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  1. AAAA you replied on your own profile, dork.

    And not exactly. There's still teens like us that work after school jobs and people even younger than that, that just do art shops or other services. Haha.

    Oh really? What is it that interests you so much about that career? I've always been in love with the stars and planets.
  2. Ohh! You're younger than me. I shall take care of you. Also, happy belated birthday!!

    LOL? Make a liar out of her, young one. You're capable of anything you set your mind to! I believe that whole heartedly!
  3. People on Els are so annoying sometimes. I can't stand people that say stupid things to others. Shoveling snow? Give me a break. We all have some sort of lifestyle. Don't mind people like that. She's shoveling snow, not dead bodies.. LOL.

    Homeschool doesn't make you stupid, deary. My brother was homeschooled for 4 years and the boy is so bright and intelligent.. Please do not allow people to get to you. There will always be haters, you can't please everyone..

    Just curious. How old are you? You seem very young, aha.
  4. Why are you upset? Worried, I can understand.. I'm so sorry.
  5. Always got me, friend~

    Please let me know if you're alright, okay? I can't imagine how paranoid you are at the moment..
  6. Being the only person that cared enough for your safety and replied to your thread, I just wanted to ask that you please stay safe. Stay updated on where the hurricane is heading, okay? aaa ;;

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