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  1. Aiiirraaaaa... I miss youuuuu... QwQ
  2. ashleyyyyyyyy~~ ♡
  3. Aiiirrraaaaa~ owo...
  4. -Haunts- neee sheee sheee sheee sheeeee...
  5. -Takes Aira home- Message c-c-c-c-combo breaker! -Flees with my prize-
  6. lol this character limit though

    omgggg that sounds delicioussss ;A;
    i love anything that goes well with salsa haha xD
    there's not many things here that america doesn't have haha ;;;; i can't brag about anything //sobs
  7. it's valentines day for you today isn't it? :O tell me how you spend today! :3 ♥

    hehe yeahhh i used to swim but i suck at it ;a;;; i usually just stay at the shallow side of the pool haha
    i dont go beach cause yeahhhh scary ;v;""
    LOL i could imagine HAHAHA

    i feel very special because he says he's never spent so much on someone before!
    his longest relationship was 4 years, and she didnt get something as valuable as the necklace he gave me, so i feel super special haha >v< <3333

    LOL *cries*, you and your boyfriend should do that too!! c:
    hahaha i know right? xD and im just here like crying inside HAHAHA
    i dislike chocolateeee qq i only like white chocolate haha
    lol i asked him if he'd eat chocolates that i give him if he was on a diet, he said ofc haha ;v;

    rightt? LOL omg i havent had italian food in a while *sob* ;v;
    how far is melrose? :O
  8. omg i got his necklace in the mail a day before valentines day...
    it's so beautiful!~~ i love it so much!! ♥ he was going to buy me a bouquet of flowers too, but the company said they had to delay the delivery so he cancelled it ;;; its okay though cause i still feel so special~~
    it's gorgeous omgggg~~~

    i also got a chocolate rose and a real rose from these people from college!! haha c:

    omg wooow @[email protected] i would think it'd be worth it though haha, i'd do anything to go to disneyland~~
    there are two parks in disneyland? woahhh how big is disneyland? ;oo
    awww that's cute, hope you two do ♥
    i wannaaaaa hehe

    i know right HAHAHA
    "um sureeee" LOL
  9. nooo the uniform is a bit weird HAHA
    but thank youuu! c: the uniform from most schools look exactly the same, just different color scheme really haha @[email protected];;
    cause you guys are lucky and dont have school uniform qqqq free dress day everyday~
    really? i love the dress more than the skirt haha c: it's cuuute~
    the jacket makes me look fat ;-; i look like a snowman~~
  10. yeah ahha im very underweight ;;, usually on hot days i dont bother to take off my jacket bc i dont wanna scare people with my arms and stuff..
    but im not anorexic, just a lil too skinny xD
    i'm working on gaining more weight in my arms though!
    ohh wow :O ashley so tall ♥ and wow we're around the same height and weight hahaha xD

    hehe thank you so much! i'm sure it'll be fun~
    i've always been good with kids haha c: not necessarily the trouble makers though @@;;
    but it's still enjoyable!! ♥

    LOLL yep!! i try so hard ;a; i bring a makeup remover everyday just to clean up any noticable smudges haha
    hi!! i'm anna and i like warm hugs~~ :3

    niceee haha, all your clothes must be really cute c':
    the school uniform isnt cute at all X_X
    and ooh that color scheme sounds similar to a school that my friends are attending!! haha :O
    still sounds fun hehe :3

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