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  1. And is the free IB one per account? If so then I'm pondering whether to have my Rose or Raven have it
  2. A free IB, interesting. Well I already received the "3 years thank you letter" on my in game character back then during 2015 so it's pretty guarantee that I'll have the IB. But I won't be logging in any time soon because, finals is right on my tail. Thanks for the info anyway
  3. Is it an event we're currently having in game or something? I haven't checked the elwiki nor logged in recently
  4. One thing is that I don't know which set to go for. I used to have the dragonic set before the SD gear revamp so I was going to go for that. Another thing is the mini bosses are really annoying. I got KO by them more often than the boss itself and queue is nigh nonexistent.

    So for the mean time I kinda leave it aside. And my computer been scrap for a while now so maybe later on the material. Thanks anyway
  5. LP is good for bossing, his nasod armor is also good for grouping mobs and finish with a Conqueror, but seeing how nearly every mob can have super armor and hit as hard as a truck, going up close and personal like is not really the best strategy

    So I still think MM is better for PvE overall as his skills can sweep the entire room and you can always go DP and switch between Install for free mp then go spam the skill again.

    As for my personal preference, I'll have LP over MM any day because, punching, and costume with 90% white like MM has never been my liking
  6. Well, you can always have better damage output through several methods like +11, magic stone and title. But not many could provide you with better defense state so I think it's good to have some more defense especially since it's Add we're talking about LP doesn't have any SD set because they were too grindy so I currently have the Lanox fire something set except weapon equipped.

    With the last nerfquake, DE got gutted to pretty much trash tier in damage output even with Moonlight Rhapsody stack 3. The only thing he has going for him is the abundant of resource.
  7. Ahh thanks, looks like im on the right track.
  8. heya, do you use BM? Which set up pve do you recommend?
  9. What makes Aizen so freaking good is that he came up with his plan, laid out the scenario and came up with fail safe to make sure that his plan go right
  10. Henir fanatics are more like do things as they go on. If they want to reduce everything back to nothing, beside killing the first El Lady to make the El lose control they could have make sure that the El WILL explode and beyond point of restore for good instead of waiting for it to explode but got stopped somehow by the Masters.

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