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  1. Happy 180days

  2. Leo - Senran Kagura New Wave
  3. Hestia from DanMachi I have to sponsor her now lol.
  4. I can remove if you want.
  5. My VC did. Well placed Ignition Crow, Revolver Cannon (not noted because I like high burst damage. don't care about lowered MP costs), picking the best map spots to use his OP HA, Giga Prominence on high clustered tentacle spots, Deadly Raid for small stuff. Every time I see a CBS I get motivated on any class to try to out MVP them.

    Main point was, the DW didn't get to do anything. The first time she used Fate Space, my Crow annihilated everything. In order of contribution in the CBS + VC + IP + DW team, my VC > CBS > IP > DW. The IP was whiffing some stuff too, but he got more contribution in damage wise. All the DW could do basically was buff, but VC and CBS is magic damage so Power Aura does nothing.

    I've seen DW's take MVP before, but that's only against other low-mid tier classes. Top tiers like BH, VC, CBS, Asura, and MM can really leave other classes without any mobs to interact with.
  6. aaaa I can't take it. So who got the MVP?

    p.s : taking your first vm

Tri-State Area! Yeee!

03-11-2016 02:45 PM
08-02-2017 10:26 PM


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