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  1. Hahaha, dw, it's one of the only creative things I've done. It's really outdated, haven't used Pepto IGNs for over a year tbh.
    IT'S SOON TIME TO REMAKE TBH, but I'm lazy.
  2. Rotator, it's actually a slot machine.

    So the first column is all the 1st jobs, 2nd column is 2nd jobs, etc. But the image for Renas are the same, so you can rng get 3 of the same (all 3 renas), it's kinda cool. I have fun with seeing what my slots show when I post
  3. Run charge mana spam homing skill and that trans needles skill thingy c;
  4. Feelabadman
  5. I'll probably try to get SSS again with my trusty S2 sparring gear on my BM once season 5 comes.
    Until then you'll probably won't find me pvping except in spar.
  6. I'm mostly in spar atm
  7. Aha. Thank you for the advice. I just.. Never saw myself as more than some low life. LOL. But your words do mean a lot to me. Love you, friend!
  8. I'm doing okay. Feeling sick to my stomach but I'll live. And aaa! So you've left me? I mean nothing to you? /cries
  9. I stopped by to say: HELLO FRIEND. c8
  10. I think imma go for E rank this season c;

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