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    Socketing techniques and values

    Before I begin, I am only going to cover the values of Explosion/Quickness dual stat stones because they are more frequent in the competitive PvP scene, for values on single stats and other dual stat stones, here's a link to Glaves' previous thread:


    A lot of people ask me how I get such high stats without IB accessories and an actual IB set that gives more than just HP/acc/resistance (lol EO blows), nor an NPC title or costume suit (well I just got one but yea), so I'm going to do you all a favor and make a list of the maximum potential of sockets for two tiers of armor/weapon enhancement levels.

    Put simply, there are 4 tiers in terms of socketing potential, +0 through +5 all go under Tier 1, +6 through +8 are Tier 2, +9 through +11 (or more) are Tier 3, costumes/IBs are Tier 4. After the values are listed, I will post my general socketing techniques, that have allowed me and many others to get extremely high stats without overspending on IB set effects from accessories/weapons.

    I won't cover Tier 1, because anyone who takes PvP seriously will have at least Tier 2 enhancements (+6 through +8), I will post the exact value and % value for Explosions, then Quickness:

    Tier 2 (+6 through +8) Max Weapon Values (Explosion Stone):
    - 3%/6% (339/678) add/red
    - 6%/1% (678/113) add/red
    - 5%/2% (565/226) add/red
    - 4%/4% (452/452) add/red

    Now if you haven't noticed by now, dual stat stones have a tendency to give you a higher value on the second stat, rather than the first. If you get a high value on the first stat, the second will suffer greatly. To make things easier for myself and for everyone reading, the general rule for armors are literally half of the weapon values of the same tier, an example would be 1.5%/3% (170/339) add/red, or 3%/.5% (339/57) add/red.

    Now Quickness Stones are a bit different, they follow the same Add Damage values as Explosion Stones, but the Jump/Move Speed values are triple the values of the Damage Reduction stat, an example would be 3%/18%/18% (339/2034/2034) aspd/move/jump speed. Armors follow the same rule (half the stat of the weapon), so you can get something like 1.5%/9%/9% (170/1017/1017) aspd/move/jump speed.

    Tier 3 (+9 through +11) Max Weapon Values (Explosion Stone):
    - 4%/6% (452/678) add/red
    - 6%/2% (678/226) add/red
    - 5%/5% (565/565) add/red

    As you can see, Tier 3 weapons can get up to 10% total stat on a dual stat stone, where as a Tier 2 weapon could only get 9%. Armors of the same tier follow the same pattern, as well as Quickness Stones. You can do this math yourself since I'm really lazy. Feel free to make a chart of some sort if you want to help out.

    Tier 4 (Costumes/IBs) Max Weapon Value (Explosion Stone):
    - 6%/6% (678/678) add/red

    As you can see, Tier 4 weapons can get up to 12% total stat, period. Very simple, Costume/IB armors follow the same pattern, as well as Quickness Stones. Again, do the math.

    Moving on to the more exciting parts, most of you know by now that we have obtained the "Profession" system, the one I will be talking about here however is the Alchemist one, allowing Advanced Magic Stone socketing. It sounds complicated I know, but all you NEED to know is this:


    What this means is, an advanced socket on a Tier 2 weapon (+6 through +8) can now obtain the socket values of a Tier 3 weapon (+9 through +11). This also means Tier 3 weapons can obtain the values of a Tier 4 weapon, meaning a costume/ib weapon! This is why the +9 meta is so strong. This also includes armors, so don't think you are left out if you have a +9 armor...those things are insanely strong due to the socket potential they have.


    Side note: Sage Stones allow double the max value of a single stat on a single socket, so 6% (678) add would become 12% (1356) add.

    Lastly, my personal socket techniques that always produce results are as follows:

    1. When acquiring your desired secret set (in most cases), look for add/crit/aspd identifies

    2. When acquiring your desired accessories, look for aspd (HIGHEST PRIORITY), then get add/crit, my personal preference for accessories are 3pc wyvern (new set, weapon claw/top piece/arm piece) and 3pc S3 accessories (upper face/lower face/bottom piece). These accessories grant the HIGHEST values of all accessories that ARE NOT IB accessories, as well as THE BEST set effects (3pc wyvern is 2% aspd/3% crit, 3pc S3 is 2.8% aspd/crit at SSS rank)

    3. Explosion stones go on your Weapon, look for high Add damage and even higher Reduction, if you can get the same value for both and it is the max potential of that socket (look above at Tiers), keep it

    4. Explosion stones go on ALL of your Costumes/IBs, get max value of both stats and keep it

    5. Reserve exactly TWO armor sockets for Quickness stones, what you want from these are max jump/move speed (1017/1017), having just two of these sockets will mean your jump/move is at the required 20%-21% area. If you need more aspd because you don't have enough from accessories/additional/set effects, reserve 3+ sockets and try to obtain sockets like 3%/3%/3% or 2.5%/5%/5% instead of the usual 1.5%/9%/9% (example of values, base your own values on your Tier/Alchemist)

    6. All other sockets should be reserved for single stat add or crit stones, BUT since Alchemist is out, you can use dual stat stones here for things like 3%/1% or 2.5%/2.5% etc

    7. All Destruction (crit/hp) and Explosion (add/red) stones are INTERCHANGEABLE, they are basically the same values, just do what makes you feel good, just know that my stats are by following this guide

    8. Damage Reduction to me is worthless after about 38%, so that's why I stopped at around 37% and decided to grab more add damage, same goes for HP above like...225k so I stopped at 215k (on IP, but I'm DC currently so my HP went down)

    Good luck on your sockets, now go out there and hit like a bus:

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    sonic boom

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    Fendo where ur fire resist at. D:

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    Fendo where ur fire resist at. D:
    BH sucks

    True fact: Most of my losses are from Fire users o.o, seriously though if I had a better IB set (like NBS, SI, VIG, HNO) my resistance and general stats would go up A LOT. EO is only 22k hp, 8% acc, 6% awaken charge, and +40 res all, where NBS is basically better or equal in every single one of those stats zzz

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    I have this sudden unexplainable temptation to use my +9 amulets now.

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    Fendo your bus needs fire resistant tires.

    Didn't know 6/3 was possible at +9 though. If it is ill try and go for it maybe today or tomorrow to see.

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    Didn't know 6/3 was possible at +9 though. If it is ill try and go for it maybe today or tomorrow to see.
    I'm unsure of it, it just follows the same general idea of what a +8 has. I know 6%/2% is possible, and 5%/5%, so it only makes sense, don't quote me on it though

    EDIT: Going to update OP with my Sparring set

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    now I must kill things

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    Very informative. Gonna try this out once I cap and get gear.

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    Really informative stuff!O: I wish I knew this sooner though... (before blowing around 300-500mils trying to get max sockets on my commoner +8 gears qq)