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    GM Forum Tour Guide

    Welcome to the Elsword forums! Here in the Getting Started forum, you'll learn the basics and ins-and-outs of the forum with our Forum Tour Guide.

    1. Welcome to the Forums

    a. The Forums, Elsword and You

    This forum is where you and the rest of the Elsword community can discuss, share tips, exchange ideas and ask game-related questions. You'll find a variety of sections such as game information, places where you can submit your own ideas and creative art-forms, and even weekly contests where you can win prizes!

    b. The Rules of the Forums
    A community works best when every member respects each other and follows the rules. The Elsword Forums follows a Code of Conduct in order to maintain a clean, healthy and fun environment for all that choose to use it. Before you start reading and posting, please take the time to read the it here: (https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...ode-of-Conduct)

    Our Forum Moderator team is constantly here to supervise, enforce the Code of Conduct and keep these forums clean for your enjoyment.

    2. Getting Started!

    a. Exploring the News Section

    Time to start the tour! The Elsword Community forum is a great place to get the information you need. In the News and Announcements section you can find all sorts of information on game content, events and contests! Look no further than here:

    Patch information in great detail is posted in this section and you can even participate in weekly contests where you can earn prizes! Don't worry if you missed out on past contests, we always have new and different ones almost every week!

    Ever had a question about when certain items would stay in the item mall or when events would finish? Outside of the games main page you can find the answers here and even ask questions or leave feedback about these events. Talk about convenience!

    b. Introducing Yourself

    Now before we start asking questions, Why don't you try to introduce yourself here?

    It's always common courtesy to introduce ones self before entailing on a myriad of questions. You might meet some few friends along the way as well.

    3. Understanding the Differences between each subsection

    Now we will explain the specific uses of each subsection so pay close attention and take notes!

    a. PvE - General Discussion

    So what's a general discussion? As it's name implies, its essentially a section where "Phorumers" can discuss anything related to Elsword if its in regards to PvE, Items, Quests, NPCs and general tips and tricks!


    Questions such as "How do I complete this Job Change Quest?" or "How many materials does it take to make a full secret dungeon set?" would fit here perfectly. It's essentially the section for Players vs Everything so PvP doesn't fit here but speaking of PvP....

    b. PvP - Player vs Player

    Are you a battle hardened veteran looking to stain your sword with the tears of your enemies? Or perhaps a young rookie looking to make his mark on Arena? Maybe you're an organizer wanting to host PvP events for the greater good of the community? Look no further than here!


    If you need to get an understanding of what and how skills/classes work in arena, this is probably the best place to ask. Here in the PvP section, you can inquire about how classes fare against others in arena, what are some of the best builds you can take, and even show some achievements that you may have acquired! You can show creative combo videos and other interesting discoveries you may have found as well.

    You can also host/join tournaments created by players here but just clicking the subsection labeled "Tournaments". So always check to see if anything new is brewing in that pot! I would suggest reading on a more in-depth rule-set of what type of discussions are allowed in that section right here! (https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...ED-10-10-2014*)

    c. Understanding the Marketplace.

    Got an item you don't need but you don't exactly want to sell it to an NPC? No worries! Just click the below!


    Here in the market place you gather various items and/or Ice Burners and sell/trade them to other players for items of the same value or ED! It's always a good spot to check if you need to finish that last piece on your IB Set or if you're looking for some valuable antique items! I would read up on some of the rules of the marketplace just to get an understanding of what you can trade for and how these threads should be set up. (https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...he-Marketplace & https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...-be-prohibited)

    d. Understanding Suggestions and Feedback.

    Ever have an idea that you just wanted to share to everyone? Ever had an idea that you think that would improve the game or just have some general feedback? Look no further than here!

    Here you can provide ideas, suggestions, or even productive discussions on how to improve the game/community. You can peruse other threads and show your support for ideas you think are awesome as well! The Elsword Developer Team routinely browses these suggestions as a resource to help improve the game.

    e. Off-Topic

    So what if you wanted to talk about things not Elsword related? Maybe stuff about your day at work or asking people what their favorite anime is? We have an Off-Topic section for that specifically!

    We have a lot of user created games here such as "Give The Person Above You a Title" which is loads of fun! If you want to make friends by the lot, this is definitely the place to go.

    4. Where to find help?

    a. Skills & Guides

    It can be pretty intimidating as a new player in an MMORPG like Elsword. You may have a lot of questions that need to be answered and require guidance. Fortunately our community prides itself on making every bit of information about game features and characters readily available to those who need it. Thanks to the hardwork of our community members, we have tons of new player, game features, PVE & PVP, and character guides.

    The character sections are the best place to refer to when you have a specific question about a character or a build for them. You can also provide tips to other players as well if you happen to be a veteran on your class. Refer to our super convenient guide list right here to have handy reference in case you need anything specific in the game! (https://elswordforum.koggames.com/sh...nes-Navigation)

    b. Technical and In-game Issues

    There are some days where our computers like to be fickle with Elsword, creating problems with the functionality of the game. Other days, you might have issues with some in game actions like accepting quests or dealing with strange bugs. As you guessed it, we have a section for that as well!

    You can ask a variety of questions in this section relating to bugs or general issues that are preventing you from enjoying the full experience of Elsword Online. By using the search function, you can actually see if any users have had the same problem as you and you can take the answers from that thread and apply it to yourself! If your questions can't be answered here, please take advantage of using our Customer Support Ticket system to get personal 1 on 1 help from our Customer Support representatives: (http://support.elswordonline.com/)

    5. Conclusion

    All in all, the forums are a extremely important resource for the player to not only be informed on current on-going events, character updates, and general discussion but also a resource to positively affect the game and its growth. It's a tool like any other that must be used responsibly in order to gain the most out of it. If you ever have any questions on whats okay and whats not, feel free to click View Forum Leaders to find a list of our Forum Moderator team. You can send these guys/girls a message with any questions you have about the forums; Better safe than never!

    With that said, We wish you the best on your journey through our forums!