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  1. Thank you! Definitely will save it for sure.
  2. I couldn't agreed more. Chibi is just *q*.
  3. I love your new signature!
    All of them are adorable, especially Dazai and Chuuya. *q*
    All of them are still cute.
  4. Hey how are you this fine day?
  5. Woops sorry for the delayed answer, it didn't show me a notification ...
    I've been doing soso, but it's going better and better :>
    And you ?
  6. Hello there Kitty!
    It has been quite a long time~ I'm ever so sorry for never replying until now. Life, life!
    I truly hope you have been doing well. And thank you for your concern :-)
  7. That job fits you so well, I can totally see you doing it ~ And it's nice to hear you're liking it, keep on going
    I'm doing fine myself, a bit grumpy since there's a lot of repair going on in my building, and also in my house. So I sleep even less than before and I feel it haha
  8. Hi little wan ~*hugs back*
    Yea it's been a while, what's been going since then ?
  9. Good to hear good to hear ~
    I'd like to play EE but since I have no one to play with I stick with AmT :/

December 24, 1997 (21)
Bishounen Land.
Elsword and gaming, anime, music, art, baking.

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