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    Ruben Villager
    May 2013

    [Stay Free]

    People still play this game? Hello my fellow elpeeps, today marks the dawn of a new era.... StayFree has been created! We are a chill guild and 100% meme friendly. We saw a lack of memes here on elsword and decided to change that. Please, join forces with us inorder to defeat the hollow void in our guild! Just please be nice and don't make fun of people for consuming recreational drugs

    Requirements: We want people that can handle memes and that aren't gonna quit 2 days after we add them. It's ok if you don't log onto this boring game too often, we definitely don't, just make sure you log on time to time. We're only adding people that don't judge me for being a top poster on r/atheism and being a moderator on r/philosophy.

    Our Guild is pretty lax, we only have 10 people, but if we can help you we will! Our main focus is memes. How we get the memes it doesn't matter. I'll use an enema tube if I have to! If you are interested post in this thread, or whisper/mail Unga or Setplay. You may be able to catch us on the board, anyway, happy grinding!(Maybe)
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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2012
    Here is the banner that was removed
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