thread: [Histoire]

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    May 2011

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    May 2011

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    Dec 2015
    At home
    IGN - starli36
    Class - Yama Raja
    Level - 90
    Activity and Goals - Socializing, Henir, PvP isn't really my thing but if i wanted to get better at my class sure, and SD. Or I just try to level up at least instead of wasting my time by being AFK.
    Hours online - On weekdays (including Sundays) I am on Elsword from 7 PM to 12 PM max and on Saturdays 1 PM to 3 AM, sometimes unavailable maybe due to athletic events IRL. Central time zone.
    Describe yourself!- If I get angry I may seem stubborn but I mostly don't get angry. I like drawing so I sometimes draw for some friends if I'm bored.
    Why [Histoire]?- I used to be in another guild that I did not make myself but decided to leave so the rest of my characters aren't just lonely lol, then I realized if any events for Eltrion or Perkisas pop up, joining a guild would be better and also because my guild mostly has inactive people which is pretty irritating. So I saw Histoire and decided to try and join.

    At first I used to be in HollowDimension and then quit not sure how they're doing...