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    Apr 2012

    MOD "K-Ching" offers to be prohibited

    Selling or buying in-game items for real money has always been prohibited. These illegal transactions have been a rising problem in the marketplace. Users participating in this misconduct have been concealing transactions with real money such as PayPal and Code stating that they are only accepting "K-Ching". Because "K-Ching" has become a common replacement for a form of cash, K-Ching offers will be removed and prohibited.
    From a recent survey I posted, it was possible to determine that K-Ching is rarely accepted when compared to IB and ED offers and will not be a dramatic impact for most.

    • Starting next week June 13th 00:00 PDT: K-Ching offers will be REMOVED
    • Starting July 1st, 2015 00:00 PDT: users who accept or offer K-Ching in transactions will be
      • First offense: WARNED
      • Second offense: INFRACTED

    Gifting or trading cash items for ED will be allowed. Offering K-Ching directly or looking for K-Ching as an offer will not.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we have deemed this as the best option.

    A reminder to everyone, the Elsword Terms of Service states on section B.2 that you will NOT exploit the Software, Cash Items or the Service for any commercial purpose.