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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013


    Hello, and welcome to [Histoire]'s official guild thread! Formerly your favorite small-town, dark-horse PvE guild, we've grown to be one of the most recognized PvE guilds on the NA server!

    Our current objective is to continue expanding beyond our group of friends. We're primarily looking for active players!

    We are welcoming to any actives who are interested in joining. However, we are very endgame-oriented and many of our veteran players are quite busy, so we give preference towards more experienced players. Beginners are still welcome to apply, however! We are just looking for chill and active friends after all~

    So don't be shy and come write the next chapter of your story here with us!

    Current Level:

    January 4th, 2016: Level 15 cap reached!

    Current space in guild:

    We're an extended collection of friends joined together to do all things PvE, whether it be secret dungeons, Henir, Ereda, raid, or leveling of alts! A few of us also enjoy a good Arena match once in awhile, so don't think that you can only come and talk to us about PvE stuff. A few of us are also into other games and sometimes will play together, like Terraria, PSO2, Fate/Grand Order, Fire Emblem: Heroes, L4D2, Overwatch etc. We're always looking at new games being released as well to play together or talk about!

    Although we are a little quiet, don't be afraid to ask about something! We pride ourselves in being at the frontier of Elsword-related information and would love to lend a helping hand for new players! Or if you just want to talk, that's fine as well! As hard as it may be to believe sometimes, we are perfectly functional human beings too xD

    Some history behind us!

    We are the legacy of Gravitia's Secret Dungeon Gathering Skype Group and its subsequent Secret Dungeon Gathering daughter threads (there are several)! Although she handed leadership of the group down to Violu before this guild was created, we owe her for creating the environment and conditions where our guild could be born and begin growing!

    [Histoire] was created on February 3rd, 2014 after our guild-master Violu aspired to create a guild comprised of the members remaining in the Secret Dungeon Gathering Skype Group.

    At first, Violu didn't know what to name us so he asked us all for suggestions. "Histoire" came up as a suggestion, inspired by GOSICK's catchy opening theme, "Destin Histoire"

    Violu liked the suggestion, but it wasn't final at the time. He went and checked if the guild name was available and ended up creating [Histoire] by accident. But it stuck and we decided to roll with it!

    We're not hardcore fans of GOSICK, but we do owe little Victorique our thanks for the guild name:

    Unfortunately for you Neptunia enthusiasts, we are not named after Histy. And no, we're not named after Fairy Tail's Lumen Histoire either.

    Yes / No

    Please fill out this application form in order to apply:


    • IGN - We need to know who you are!
    • Class - What job path did you pick?
    • Level - What level are you? Please list your ERP level as well, if applicable.
    • Activity and Goals - What do you like to do on Elsword? Stuff like title grinding, socializing, heroic mode, arena, and the like go here.
    • Hours online - During what hours are you usually online and playing? We are not looking for how long you stay online. We just want to know when you're online in case we ever need to find you for something. Please include your timezone -- providing hours without a timezone attached tells us nothing!
    • Describe yourself! Who are you and what do you like to do? Please refrain from getting too personal with this. Such things are better said away from a public thread!
    • Why [Histoire]?


    • Do you have a recommendation from a current [Histoire] member? If yes, who recommended you?
    • What are your former and/or current guild affiliations? Members of guilds that we are closely associated with get extra attention~
    • Are you interested in joining the guild Skype or Discord? If yes, please private message Suki after your application is accepted about joining the Skype group. Please private message either Suki or me after your application is accepted about joining the Discord channel.

    • Be courteous to one another, whether they are guildies or outsiders.
    • Arena Etiquette: Be courteous to players outside of the guild as well, especially in Arena! As an up-and-coming guild on the Elrios scene, we would like to maintain a good reputation for our guild! Do not start crap with other players in Arena. I have asked a few players from various guilds to keep an eye out on the Arena scene. If we hear that you have been soiling the guild name with a filthy mouth, your removal from the guild is a possibility.
    • Stay open-minded about the ideas and real-life circumstance of others.
    • This is as nice as I can possibly put it: don't be stupid.
    • Do not beg for things.
    • We should not have to say this, but we do not welcome hackers or scammers into our ranks. If you are suspect of hacking/scamming, you will be immediately rookied and we will investigate the claims made against you. If we determine that you are guilty of hacking or are highly suspect of using hacking tools, you will be removed from the guild. It is in your best interest to record your matches and runs or take screenshots of any incident that you may think will come back to haunt you. If you cannot provide the evidence that will clear your name, we will have no choice but to remove you.
    • Guild bank guidelines:
    • Inactivity Policy (the policy that is underlined will be the one in effect)

      • Fast-Recruiting Policy: This policy is typically used when we are looking to quickly fill in spaces in our guild or during periods of higher expected activity.
        • Players who have not logged in for 10 days and have not talked to an admin beforehand about their absence will be the first ones to go once we begin to enforce our kick policies. Members of higher ranks will be given more leeway than members of lower ranks when it comes to inactivity.

      • Slow-Recruiting Policy: This policy is typically used when spaces are filled or when we expect activity to be lower, such as when players are back in school.
        • Players who have not logged in for 14 days and have not talked to an admin beforehand about their absence will be the first ones to go once we begin to enforce our kick policies. Members of higher ranks will be given more leeway than members of lower ranks when it comes to inactivity.

    Our guild-master:

    aka Santa Suki

    Our admins:


    Guild Master - This one is just for our Santa Suki!

    Administrators - This ranking is for core members entrusted by Suki to support the guild.

    Officers - This ranking are for older players who are active and show an interest in helping us grow!

    Veterans - A ranking bestowed upon active members who have been with us for some time! It is also bestowed upon the alts of higher-ranked members.

    Member - A ranking bestowed upon players as soon as they join the guild.

    Initiate - This ranking will likely never be used unless someone forgets to give you the "Member" ranking upon entry of the guild (in which case, let an Admin know to change it for you when you see them). This ranking may also be used as a punishment for breaking guidelines, but hopefully that will never happen.

    These are our guild skills at the moment.

    Gnosis is constantly up, although there may be some downtime as Violu must find some time in his schedule to refresh it.
    Typically, these skills will stay this way unless someone asks for a change in skills, in which case the admins and guild master will discuss the proposed changes. If agreed upon, the skills will be changed after the next Gnosis renewal. However, although there is a process for changing guild skills, most of us in [Histoire] don't mind changing skills around as long as we get to keep our Alchemist Specialist for extra MP from potions and Comrade's Cheer for ERP leveling

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013

    Our Skype group is still going! Because it is formerly the Secret Dungeon Gathering Skype group, it isn't necessarily a purely [Histoire] Skype group. We have friends from [AppleTree], [Humming], [ElOfficer], and [BloodyKnights] hanging out as well, in addition to freelancers and people who have quit Elsword and moved onto to other games, like DFO, PSO2, and FFXIV. We call ourselves the RNG chat because our topics are just that! Do note that almost all of us have now moved over to Discord and do not use the Skype group as frequently as we have in the past.

    We are no longer using Skype -- find us on Discord!

    We got a Discord group going! Like our Skype group, it isn't entirely [Histoire] in there but it is mostly designed and intended for our guild's use! This is our primary means of communication.

    If you're interested in joining, please PM either me or Suki on the forums so we can add you in.


    Eltrion MK-2 Records

    Since rankings are weekly, I wasn't able to capture all of them. However, [Histoire] has ranked top 3 for the first two phases of Eltrion, with an exception of settling for 4th during the final week of phase 2. After our members completed most of their crafting, [Histoire] has relaxed and maintained a top 10 status for the remainder of Eltrion raid. [Histoire] finished the final week of Eltrion raid at the star rank of 17, with all of its primary members long done with raid.

    Perkisas Records

    Phase 3 Result

    4/20/16 - 5/25/16. The end of one chapter -- and the start of another.

    Phase 2 Result

    3/16/16 - 4/20/16. Our mark left on the pages of an Elrios tale!

    Phase 1 Result

    12/2/15 - 3/16/16. Your dark horse candidate guild storming in second!

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    reserving 2

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    and that should be enough reserves

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    Just like tying together a bit of coincidence and inevitability,
    Bringing into motion the beginning of our shared story,
    Continuing on endlessly and forever.

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    Velder Noble
    Nov 2013
    Dis betrayal.

    Just kidding, good luck on (not) new guild.

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    lol wow naya. moonshine can't accommodate more than one of my characters into snoozeflakes so I made the logical decision.

    And for the record, and as I have already told you before, I've been with Histoire for far longer than snoozeflakes.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Mar 2011
    lol wow naya. moonshine can't accommodate more than one of my characters into snoozeflakes so I made the logical decision.
    The betrayal is real!

    No but seriously have fun~ I know that guild will be safe in your hands. I still hope you guys don't get on perky leader boards for awhile =P

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    Thanks for the free bumps.

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    Feita Knight
    Apr 2013
    I write what I feel, I say what I mean,
    You can't buy sincerity!