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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2014
    i would rather go for separate pieces, its more fun that way :3
    also a custom pose would be awsome
    since making 60+ costumes to correspond to every GC class avaliable would be quite unlikely i would propose only one job per GC character, and one Costume per Elsword Character, being realistic

    in my opinion, character costumes would suit these characters
    Elsword: Sieghart(Prime Knight), Ronan (Abyss Knight), Zero (Wandener,Vanisher)
    Elesis: Elesis(Savior), Edel(Mayor), Sieghart (Duelist/Gladiator)
    Rena:Lire(ArchRanger), Edel(Mayor), Amy (Muse)
    Aisha: Arme(Battle Mage), Amy(Starlet), Ley (Evoker)
    Raven: Lass(Evan Striker), Uno, Dio(Twiligth), Jin(Shisa)
    Eve: Mari (Gunslinger,Polaris)
    Chung: Ryan(Druid), Lime (Holy Knight), Zero (Seeker), Ronan (Aegis Knight)
    Ara: Rin (Dusk or Dawn), Asin (Mugen), Jin (Ramma)
    Add: Veigas(Magi), Mari (La Geass)
    Lu: Ley(Evoker), Dio(Twilight), Lime
    Ciel: Dio(Leviathan), Rufus (Arbiter)

    what do you guys think?

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    Genjutsu User
    Mar 2012
    Now I'm embarassed
    You don't have to be. We acknowledged your feedback and will try to make more channels for higher leveled players since Channel 10 seems to always be packed. We are discussing it with our teams and will try to make preparations for this.

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    Genjutsu User
    Mar 2012
    What about that time when the servers went down twice?
    Servers going down doesn't translate to lots of players being online. Our servers are in the hands of any technical complications that may arise. It's not unheard of to have technical issues with servers, servers aren't invincible.

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    Sander Chieftain
    Jun 2012
    I like this idea of GC costumes. Sadly I'm not creative nor artistic enough to make suggestions u . u

    As for the channels, I do hope we can get more. I know you guys say busy =/= full or unstable, but I'd feel better being on less populated ones since most of my "lag" issues happen on packed channels.

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2014
    reading about channels started to wonder what would happen to you in SAO if you just suddently happened to laggout xD

    i think that instead of more channels it would be more apropiate to be able to distribute players to the less crowded channel as a default option, since most of the problem comes that "Hammel 10" its always the main chanel ._.

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    Bethma Guard
    Jul 2011
    Digital World
    Love the idea, for me I'm guessing more the lines of:
    Elsword: Ronan or Sieghart: no comment....:u oh wait if he get sieghart then no new sieghart character
    Rena: Lire or Rin: Rena's too obvious
    Aisha: Arme or Amy: Aisha with pink hair please <3
    Raven: Dio or Lass or Uno: would also make a raven if Uno or Dio costume
    Eve: Mari or Rin or Ley: for me kind of up in the air for eve, leaning toward mari tho
    Chung: Ryan or Rufus or Lime: definitely want Chung to be Rufus lol <3 i would make a chung just for the costume
    Ara: Edel or Elesis ( spear-men job ): to me kind of hard for ara, but love to see her as edel
    Elesis: Zero or herself or Edel: would love to see elesis with zero's claymor or maybe one of her own class (outfit)
    Add: Veigas or Asin o uo I hope hes veigas cause cube weapon anyone <3 or maybe he can be Asin
    Lu and Ciel:If these two get here in time lol,
    Ley and Dio, or Amy and Jin?

    Oh lol theirs like 20 Gc characters so why not give 2 each for elsword characters or better yet do an monthly sale 2~3 month span releasing all class job costume slowly. What I mean is use all job costume from Gc and distribute them amongst the elsword characters releasing about 9 per month or so.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2014
    I'm going to put my personal vote for a character costume right here. I really want to see Sieghart again. He was my favorite.... (Elesis works to. AS LONG AS IT'S ONE OF THEM)

    If we are still doing this when LuCiel gets here, The similarities between Ciel and Uno were one of the first things noticed about the guy, right down to the motif.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2011
    Binion's Horseshoe, Downtown LV (I wish)
    About that GC thing...
    Elsword: Ronan (They're veeery similar)
    Rena: Lire (For obvious reasons) or Rin, because Rena is literal homage to Lire
    Aisha: Arme ( obvious) or Amy, because Aisha is literal homage to Arme.
    Raven: Dio (They're pretty similar I suppose)
    Eve: Mari (They share many similarities)
    Chung: Lime (Similar in general)
    Ara: actually unsure of hers.
    Elesis: Sieghart (God I hope it's obvious)
    Add: not sure for him, either.

    Unnamed (Lu and Ciel):
    Ley and Jeyves (If not Rufus)
    KOG. Do eet. Lime crossplay for Chung just for the trololo factor. o.o

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    Bethma Guard
    Oct 2014
    Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING!!
    Glad to see these are still alive and great to see everything that's being addressed.

    Regarding the lag issue, have you tried setting up a sort-of intermediary host that handles the majority of the process/calculations required for the game? Connecting to an intermediary host, rather than directly to each other, should in theory help a little with consistency in terms of lag. I don't know much about the actual technicalities though, just throwing out ideas that might help ^^;
    And this is the part where i drool at the fact that i can barely understand anything a . e (Sorry for being a technical n00b Q ^ Q)

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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2014
    And this is the part where i drool at the fact that i can barely understand anything a . e (Sorry for being a technical n00b Q ^ Q)
    Maybe I can try to explain in easier terms: Basically what they are saying is that instead of shoving a bunch of command through door-to-door, you could place a hallway of sort for people to form a line to make the move from one door to the other a lot smoother and cut down on excessive people walking through at the exact same time.