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    MOD Guide Section Guidelines / Navigation

    Hey there, welcome to the general portion of the Guide Section! As you can see, this section is filled with very knowledgeable and vast guides on general aspects of the game, whether it's getting to know the basics or even for being a better forumer!

    If you're eager to write guides, then we have you covered! Simply PM any MODerator with some basic information and the progress of your guide, and we'll go ahead and add it to the master list here for everyone to see! We may even give you an award once it's detailed and finished completely, so make sure to keep us updated as well if you would like any changes made.

    If you have a guide specific to playing a character in the game, please go to the Character Guides Sub Section and post all the guides you want there! Anyway, have fun learning and we hope to see a lot of creative and helpful guides!

    Guide Status Codes
    ! Newly added or updated
    ★ Work In Progress or incomplete
    ★ Complete, but contains outdated information
    ★ Complete and up-to-date
    ★ Complete, up-to-date and has received the Guide Maker Award

    Forums & Accounts

    How to Link your Elsword Account to Steam by CO_Cuddles
    How to not nerco a post: an informational guide by Bigsmallbrot
    Make your game look better by kroF
    ! Window 8.1 Notebook Users w/out Scroll Lock support by RaidenCameron

    Gameplay & Newbie Guides

    A Newbie Guide (General Guide On How To Get Started) by Essa
    Elsword Newbie guide for very busy People (work/school/both) by Miligami
    General Guide to Nearly Everything by various users
    ! Choosing a Character! by ZodiacPhantom
    Blue's Guide to Making Buttloads of ED by BlueFlewQueen
    ! Guide to merching in Elsword by CrackerJacker
    Spring Stepping Guide by AgentE1994
    ! Ereda Island guide by Dntien
    ! Basics of Ereda by KINgamer

    Stats, Skills & Equipment

    A Deeper Look into the Status Window by Glaves
    Mechanics and various resources by Psycho K
    Socketing techniques and values by fendo11
    [How to] Resets, Gnosis XP medals by MachineRed

    In-Game Features

    ♥ Couple & Marriage System Guide by Peper0chan
    [In-Depth Personality Guide] Way of The Pet by SpartaMix
    Mystio's Guide To Being A Successful Guild Master by Mystio

    General PVE Guides

    ! PVE Guide by Dntien
    Party PvE 101 by Rekkuuzan
    [Mechanics] Guide to Advanced Party PvE: Skill Delays & Chains by BoSAnime

    General PVP Guides

    None at this time!
    : Updated for Dntien's PvE guide....