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    Feb 2014
    In a galaxy far, far away.
    My sass cannot be contained by mere mortals '^'

    also I noticed o3o
    and only if you pay for the wedding jfyi
    If only they allowed CN on CN action ;;

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    Elysion Navigator
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    If only they allowed CN on CN action ;;

    you called

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    Well, this seems like a nice start.

    You have your work cut out for you.

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    Sep 2012
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    Here's a light bump as I'm now down the third section for now

    Next up: how to make offers and trades without getting scammed for billions of ED!

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    Feita Knight
    Dec 2013
    Nice guide - Looking forward to lesson #8

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    Velder Noble
    Feb 2014
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    This guide. So useful so far. Thank you so much for having this *^*
    Can't wait to read the rest of this~

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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
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    wow cant beleive i read this all
    im requesting a sticky

    cant wait for more i learned more in 30 mins than in a year(of course i knew half of it)
    love all the pics that help also

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    This is one of the best guides ever made.

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    Love the guide!!!! But I noticed you have 2 Lesson twos ^^;;

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    Feita Knight
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    Oh yes, I will definitely be showing my new guildies to this guide, please sticky this someone.