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  1. :3 Ufufu
  2. Thank you for the helpful feedback~ I'm currently thinking up on how to introduce the 4th playable character. Once I have the time, I'll give you more feedback on your game.
  3. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind while exploring and grinding!~
    And thanks again for reminding me that rpg maker mv automatically makes the game playable for other people~! Now people can play my demo~!
  4. I was sure you'd be interested ' ^' Awoo~
  5. Alright that's perfectly understandable; I now know why your healing skill is called, "cure," because that's how Final Fantasy named theirs. So if that's the case, the name is fine to pay respect to Final Fantasy.
  6. More thoughts after playing more~

    -Is it possible to just run immediately from a battle instead of having to wait for everyone's atb gauge to fill up?
    -I like how plentiful the spring water is around the game since some of the enemies hit really hard; or can give deadly status conditions
    -Follow up attacks are very rewarding for people with fast reaction speed. However, when the first attack hits, the damage shown gets in the way of the command needed for the follow up attack. By the time it's gone, the gauge is already halfway through.
    -I haven't said this yet, but I appreciate the colorful pictures during loading screens instead of just having a black screen saying loading
    -Also, I change my mind about how using stat up items can be an alternative to leveling because I really need that speed if I don't want the bosses to attack me multiple times before I get a chance to attack myself. Increased exp gained would be appreciated.
  7. -Yes the atb gauge needs a major revamp, especially since the spiders in the first cave has an attack that can poison everyone. By the time I got to move, everyone loss about half or more of their hp to poison.
    -I also feel like enemies often get critical hits for some odd reason

    -Another thing I liked that I haven't mentioned is that a character would always say something at the end of each battle; when they level up which adds more to their personality
  8. Here's my short first impression of your game after playing it for an hour so far

    -It takes nearly 20-30 seconds at the start of every battle for the atb gauge to be filled up; then I can start attacking. It may not seem much, but those seconds adds up.
    -Enemies loves to dodge my attacks. Don't know if it's just me, but I miss 1 attack almost every 3 attacks I make. Or worse scenarios, a slime dodges 3-5 times in a row.
    -Why is a skill that restores hp called "cure?" I personally find it easier if it was named "heal" to avoid misunderstanding and doubt.

    But that's enough for the bad part. What I do enjoy is

    -The good rewards almost every enemy drop
    -Buying stats up can be an alternative to leveling if you have the money
    -Characters are charming in their own ways

    I'll be looking forward to when I play more! (Assuming my patience hasn't run out from waiting 20-30 seconds at the start of every battle...)

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