COUNTING DOWN TILL CHRISTMAS RN THOUGH. I'm actually in the spirit this year and it feels great. what about you? what's going on with the fabuu Neppy?
  3. hi my beautiful friend just stopping by to say I LOVE YOU and I hope you're doing well pls stop by my page whenever and let's talk about random things huhuhu~
  4. screams bc your reply to the thread reminded me I HAD TO REPLY TO THE QUEEN ;;;;;;

    lowkey you should draw me. I got no money tho, woops :< IM BROKE AF BUT YOUR ART IS FABUU. maybe I'll save enough lunch money to pay you LOLOL. and I feel am getting better but compared to so many others (ahem, you) I'm garbageeee

    that episode was traumatizing like I totally get why the fish ran away. THE SCENE WHEN EVERYTHING WAS ON FIRE LMAOOO.

    I LOOK LIKE A POTATO. with eyebrows. but you are so much prettier and cuter and aaaaa. YOU ARE GOALS HONESTLY. <33 oh my sis and I are like.. on and off. The things she does sometimes drives me nuts bc it's just out of spite. >o> bugs me
  5. at least you CAN draw for money. I'm kinda trash at it but I like to tell myself I'm decent bc I'm already insecure about too much LOLOL. and oh no I can't even stand little bugs. They scare me like no other. Butterflies just remind me of that spongebob episode when Sandy leaves town and they gotta take care of that caterpillar and IT TURNS INTO A MONSTER. THOSE ZOOM INS. SQUEALS ;;;;;

    I've never been on a date bc I'm too ugly ;D AND OH NO THAT EXPERIENCE LMAO. I would've told someone off, woops ;x
  6. am a very shy person irl esp if the person is a qt LIKE YOU AHEM. ;;;;;

    amg that is so true. We get this, baby carrying, and menopause. like it never ends??? WHO CAME UP WITH THIS AND WHYYYY it's so unfair qq sometimes I just wanna be okay yanno? /hyperventilates

    You'd be willing to go on Ferris wheels and roller coasters? Am so scared of them. My dad traumatized me for life by taking me on a roller coaster when I was only 2 years old. LOL. I DON'T GET OUT EITHER AM KINDA SCARED OF EVERYTHING. like bugs. I hate bugs. ;-; and wat?? You're so cute how could you not have been out on a date recently >:u
  7. awkwardness is so cute though! It actually attracts me like you wouldn't believe. I just think it's dorky and adorbs~ Makes me wanna poke at the person more. screams. I should spare you! ;; inb4 Lexxeh annoys the sweetheart Neppy

    AAAA YOU TOO?! MY SISTER IS ON IT TOO AND WE'RE KINDA JUST SUFFERING TOGETHER. LOL. She's 14 and has it much easier than me. I wish my body treated me as nice as her body treats her. She rarely gets cramps or mood swings. Just really bad cravings. I'd take that over my terrible back pain and nausea any day. >.> but you and I got this! WE WILL BEAT THIS FOR THE 100TH MONTH IN A ROW. <33

    I don't remember anything from the strip. All I remember is that water show thingy.. I was like so fascinated by how high up it would shoot and how pretty it looked. ;-; tbh we should go together. 12/10 would take Neppy on a date
  8. Ahh. Everyone is playing Overwatch but me. ;-; I wanna try it! I want it on the Xbox One though. And no! It's okay to not be so social. I'm a total introvert but once in awhile, I like to poke my head out of my little cave and say hello to everyone.

    Am suffering, actually. *points to recent thread* ;; Woman month is horrible. Gotta wait till 5:30 for my second dose of "go away period" pills. Boys have it so lucky! >:L

    amg I just realized you live in Las Vegas. It must be so hot there. It's 100 degrees right now in Cali!! I wanna go to Vegas so bad, I haven't been there since I was 2 years old. EDC is also taking place there and I'm still about a year away until I'm allowed to go. cries in Spanish
  9. How are you, love? Am surprised we never spoke! You're usually always around on the forum as am I! ;; *huggles*
  10. Neppy ' ^ 'b hl0 you sweet qt

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