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  1. Oh man....

    Why did i return here qwq
  2. byebye, TsunTsun T.T
    wai must you go when I just returned T.T
  3. Farewell Kuroganne ;^; I hope for you the very best in Japan!
    It was so nice reading all your threads and bubbly comments Q_Q I WILL MISS YOU GREATLY (even though I never really talked to you before)
    Thank you for making the forums a more happy place (and thank-you to all your threads/polls that rated events and such)~
  4. Much love to you, little Judy
    I still remember as it was yesterday that you are my very first friend I met in Elsword, and you guided me through the game and even generously gave me quite a number of freebies to start my journey here, and sorry for making you listening to my rambling from time to time
    Your warm bubbly character shall never be forgotten
    Best wishes to you in Japan!
  5. Well, it's sad to see you go, but best of luck to wherever life takes you next! I'm sure you'll find yourself another amazing circle of friends and acquantances, which you'll fit into in no time.

    We're always here should ever you decide to drop in and say hi sometime! Gonna miss ya!
  6. miss you ((
  7. Ah, so this is why I haven't been seeing you around. Q~Q Well, I'm really glad you were able to have a great time with the game and forum community for as long as you did. It was definitely fun having you here too!

    "I will greatly miss you guys, much love to you"

    You and your lovely, random personality will also be missed, but if you feel like it's time to go, then I suppose you must. ^^ Whatever you decide to do from now on, I hope you experience a lot of joy and happiness in life. \o/

    Much love to you as well Kuro, good luck and take care!~

  8. Please read from the 4th message to the 1st to make sense of it all~
    VisitorMessages only allowed 1000 words for each post so I need to split it up

    Farewell phorumers~ XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  9. So hugs and kisses to you all~ ^^
    and I sincerely wish you all the best here for your future to come~
    I will really miss you all~ so be well and be nice~ XD

    Regards, from the-absolute-love-of-randomness,

  10. I still do, but significantly not as much, especially with a lot of the mess left ignored despite of its aftermath significance.. perhaps what kept me around is the old guild I'm in and the enjoyable forum community (I will greatly miss you guys, much love to you)
    What happen to all your stuff?
    I given off most of my in-game stuff to a few enthusiastic new players to inherit, as I trust they will aid others in my steed from my time spent with them, so whatever they wish to do with my gifts is out of my power of control now... of course I kept some of my precious stuff still~ I am a bit selfish to things tat I hold dear to~ ^^
    So no giveaway, or retire-and-dismantle-everything video from me
    Is this really goodbye then?
    Yes it is~



07-10-2015 02:03 PM
06-03-2015 06:30 PM


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