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    Feita Knight
    Aug 2013
    New York
    *whistles* would have loved MW, mostly just wanna replace some accessories.

    Nice to know X-trap is being switched, I think one of my friends may be happy to hear this as X-trap has been preventing him from even playing the game. He was even planning to try out DE too.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Jul 2011
    Rieze Maxia
    Rolling on in to point this out:
    "Unfortunately we can confirm that we also do not have plans for this feature to be updated at this time. Due to the outcome of this system in Elsword Korea, we are still in process of assessing the feasibility of this feature in our game. We will keep you updated on the progress of our development."

    Could mean that they're still trying to get it here. Take it with a grain of salt. Until it's 100% certain that it's not coming. :V

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2012
    is this neogaf
    rip magic wardrobe (most likely /cough), ill never be able to give my 2013 halloween vampire set DK stats

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    Queen's Authority
    Apr 2013
    1. While I have an eternal grudge for X-Trap and its complications, I have not had problems with it as of late. I simply hope that GameGuard will not introduce new problems and actually serve us a little better in keeping the bots out.

    2. This, I am happy with. I hope you guys can make the necessary changes to Wardrobe such that it's not permanent and less detrimental to the supply of limited edition goods.

    3. I never played Grand Chase, no comment. Sounds like a heart warming idea.

    4. I have noticed the change to MEB while working towards Reaper, and I appreciate the diminished ringing. Keep up the good work.

    5. In my opinion, the inflationary effect from a higher ED cap will be negligible or minimal at best, as people have been circumventing this with multiple characters and trades. I would not gamble on that prediction, as I also think the trade cap is a much more relevant and safer cap to address in terms of scam prevention. If it has the effect of making the market more operable and less geared to the black market, I'd say it would be a fair trade-off. I appreciate that there are actually moves (on the staff's side) to try and get the economy running again.

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    Feita Knight
    Feb 2012
    In a candy box
    They could of just said due to KoG being scared of losing money on the other servers, we have decided to not implement the magical wardrobe /shot.

    Also @ BoS that's true for sure, I personally wasn't that worried about the wardrobe but since so many people was looking forward to it, I just think its disappointing.

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2013
    On my Couch
    I'm gonna keep what hope I have left that the Magical Wardrobe situation will turn around, even if it gets changed to accommodate the issues that have come up. As long as the system's purpose is intact, I'll be happy.

    Thanks for the weekly update.

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    Feita Knight
    Mar 2014
    Old Trafford
    I feel the ED cap is kinda pointless, prices are way over inflated as it is and it makes it easier to scam people since recording does not continue when jumping characters

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    Feita Knight
    Mar 2011

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    Altera Savior
    Jul 2012
    Oh god GameGuard.

    Its time to pack it up.

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