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  1. The one where his child (or toddler) gets a cup of toilet water and gives it to his dad/guardian? Its up to you but I didn't find it offensive. I just was like "..." since that's how I reacted to it. Can't find the words for it to describe my overall thoughts in one line.
  2. Err.... remove what exactly? Just wondering since I not even sure what is the topic about.
  3. Where are you, you're never on.

    What a lie, you only like to undress her.
  4. Blm ada skype sih.. Tpi gpp deh klo install nanti bsa di add.. Skype nya apa?
  5. Hoooo... Okelah.. Mau coba bertumbuh dlu di ventus.. Belum biasa sama gameplaynya.. Hehe..
    Klo ada yg gk tau boleh ya nanya2..
  6. Hmmm... Susah juga ya... Takutnya server NA lag.. Mungkin dengan berat hati saya terpaksa main di Ventus aja kali ya... Makasih deh bantuannya. Sebenernya pengen main di NA sih..
  7. Oalah... Beda server ya.. Soalnya pas buat char gk ada pilih2 server. Klo gk salah ku server Ventus(mirip).. Itu server mana ya klo bole tau? Mungkin gk ku buat ID server NA? Klo mungkin gmn caranya? Maaf banyak tanya. Hehe.
  8. Klo bole mau nanya in-game server cuma satu ya?
    Bole invite friend tar di game? IGN nya apa klo boleh tau? Lumayan buat nanya2 di game.
    Klo untuk guildnya sendiri bisa join kah? Atau ada requirement nya?
    Sepertinya saya mau buat BM aja. Mudah2an sanggup main BM.
  9. Same here.. Can we speak using indonesian language?

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