Hello Elsword forum users, if this is your first time making a thread or posting, please go over this FAQ for answers to questions that you may have.

This thread will be dedicated to archiving and answering all frequently asked questions or concerns in the Elsword General Discussion section.

Before creating your thread be sure to check in here to make sure it hasn't already been asked or brought up and provided with an answer.

The sole purpose of this thread is to prevent repetitive topics and necroing of old discussions concerning questions you may have.

Questions/Concerns regarding content not yet released in NA.

The arrival date of future content is unknown, please refrain from making posts on the subject as nobody can give a 100% conclusive answer.

Any answers are purely speculation.
For news on current updates, be sure to check the website for details.

Discussion of content outside of NA belongs in the Off-topic section.

Questions/Concerns regarding being hacked/scammed.

Many players have been making threads regarding scammers, hackers and bots in the market.
Please refrain from creating threads on this and keep the name of said player off the forums.

Defaming is against the rules on these forums, not only that but pointing out who it is and making a thread here is ineffective as opposed to submitting a ticket to our Customer Service.

Follow this link to report and submit a ticket: