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    Fake Job Paths/ Fan characters thread


    -Do not put down other people's fan jobs or fan characters.
    Criticism=/= Critique

    -Fan characters are suppose to be unique, so please do not pull up an anime character you like and say "So my fan character is like so-and-so"

    -If you guys are starting a fight, get out.


    Posters now require to use the spoiler tags to avoid page stretching

    Under taker > Insurgent

    Fake job:Raven- Under Taker
    (I'm still trying to come up with a better weapon design)

    Description: tba

    Quest: tba

    Skills: tba

    combo: tba

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    ADD Salt Tracer-> Salt Magnet
    Elsword Spinning Knight -> Garen wannabe

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    ADD Salt Tracer-> Salt Magnet
    Elsword Spinning Knight -> Garen wannabe

    As much as I find this funny, posts like yours won't be tolerated.

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    Fake Path : Mastery Path

    Virtual Tracer

    Throughout his journey, Add's obsession for Nasod Codes overtook his mind to the point where he decided to take any risk necessary to get them. Seeing how the Nasods used a network to receive and obey commands, he decided to integrate Nasod parts onto his body and use them as new hacking tech/weaponry. These Nasod upgrades allowed Add access into certain Nasod networks, specifically the data on alternative weaponry. With the new blueprints and access to a chunk of almost a limitless amount of information, Add takes up a new name, "Virtual Tracer", along with a new goal: Absolute control over all Nasods.

    "Eve... I don't care how long it takes me! You and all of your Nasod's codes... THEY'LL BE MINE!"

    HP : 3, Physical Attack : 4, Physical Defense : 2, Magical Defense : 2, Magical Attack : 4

    New Combos

    Sound Shatter, >>ZXZ : After dashing forward with his dynamos, Add moves half of his dynamos behind the enemy and has them release a damaging sound wave that knocks the enemy down.

    Code Rising, DP MODE : ZZZZXX : Add does his basic four Z combo, but while the enemy is in the air, Add has his dynamos release a burst of materialized Nasod codes into the air and another materialized code from his hand to strike the enemy.

    Sonic Drill, DP MODE : >>^XXZZZ : Add jumps into the air and does his basic two X combo, but after the second X Add has his dynamos form a skateboard underneath his legs while forming a drill of materialized code in front of his arms and dash dropping on the enemies, dashing back, and once more forwards before knocking them down.

    Sample Skill
    Net Surfer : Add releases a wave of materialized code that he uses his dynamos to ride on and attack the enemy.

    Win Pose Sample : Add forms his dynamos into a skateboard and spins around on it.

    Lose Pose Sample : Add brings up his holocomputer(?) and checks the networks he has access to before facepalming.


    Maniacal Virus

    Add's obsession took full control of his conscious. His desire to have access to all of the Nasod network forced him to go back to the Altera Core to research the remains of King Nasod. In the research, he found a key to access the networks fully. It only needed to be integrated into himself. Upon his first attempt, he failed because he would lack an energy source for a storage of the information he would obtain. Finding his answer in the moonstones that the demons wielded, he goes to obtain them. After successfully obtaining the moonstones and completely integrating the key into his body, Add has accessed to the Nasod networks. Now, he just needs to take control. Across the land, all working Nasods spoke about a virus entering their system and looking through it.

    "Kwuahahaha! Bow to the King, baby!"

    New Combos

    Code Barrage, DP MODE : >>^ZXXXX : Add jumps into the air and releases sustaining particle blast that he blinks to( and explodes upon the blink) then throws materialized code horizontally and finishes a rising and falling materialized code attack.

    Viral Absorbtion, >>XX~ : Add teleports behind the enemy and uses draining code to bring them close in for some time before shattering the code.

    Spiral Bomb, ^XX : Add jumps in the air, twirling his dynamos around him, before dropping a code that explodes and knocks the enemy back.

    Sample Skill
    Meltdown : Add has his dynamos spin in a circle above and below the enemy to release materialized code between the sets of dynamos before having the top fall onto the enemy.

    Win Pose Sample : Add laughs as materialized code forms a chair behind him and he sits on it with a materialized code crown.

    Lose Pose Sample : Add puts his hand to his face to hide his crying as his dynamos circle him before he teleports away.

    Hyperactive : Divination
    Add has his dynamos circle above and below him to gather energy while codes pull enemies to his side. When energy reaches maximum, the dynamos form triangles at his sides before Add releases a wave of energized code through both of them.

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    Write your thoughts on a piece of paper and go to sleep.

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    This post is now entirely devoted to my OCs. If you want to check on my fake path and 3rd job advance, visit my fanfiction page



    Feuer Klugheit

    "Now you are an interesting one. Let see what you are capable of."



    Name: Feuer Klugheit

    Race: human

    Age: 18

    Hair color: grey

    Personality: outgoing, calm

    Class: Chain

    Weapon: Schranke (special glove on both arm, left arm have strings with blades at the end, right arm is chains with blades)

    Background story:

    Was born in the kingdom of Sutra-the kingdom to the far north of Fluone, and as the son of the kingdom greatest strategist. Since his childhood, he love to explore everything and read every books that caught his interest. So among the other children same as his age, he was the most intelligence one, his name was well known even among his father fellow strategist. But he still considering himself lack a lot of knowledge. So on his coming-of-age ceremony, he took the Schranke that was given to him, and go on a journey to obtain knowledge about every corner of the continent of Elrios.

    In a fight, Feuer calculate every possibilities to neutralize the enemies so he can study them better. He will never let a single enemy go when he haven't obtain all the knowledge about them. But if those that dare to damage even the slightest on the thing that he currently concern, only death await to them.

    Character System: Chains of Blaze

    As stated in the name, his system involved in his talent to control fire. Instead of normal awaken, Feuer will have 6 Blazing Chains in place for 3 awakening orb. His awakening gauge will fill up slightly faster than normal awaken gauge. When awakened, his body and attacks that using his Schranke will be cover with fire and will inflict "Burn", and he cannot be inflict with "Frozen" or "Frostbite" for the duration of the awaken, and this will also negate his weapon effect if they are attributed with water el. But CoB will double the damage if his weapon was attributed with fire el. Each CoB last 20s, he can re-awaken, but there will be a penalty of 5s, so in total, his awaken will last 15s longer if re-awaken.

    At close range, the Schranke is used like claws for slashing and stabbing purpose, while at long range, they can be used to throw. Since they are material projectile, not magic, projectile absorbing type skill can't absorb them.

    Skill Tree

    Lvl 0:
    Cross Flame: Special Active, 100mp
    Swings upward in an X pattern sending out two flame waves that travel a short distance.
    Cooldown: 9s
    Skill Trait:
    Persistent: increase traveling range of flame waves by 150%
    Gigantic: increase size of flame waves by 120%

    Fast Sweep: Active, 40mp
    Dash through enemy and slash them, inflicting "Bleed".
    Cooldown: 6s
    Skill Trait:
    Haste: reduce cooldown time
    Killing Blow: duration of "Bleed" increase

    Lvl 5:
    Burst Magnum: Special Active, 150mp
    Stand in place and charge up flame energy while also releasing a flame aura around him. Flame aura deal hit stun. Then shoot a giant flame wave forward. Hold down skill key to charge, super armor (maximum of 50 additional mana for increase damage and range). The flame wave will drag along enemies.
    Cooldown: 14s
    Skill Trait:
    Persistent: reduce knockdown rate of flame wave
    Evil: flame aura burns mana

    Lvl 10:
    Back-up Plan: Passive
    Increase Fire resistance.

    Lvl 15:
    Bloody Field: Special Active, 300mp
    Throw the knives to many directions, the strings and chains attached to them will spread to a large area, creating a giant net. Only first hit will inflict "Bleed" and "Leg Wound" for 3s and produce hit stun. Enemy will receive DoT as long as they remain inside the field. Can only escape by knockdown.
    Cooldown: 30s
    Skill Trait
    Regenerating: chance to regain some of the used mp
    Haste: cooldown time descreased

    LvL 20:
    Purifying Flame: Special Active, 250mp
    Shape the flame into the form of giant spear heads and shoot them forward. The spear heads leave a fire trail on their track.
    Cooldown: 23s
    Skill Trait:
    Heavy: attack power increased, cooldown increased
    Enhanced: 100% critical rate, damage descreased

    Job Path

    Silver Chain-->Sacred Kaiser

    "You can learn anything from books. But some case, experience is the better teacher."

    "My, look like I'm getting dull by day."

    Continuing on his journey, Feuer noticed that his Schranke is reaching it limit, especially the strings are getting blunt and the chain durability are no longer capable of dealing with strong opponents.

    "Um, can you help me with something Pong?"

    Adel, the chief of Altera village. He asked Feuer to help fighting against the Nasod King. Hearing that Altera's Core holds a massive amount of data ranging from many topics, Feuer accepted the request. After defeating Nasod King, he brought back a lot of data that he collected. With the help of the ponggos, they created a blueprint with massive upgrades to his weapon.

    "I wish I could do more, but we do not have the appropriate material. Maybe Lento can help you."

    Feita, the place where the constant battle with demon was taking place. He had never seen a demon before, at least not in Sutra. So Feuer hurriedly leave for Feita to meet Lento.

    "So Adel sent you here huh? If you can help us getting rid of the demon I'll help you."

    Taking on the demons, Feuer realized that his skills had increased greatly thanks to the battle with Nasod King. While fighting, he also collected some material from the demon leader. Returning with victory, Lento kept his promise. Using the material that Feuer brought back and his blueprint, Lento gave the Schranke massive upgrades. But there was one problem.

    "The Dark Steel fits perfectly. But because they are from demon, you might be corrupted by using this weapon."

    So Lento led Feuer to Allergo. With Allergo knowledge on demon magic, they used the moon stones from Amethyst to purify the Dark Steel, turning it into a sacred material with even greater durability. Polished skill, new weapon. Feuer fought the demon as if he was dancing while his strings and chains shone even in the darkness that the demon casted. People from Feita then dubbed him the title of Sacred Kaiser.

    Skill Tree

    Silver Chain:

    Lvl 15:
    Strategist Sight: Passive
    Increase maximum mp.

    Lvl 25
    Blood Red Claws: Active, 60mp
    Stab the enemy with his claws to inflict "Bleed"
    Cooldown: 5s
    Skill Trait
    Haste: cooldown time descreased
    Evil: skill burns mana

    No Escape: Special Active, 120mp
    Throw all his knives at enemy. For each knife, detonate a small fire explosion to deal damage then pull himself toward them.
    Cooldown: 7s
    Skill Trait:
    Persistent: range increased
    Persistent: reduce knockdown per hit

    Lvl 30:
    Situation Reading: Passive
    Increase Movement, Attack speed and chance to ignore defense.

    White Prison: Special Active, 150mp
    Spread the strings to the area around him. Enemy got caught in the range will be unable to act for 5s. Hold down skill key to increase the duration (max of 5s longer). The strings will also deal DoT, the damage increases with time.
    Cooldown: 15s
    SKill Trait:
    Persistent: duration increased
    Awakened: inflict "Pressured", decrease all SPD by 90% and increased received damage by 50%

    Lvl 35:
    Weakness Exploit: Passive
    Increase critical rate to any enemy currently having status debuff.

    Lvl 40:
    White Shadow: Special Active, 250mp
    Immediately appear behind enemy if they are within range and stab them, dealing tremendous damage. 100% critical, ignore defense. If there are no enemy within range, restore 125mp. (Range = 1/3 Hope Bridge PvP map)
    Cooldown: 24s
    Skill Trait:
    Ruthless: cancel mana break
    Persistent: range increased

    Sacred Kaiser:

    Lvl 35:
    Counter Measure: Active, 50mp
    Enable "Counter" buff for 6s. During the duration of the buff, press the skill key again when being attacked to deliver a backflip kick that induces "Stun".
    Cooldown: 8s
    Skill Trait:
    Killing Blow: increase duration of "Counter"
    Regenerating: certain chance of reducing cooldown

    Victory Sigil: Special Acive, 200mp
    Summon the symbol of Sutra that grants buff on all allies. Increase critical rate, critical damage and movement speed
    Cooldown: 20s
    Skill Trait:
    Killing Blow: all listed buffs increase in effect
    Haste: reduce cooldown

    Lvl 45:
    Ruthless Assault: Special Active, 100mp
    Charge forward and release a barrage of kicks and claw stabs. If more than half the amount of hit land, inflict "Armor Break" and "Weapon Break" on enemy.
    Cooldown: 8s
    Skill Trait:
    Evil: skill will burn mana
    Critical: mp cost increased, ignore defense

    Marked Target: Active, 30mp
    Throw a knife at the enemy, dealing damage. The enemy hit by the knife will receive "Target" effect, decreased target movement and jump speed. Max of 3 knives can be thrown before skill cooldown. The debuff can stack and last 4s with each stack.
    Cooldown: 7s
    Skill Trait:
    Haste: reduce skill cooldown
    Persistent: increase throwing range

    Lvl 50:
    Strategist Foresight: Special Active, 200mp
    Create a field of fire mana around him. Allies within the field will receive 3mp per second, mana field duration is 15s. Any projectile come into contact with the mana field will slow down, and if the attacker have the "Target" debuff, press the skill key again and Feuer will leap in front of the target to enable a quick counter. If there are more than one enemy with the "Target" debuff, leap toward the closer enemy or the one with higher stack.
    Cooldown: 19s
    Skill Trait:
    Light: mp cost reduced
    Gigantic: radius of mana field increased

    Lvl 55:
    White Shadow-Hunting Owl: Special Active, 200mp
    An air version of "White Shadow". If enemy are within range, appear behind them and stab them, dealing tremendous damage. 100% critical, ignore defense. Restore 100mp if there are no enemy in range (Can only be activated in mid air).
    Cooldown: 21s
    Skill Trait:
    Ruthless: cancel mana break
    Persistent: range increased

    Lvl 60:
    Resource Management: Passive
    When awaken with 4 CoB or higher, will leave one CoB for spare but awaken duration remain the same. (Ex: have 4 CoB = 80s, now use only 3 CoB = 80s)

    Akashic Record-Road to Victory: Passive
    When HP drops below a certain threshold, increase own knockdown rate reduce received damage

    LvL 65:
    Endless Bind: Hyper Active, 300mp
    Spread out the chains and strings imbued with mana to the entire map. The chains will keep the enemy in place while the strings will grow tighter by time. Then using the mana imbued as catalyst, ignite the flame that travels along the chains and strings. The flame will explode multiple times dealing splash damage.
    Cooldown: 180s

    Crimson Chain-->Fiery Emperor

    "To control, is not to shackle. But is to understand, and use that knowledge to your advantage."

    Even thought he had potential, Feuer sometimes failed to control his fire. Sometimes it put his life, even those around him in danger.

    "You seem to be in troubled, Pong."

    Adel, the oldest ponggos in Altera. Nothing escaped his eyes. Feuer helped his village and now it his turn to return the favor. He guided Feuer by instead of harnessing his fire, let it all out. But not seeing it as just a simple fire, but a living thing. Following it, Feuer continued to fight the enemy while using his fire more frequently.

    "You did well. For your next training, I'll introduce you to someone else."

    Following Adel letter, Feuer arrived in Feita.

    "N-nice to meet you. I'm Allergo."

    Allergo got a lot of ancient documents. One of them mentioned the myth about a bird of fire. It controls fire at it will and no matter how many time it died, it will rise from the ashes and it fire shines brighter than ever. Helping the Feita army with both strategy and driving back the demon, Feuer managed to control his fire better while the image of the bird of myth still lingering in his mind.

    During the final battle with Berthe, Feuer power had truly awakened. His fire no longer a senseless thing, but a living creature with it own will. The fire so hot that it spread light to the whole Feita and melted down Berthe ice. From then on, in many documents, a title of a strategist that helped Feita rose back from the abyss like a phoenix was mentioned. The Fiery Emperor.

    New System: Deities of Flame

    All of Fiery Emperor skill take after the image of a deity. During awaken, using the skill (Special only) will grant an additional buff to self according to the respective deity of the skill. Buff effect increase according to the amount of CoB used. All buff last 5 seconds.

    Skill Tree

    Crimson Chain

    Lvl 15:
    Enhancing Tactic: Passive
    Increase Fire and Ice resistance outside of awakening, increase the amount of CoB (3 additional at lvl 18)

    Lvl 25:
    Rouge Feather: Active, 40mp
    Throw 3 fire feathers at enemy to deal damage. The enemy with the feathers attached will have decrease in Fire resistance, last 5s.
    Cooldown: 6s
    Skill Trait:
    Empowered: increase damage
    Haste: cooldown decreased

    Blazing Assault: Special Active, 100mp
    Deliver a skyward kick to send enemy slightly airbone. Then enhance the legs with a fire rune and kick the airbone enemy 3 times, prevent knockdown. Receive a special buff that enable to Fire command/skill (Special excluded) to bypass the enemy Fire resistance for 3s.
    Cooldown: 10s
    Skill Trait:
    Heavy: damage, cooldown increased
    Awakened: enable the debuff on enemy. Now all Fire command/skill (Special excluded) will bypass Fire resistance

    Lvl 30:
    Intuition: Passive
    Increase critical rate and critical damage of all fire command

    Fiery Cannon: Special Active, 150mp
    Leap into the air and charge up a sphere of flame on his leg then shoot the sphere toward the ground with a bicycle kick. Hold down skill key to charge for bigger flame explosion when making contact with the ground.
    Cooldown: 17s
    Skill Trait:
    Useful: damage decreased, hit count increased
    Critical: mp cost increased, ignore defense and guard

    Lvl 35:
    Immortal Flame: Passive
    All fire debuff/status ailment inflicted on enemy will last longer

    Lvl 40:
    Vermillion Tower: Special Active, 250mp
    Send enemy airborne with a skyward kick, then spin around and deliver a roundhouse kick. A giant tower of condense fire erupt from where the kick landed and pierce all enemy within range, dealing massive damage. (the range is approximately 9 times of his weapon range)
    Cooldown: 26s
    Skill Trait:
    Ruthless: cancel mana break
    Evil: burn mana

    Fiery Emperor:

    Lvl 35:
    Seal of Phoenix: Buff, 100mp
    Summon 5 phoenixes to assist him in battle, allies within range will have 3. The phoenix will assist by striking through the enemy, press the skill key again will sacrifice one phoenix to recover 3% HP if HP is below 50%, if above will recover 50mp.
    Cooldown: 36s

    Vermillion Feather: Special Active, 180mp
    Concentrate fire energy as their color change into slightly more yellow. Increase attack speed, mp regenerate rate and Fire resistance to self and all allies for 15s.
    Special buff: Feathers of Fire
    A trail of fire feather will drop on Feuer path. Burn 2mp for each feather that enemy step on.
    Cooldown: 18s
    Skill Trait:
    Killing Blow: buff duration increased
    Light: mp cost reduced

    Lvl 45:
    Phoenix Onslaught: Special Active, 120mp
    Attack enemy continuously with fire rune enhanced kicks.
    Special buff: Phoenix Claws
    Increase jumping speed and enable double jump.
    Cooldown: 8s
    Skill Trait:
    Heavy: damage and cooldown increased
    Useful: damage decreased, hit count increased

    Fire Sprout: Active, 30mp
    Slash the enemy and inflict "Fire Seed" debuff. If enemy with this debuff got hit by a fire command/skill, the seed will explode dealing damage = 10% of command/skill.
    Cooldown: 5s
    Skill Trait:
    Enhanced: 100% critical rate, damage decreased
    Regenerating: certain chance of reducing cooldown

    Lvl 50:
    Sekhmet Judgement: Special Active, 230mp
    Create a giant fire sphere as hot as the sun. The fire sphere will then explode dealing continuous damage and leave the ground burning. The more allies/enemy is closer to Feuer, the bigger the explosion range and damage.
    Special buff: Blessing of the Sun
    Feuer body will glow bright yellow. Absorb all projectile to recover mana.
    Cooldown: 20s
    Skill Trait:
    Critical: mp cost increased, ignore defense and guard
    Persistent: reduce knockdown per hit

    Lvl 55:
    Muspelheim: Special Active, 250mp
    Summon Surtr, the fire giant that release an intense war cry while smashing the ground. The roar induce "Helpless" while pillars of fire erupt from the ground, dealing continuous damage. The vertical range of the fire pillar is infinite.
    Special Buff: Giant's Strength
    Enable super armor and temporarily immune to all status ailment.
    Cooldown: 23s
    Skill Trait:
    Persistent: range of the war cry increased
    Ruthless: fire pillars cancel mana break

    Lvl 60:
    Phoenix Reborn: Passive
    When HP reaches 0, consume all CoB to resurrect and recover HP, max 5 CoB (each recover 5%). The rest will recover 15 mp each.

    Akashic Record-Strategy of Conquering: Passive
    If having 4 or more buffs in effect, increase damage of all skill

    Lvl 65:
    Immortal Deity: Hyper Active, 300mp
    Leap into the air and throw the knives toward the ground. Gather all of his flame into a giant phoenix behind him. The phoenix let out a loud screech and hail the ground with fire feathers while creating a miniature sun above him. Finally, the phoenix flap it wings as another storm of feathers hail down on enemy and smash the miniature sun down on them.
    Cooldown: 180s

    Black Chain-->Phantom Meister

    "A cure to one, while being fatal to other. Fascinating!"

    "Now this is interesting."

    Back in Sutra and on his journey, Feuer gathered a lot of new information on many subjects, and one thing he currently interested the most, the wide use of poison. By mixing several ingredients together, a type of chemical will be created. It can kill one and bring one back from death. It might be a remedy to one but can be deadly to other.

    Fascinated by this, Feuer rushed to Altera Core as the place hold a massive amount of data that the nasod got since ancient time. Combined with his own knowledge, Feuer a formula of an intermediate chemical that depend on the next ingredient added, it will turn into a whole different type of poison. But he still need more information before he could give it a field test.

    So he seek Glave, the one that could be the wisest man in Elrios, even other timelines.

    "How about we make a deal? You take care of a few...nuisances for me and I'll help you."

    Accepting Glave offer, Feuer proceeded to eliminate the nuisances that Glave mentioned. When returning, Glave taught him the knowledge about poison from both Elrios and other timelines. He also gave Feuer a small pocket that has nearly endless capacity, completely contrary to it size.

    "Let take it as a graduation gift. Now go on and slaughter those nuisances with your poison. Kukukuku."

    Feuer didn't know if it was an influenced from the Time Keeper, but ever since he got this new power, he just couldn't help but put a smile on his face every time he injected his poison into his opponent body and see them suffer from it. Not too long later, the rumor of a shadow that can bring down any opponent dare stand in his way with just a single touch started spreading far and wide, the rumor of the Phantom Meister.

    New system:

    Poison Manipulation:

    When using a skill, Feuer will pick a random type of poison and inject it into the enemy body. The effect of the poison only last for 3 seconds but will leave a "Root of Epidemic" debuff. When the debuff stack up to 5 times, it will change "Epicdemic" debuff. Inflict up to 6 random status ailments on enemy, each last 5 seconds. The poison from this system is entirely separated from the poison from a skill.

    Anti Body:

    Every time Feuer got inflicted with a status debuff, automatically inject poison into his body to reverse the debuff into a buff of the respective effect.

    Skill Tree

    Black Chain:

    Lvl 15:
    Instance Analysis: Passive
    Analyze the opponent physical to formulate a suitable tactic. After landing 6 successful hits on enemy, receive a buff that will increase the effectiveness of all poison type. The buff reset if change target.

    Lvl 25:
    Virus Field: Active, 60mp
    Create a white smoke screen that is harmless most of the time. When a skill is used inside the smoke screen, the virus will catch the scent of the poison then quickly adapt to it and spread it to the entire smoke screen. All enemy within the smoke screen will receive status ailment of the respective poison. The smoke screen last for 6s
    Cooldown: 9s
    Skill Trait:
    Persistent: range and duration f smoke screen increase
    Evil: burn mana of all enemy within range

    Shadow Theater: Special Active, 100mp
    Deal continuous hits then inject poison into enemy body that render their vision useless by creating an illusion of a pitch black space. Inflict "Darkness" for 6s.
    Cooldown: 12s
    Skill Trait:
    Useful: damage and cooldown decreased
    Enhanced: 100% critical rate, damage reduced

    Lvl 30:
    Backstage Planning: Passive
    Have chance to increase element resistance after curing a debuff. (Stack up to 3 times, increase 200 resistance at max stack)

    6 Deaths: Special Active, 180mp
    Slash enemy 5 times then end with an upward slash. Inflict 1 of 6 different types of poison:
    Rouge: deal DoT similar to "Burn" and "Fire" but bypass Fire resistance
    Azure: decrease movement speed similar to "Freeze" and Frostbite but bypass Water resistance
    Emerald: deal DoT similar to "Poison" but bypass Nature resistance
    Pearl: increase damage received
    Gold: decrease jumping and attack speed
    Noir: steal a small portion of hp and mp for every hit
    All ailment last 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 16
    Skill Trait:
    Light: mp cost reduced
    Haste: cooldown time reduced

    Lvl 35:
    Trickery: Passive
    Reduce cooldown and recover 60% of Active mp usage if miss

    Lvl 40:
    Mystic Whirlwind: Special Active, 250 mp
    Release the strings and control the knives to fly around. The knives move at speed that naked eyes cannot keep up with. When the opponent feel the cut the knives already gone, almost like a fiercing wind storm. Inflict "Bleed" x3 if all hit land.
    Cooldown: 30s
    Skill Trait:
    Ruthless: cancel mana break
    Persistent: reduce knockdown per hit

    Phantom Meister:

    Lvl 35:
    White Void: Special Active, 100mp
    Stab enemy sinews to immobilize them then inject poison directly into their head. Inflict "Blind" for 4s. If enemy is currently under "Darkness" effect, inflict "Mind Break" debuff and increase duration of "Blind" debuff by 2s
    Cooldown: 8s
    Skill Trait:
    Critical: mp cost increased, ignore defense and guard
    Regenerating: chance of regain certain amount of mp

    Epidemic Cloud: Special Active, 200mp
    Throw out multiple vials to create a cloud made off different type of poison. Enemy will receive debuff respectively to the color of the cloud while all allies will receive the exact opposite buff. Last 20s
    Cooldown: 19s
    Skill Trait:
    Gigantic: size and radius increased
    Persistent: range, duration increased

    Lvl 45:
    Phantom Strike: Special Active, 120mp
    Mix multiple poison to create 2 illusion of himself. The illusions will fight independently and have 1/10 the stat of the character. Press the skill key again even while cooldown to switch place with the closest illusion. Illusions last for 15s
    Cooldown: 12s
    Skill Trait:
    Enhanced: 100% critical rate, damage decreased
    Reversed: cooldown increased, mp cost reduced

    Finishing Strike: Active, 30mp
    Inject a poison into enemy that react depends on the color of poison that was inflicted from '6 Deaths':
    Rouge: trigger a fire explosion from inside and inflict "Incinerate"
    Azure: trigger an ice explosion and inflict "Frozen"
    Emerald: plants will sprout from inside and inflict "Poison"
    Pearl: trigger a wind explosion that inflict "Armor Break"
    Gold: trigger a light explosion and inflict "Petrify"
    Noir: trigger a dark explosion and steal a percentage of hp and mp equivalent to the damage
    All debuff last 3 seconds
    Cooldown: 6s
    Skill Trait:
    Heavy: damage and cooldown increased
    Powerful: super armor during skill animation

    Lvl 50
    Inferno Realm: Special Active, 200mp
    Inject poison into enemy and create an illusion of hell, making them experience utmost pain and break their will to fight. Inflict "Weapon Break", "Armor Break" and "Silenced"
    Cooldown: 26s
    Skill Trait:
    Useful: damage decreased, hit count increased
    Critical: mp cost increased, ignore defense and guard

    Lvl 55:
    Hated by Death: Special Active, 230mp
    Release a black fog on self and nearby allies. If within range of the fog during the activation, receive a buff that when hp reaches 0, resurrect to 30% hp/mp. The buff last 20s
    Cooldown: 33s
    Skill Trait:
    Regenerating: certain chance to reduce cooldown
    Killing Blow: skill duration increased

    Lvl 60:
    Master Illusion: Passive
    Increase duration, stat and number of illusion of "Phantom Strike" (illusion increase by 1)

    Akashic Record-Art of Assassination: Passive
    Increase effectiveness of all skill status ailment.

    Lvl 65:
    Hellish Nightmare: Hyper Active, 300mp
    Inject poison into enemy to create an illusion of themselves experiencing the pain from being drowned in the 5 rivers of Hell. Inflict "Senile", "Fear", "Panic", "Burn" and "Helpless". All status last 3s
    Cooldown: 180s


    -Usually, Feuer is very calm and collective. But when the subject that he is currently interested in got destroyed, he will stop at nothing and bring demise upon the one that destroyed it.

    -If he sees something interesting, it doesn't matter if he was in the midst of a fight, he will rush at it not caring about anything beside colllecting data on that subject.

    -He has a small notebook that he always keeps by his side.

    -His way of obtaining knowledge varies from his job change:
    +Sacred Kaiser, he prefers to fight on the battlefield to see what his opponents are capable of with his own eyes.
    +Fiery Emperor, he stays at the back line providing tactics to see how many tricks his oponent got up theri sleeves.
    +Phantom Meister, he uses poison on his opponents to see their reaction and record it down.

    -Many of Fiery Emperor's skill take reference from deities of fire in myth:
    +Sekhmet, the lioness of fire and sun of ancient Egypt
    +"Purifying Flame" takes reference from Agni, the god of fire and purification
    +"Muspelheim", the land of fire, one of the Nine World in Norse mythology, ruled by the giant Surtr and also the fire giant that he summoned
    +The phoenix is the legendary bird of myth that is said to reborn from it ashes no matter how many time it dies.

    -As Phantom Meister, his personality became a bit twisted. A part was due to influence from Glave whilea part was probably due to his excessive contact with many kind of poison.

    -Phantom Meister' "Mystic Whirlwind" concept is based on the Kamaitachi, a type of youkai in Japan folklore. They move as fast as the wind have a habit of cutting people with a sickle. Some version, their claws are as sharp as the sickle.

    See the little blue arrow next to my name? Click them to see full detail

    Rai Sunderin

    "You, who dare contaminated this world, shall meet your demise!"
    Naga A.L

    "Let's just get this over with so we can leave."
    Burai Kudoku

    "Just how much, do you think you know about hell?"
    Iris Kristall

    "For the sake of your most beloved, breaking a taboo is a price too cheap."
    Enki Emberina

    "Be it forgotten, forbidden or too advanced, there are no smithing techniques that I'm not capable of!"

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    Apr 2014
    shooting pool for cash

    while fighting an enemy in close combat BM took a fall dropping his sword out of reach to save himself he put his last
    defense up, his nesoid arm the enemies blade pierced straight through without so much as a flinch the force drove BM
    back toward his sword in one move BM flip grabbing his sword from the ground with the speed of a wolfs shadow plunged it deep within the
    body of his enemy. BM may have lost his arm but with that he lost the anger and weight he bore with it without the heave nesoid arm he felt lighter and
    had no resistance when he moved thru the air or ran acrossed the ground each step was as quick as the last.


    ya im way to tired for this, i know theres alot of thing that will have to be redone with this story but not bad for off the top of my head.

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    Apr 2013
    My Documents
    This looks fun *^*

    My random ideas:
    Eve fake path: Code: Illusion -> Code: Mirage
    >Got the idea from Illusion strike, Photon flash and Cloaking skills<
    Eve continues to study ancient information based on illusions used in combat.

    Example 300MP skill (W.I.P):
    House of Mirrors, 300MP, lasts 20 sec +1 sec every level- Eve replaces herself with a photon dummy and goes into a state of invisibility + Super armor until she has chosen a target with her 'marker' (which only eve can see)- unless there's only one enemy- and zaps behind that specified target causing the visible area to be stunned for 5 seconds. They will be surrounded by mirrors (similar to how Atomic Shield looks) and if the enemy starts attacking it wont hit eve but will be mirrored back to the attacker(if that makes sense) and they take the dmg instead. WIP<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    Velder Noble
    Apr 2011
    Character: Aisha
    First Job: Archmage
    Second Job: Archangel (AA)
    Role: Buffs/heals/light damage

    Picture of an Archangel wearing full Archangel IB set: (x2 effect for Archangel on Archangel)

    ^ I drew that. *starts coughing violently*

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    Velder Noble
    Oct 2012
    Can I just copy some of the ones I left on my thread a few days ago?

    Aisha: Synch Magician/Djinn Caller, the concept is that Aisha makes a pact with elemental spirits in an attempt to regain her powers, as she continues on her quest these spirits eventually develop in Djinni.

    Sample Skills:
    Call Djinn- Aisha gathers energy and releases the elemental Djinn of the element her "toggle affinity" ability is currently set to, releasing an attack unique to that Djinn. The attack is weak, but it summons the Djinn to fight alongside Aisha, however combo extensions using the Djinn are unavailable unless you note the skill.

    Undine Gash- Aisha summons a trident wielding Water Spirit who strikes the ground in front of her with her trident, releasing powerful geysers at 90 degrees, 60 degrees and 30 degrees in respect to the ground that trap the enemy inside of them for 4 hits, then blows the enemy away.

    Eefreeti Blaze: ZZ^ZXX- Aisha releases her usual ZZ^Z, however while rising the fire spirit Eefreet appears behind her summoning an orb of fire to catch the opponent when Aisha's magical spark drops them, pressing X again will result in him launching it across the stage.

    Sylph Swirl: >>ZXXX- Aisha teleports to the enemy, smacks them with her staff, summoning sylph as she launches her enemy, the wind spirit sylph catches the foe in a whirlwind, pressing X again will cause Sylph to launch her whirlwind in the direction Aisha is facing to drag the enemy in a miniature Cyclone.

    Rena: Taming Ranger/Wild Master, Rena focuses her natural empathy toward the animals of the world, forging a strong bond with a hunting hawk.

    Sample Skills:
    Aerial Rave- Rena takes up a stance similar to TR using Karma and her hawk flies across the screen from the edge behind her to the edge in front of her, then back piercing and dealing decent damage to anything it touches.

    Bloody Talon- Rena calls her Hawk, who dives down onto a foe, inflicting bleed to the enemy, the more foes that are within it's below average sized hit-box the more hits it delivers.

    Sample Combos:
    Tag Team: XXZZ- Rena fires two arrows, then launched a red arrow from her bow, if this red arrow connects she has 2 seconds to press Z, if she does the Hawk shoots toward the foe in a straight line(much like the path of Raven's Core) at a very high speed.

    Falcon Swipe: >>ZZX~X- Rena does her >>ZZ, launching the enemy(ignores NS charges), from there mashing X will cause her Hawk to mercilessly dive, peck and rake the opponent.

    Eve: Code Combat/Code Valkyrie, Eve finds the coding to be able to engage in battle using stunning beam sabers, and develops the ability to convert them into a wide range of weapons including whips for cruel melee combos.

    Sample Skill:
    Zero Divide- Eve focuses energy into her blade before dashing ahead up to 1/4th of a screen length before slamming the ground forcefully with the blade, releasing a shockwave and a rain of debris in front of her.

    Electron Smash: Eve crosses her sabers over her head and summoning an aim-able crosshair, pressing the skill key again calls down 13 lightning bolts that stun the foe and deliver little damage with each hit, then she warps over the enemy's head and crashes down onto foes with a dual saber cross, releasing a massive shockwave.

    Sample Combos:
    Saber Cross: ZZZZZ- Eve releases her normal standing drone strike, reeling the other drone into her hand and turning it into a beam saber then stabbing it ahead, transforming the other drone while turning the first back for a horizontal slash, then slashing the foe with both beam sabers in an uppercut that launches, then releasing a downward strike with the blades crosses that KDs.

    Flying Blade: >>^ZZX- Eve dash jumps and does two spinning slashes in mid air, then kicks off of the enemy, knocking them to the ground and KDing.

    Spiral Crash: >>ZZZ- Eve dashes at the foe blades extended dealing a light hit and passing through, pressing the second Z causes her to spin like a drill, losing the pass through effect for the rest of the range, but instead delivering multiple hits and pushing the foe, the final Z causes her to overcharge the sabers making them explode and blow the enemy away. You can cancel this combo at any point before you unleash the last attack.

    Sharp Whip: ZZX~X- Eve does her new ZZ combo, then attaches the other handle onto the first saber and rapidly releases whip lashes into the area in front of her. 2nd job.


    Abel The Lancer: A heavy armored lance and fist fighter, I have a thread that has his complete base move-list around here somewhere.