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  1. You should. EO hat is love, you should join us ! Be sure to sign up on a side by may 9th !

    That Crow rider and Type-H pic is totally cute btw, where'd did you find it ;x
  2. Type-H is making use of Elboys battle data stored in the Nasod Core after the Elgangs battle with King Nasod, the Alterasia used the battle data along with a Type-H like nasod and created the wonderful thing that is Type-H. Meaning Type-H is using Elsword's data, a high class red knight. Type-H uses Velder techniques that bare striking resemblance to the red knights as well, so he would be a High class velder knight tier person too.

    Therefore Type-H is associated with the Red Knights. Making him closer to EO a faction of the Velder knights. You want to be on Type-H side don't you?
  3. I thought your Avatar looks cool and wanted to comment on it, but I guess Shiro did a better job VVV haha
  4. I Love your Avatar looks awesome, I also had some Type-H pictures I thought I would share(if you want yo use the top one of any of them I can resize them):

October 11

05-08-2014 04:56 AM
08-11-2016 07:39 AM


  1. akuma9 

    Bethma Guard

  2. Baconater 


  3. CaseyVGC 

    Feita Knight

  4. CloveChan 

    Captain Ara

  5. Lulliendia 

    Bethma Guard

  6. Stratagem 

    Sander Chieftain


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