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  1. Unfortunately not.

    Hint: It may not look like it, but it's an item related to Elsword. Some chars need it.
  2. Is that Sayaka Miki's Soul Gem?
  3. I'm fine thanks, how about you ?
    The games are usually shoot'em up. There's some fighting games from it too. Touhou universe is enormous and there's basically everything with it if you take games done by fans too (Super Marisa World and Super Marisa Land are 2 mario rip off that are just too good, I suggest them to you).
    And yea, a lot of Europeans here, I avoided EU servers since I knew it'd not work over here.
  4. Hi hi ~
    I saw your answer on the 4 things thread and I'll answer you here :
    The character is Inubashiri Momiji from the games franchise Touhou Project
  5. I'm okay. Not feeling too well today but I should be fine. How are you?

    And I guess so! I'll be 17 so that's pretty exciting. I also should be in the new house by then aaa. Moving + birthday, it's crazy. ; v ;
  6. *pokepoke*

    Hi you!
  7. Finished drawing you~!

December 4
(Because making an introductory thread about myself 3 years and 200+ posts later would be hella awkward, I'll post here instead)

Hi everyone!
I'm MagicWanderer3 and I come from Greece!
I've started playing Elsword in January 2014 in Polish server and I've come to NA server on February 6th of that year.
I've had some short periods of hiatus during 2014 and 2015 because of my initial passion and dedication to League of Legends, but from late 2015 and onwards I've been playing here more systematically.
I'm probably among the oldest players here when it comes to age (I feel like a granny lol) and for sure one of the very few Greek active players.

Aisha was my very first character, her class being Dimension Witch.
I still play her 'till this day. Even though nowadays I play with a lot of chars, I still identify myself as an Add main.
In a Popcorn Cup
Gaming (elsword, LoL, MC, Smite), listening to music, reading.

06-04-2017 09:21 PM
08-03-2017 11:22 PM