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  1. No problem.
    Also don't use shadow step right after evac since the shadow step gets cancel sometimes if you do that.
  2. this is my pvp build:

    Light WF, Haste One Flash, Critical BBlade, Absorbing SW-D.
    Haste Shadow Step, KB(2) Armor Crash, Light CT, Regenerating(1) Bleeding Slicer, Light HSS.
    keep in mind i don't play to win and this build is purely play to have fun and for combos
    and this is my pve build:

    Critical One Flash, Powerful Flame Sword, KB(1) BA, Heavy PA, Absorbing SW-C.
    Haste Shadow Step, KB(2) Armor Crash, KB(1) GD, Absorbing SW-D
    For ERP i just went with mp skill consumption for more lower mp cost on skills.
  3. thank you friend
  4. Hello!
    Normal/SD build:

    from top left ascending to bottom right for traits:
    N/A, Heavy, Heavy, N/A, Heavy
    Reversed, N/A, Haste, Critical, Critical
    *Heavy trait's consequence pretty much means nothing to CEM because of nasod recharge
    **Tesla shock only because it's a proc build, I'm also considering removing tesla flare.
    ***CEM's trans passive makes Summon To Mind and Mana Convert useless since she accumulates so much mp from summons.

    Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, N/A, Heavy
    Reversed, N/A, Light, Critical, N/A
    *Probably can replace Oberon Guard's light with KB(1) since I use light for pvp
    **Genocide Ripper is godlike for i-frame for CEM in heroic, and can be combined with assault spear if needed

    Feel free to ask anymore questions if you like!
  5. My guild master supplies me with the goods, but she doesn't forum
  6. Sorry, it seems to have been removed from where I got it and I never saved it =w=
    HIGHLY NSFW ಠ‿↼, but look up BlackMonkey Pro if you were curious. The group just disbanded but individual members (Mazjojo, Zamius, Mikkou-kun, JustSyl) are still doing their own stuff on Pixiv and Tumblr.
  7. u want the full thing? _(:3」∠)_

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