1. #691
    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2013
    Thanks, I focus on PvE.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Then in that case, go with Heroic gear.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2016
    Hey skyresss, i came here to ask another question and this is about BM. I just JC'd my VC to BM recently and it feels good to be back though since i didn't use BM for quite some time. I noticed there were some nerfs to the bloody accel duration and giga drive duration. What do you think are the better traits for both of them? I still had my traits before and those were the traits that don't increase the duration but i'm thinking if it would be now better if i take it?

    I also want to ask if there is something to be changed in my skill build without transcendence b-slot

    Shadow Step
    Armor Crash
    Power Assault
    Giga Drive
    Bloody Accel
    Finishing Slash
    Shockwave divider
    Shockwave Cutter
    Shootup Genocide

    I finally felt how painful shootup genocide is and it was satisfying.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    I would still go with Killing Blow (2) Bloody Accel and Killing Blow (1) Giga Drive. More damage is always welcome, and I've personally never encountered any issues with the nerfs to BA's time stop (though I'll test it out in Heroics some day to see if it makes a noticeable difference).

    Your build looks fine. (It's exactly mine, except I have HA in the final slot since I have the Transcendence slot)