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    Dec 2013
    no wan knows


    Things to note:
    Ctrl+F/G (or command on Mac) -> type in keywords to find things (I tend to organize by chars->ib set name->pieces in spoiler)

    Feel free to skip ahead to the items to see if I have something you want before reading this, but make sure you read this before making an offer if you want me to be more lenient.
    I don't technically need to sell anything right now, and you don't have to buy from me. I'm willing to negotiate but not to the point where I'm losing a lot of ED. If your ED is far from a b/o, I can take other items (see priorities below).

    Hanger removals will not be necessary for my section, though they might be for my friends'. Unless otherwise negotiated however, buyer will provide seals. State in your offer whether or not you'll be providing seals. If something is already sealed, adding a seal to your offer will make me more likely to agree to an offer as I have a lot of things that need seals.

    I prefer posts and I'm unlikely to respond to PMs. I have inbox problems already. Never message me in-game unless we have already agreed on something, at which point I will give you an IGN (or IGNs) to contact.

    c/o=current offer, b/o=buy out If there is none listed, there is none.

    Starting prices (when listed) tend to be what I paid for an item so it's unlikely that I'd go lower but feel free to try.
    If you back out of an offer, please tell me instead of me having to find out myself.

    Be kind and respectful and I will return the favor. Just because I don't list something doesn't necessarily mean I don't know anyone who owns it; I can try to help you find items, but if you're rude... c:


    A) low/normal attachment: nothing said
    B) medium/lower high attachment: wearing on alt or side main (Ex: SD)
    C) high/extremely high attachment : extremely attached/simply "wearing"

    HL Spear=KC=ED > RM Earrings (Ara) = Wish list > Other Ara IBs > Ammies = Eve/Aisha IBs > Rena > Rose/Lu > Elesis > Ain > Other male IBs.
    Note that I am only interested in lv9+ ammies and my preferences in non-Ara ibs are often relative to the set.
    **Some services contain pre-made or pulled items for sale; for the sake of simplicity, I'll be putting them under services. Ignore the pics; I'll probably remove them after I remember to update them... > >;; which is probably never LOL.


    Page 1:
    IB costumes/accessories
    IM Stuffu: Costumes, Mounts, Pets, Titles, Event items, Etc.
    More magic stones, non-costume/acc IB pulls, etc

    Ereda Service, Gate of Darkness & Box related items
    Sage Service, Henir/SD/Heroic items; Wedges, Ammies and Magic Stones
    Guild Service, IGN/Guild name sales
    Alchemy Service+Various consumables


    Page 2:
    Titles, SD/Henir, Ereda, PvP, Leveling parties if you're interested

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows

    IBs for Sale/Trade

    Some images are in spoilers
    Seals (ty raid) Most are not tradable:
    Purplex1? YR
    Rarex0 I'm tossing some random ibs on board so it's dropping atm-- #poorlife qq
    Whitex6 (RNJesus pls stahp dis insanity ;c ) YR, EM
    ^I honestly have no idea where my seals are. I THINK most of them are in my YR's bank.
    honestly these amounts are prob outdated too > >;;

    I am capable of buying seals off board atm but I would prefer not to. If you want me to seal there's a high chance I'll add prices of board seal to the item(s) you want to buy.


    Friends (#indicates when person is different here):
    Someone thought I was selling my friend's ib so hopefully bigger text will help to differentiate
    There also seems to be a huge misunderstanding about the numbers: numbers indicate different people; so people with different numbers are not buying/selling the same things--
    I'm sorry if this wasn't clear but there have been multiple people messaging my friends about stuff they don't own/aren't looking for, hopefully this is clearer now! ; ;

    #1 Hamel Navy Officer Cape (Aisha) || Aisha HNO Cape b/o 2b, Lu ibs, or Eve HL (hair and 4/5>accessories)
    #2: Elboy ibs!! (click for link to thread ; v ; )
    #3 Shinnyo (forum name) : Elsword SR Scar x2
    HU 5/5
    ET 5/5 + Cannon
    DKA Hair
    RB 6/8 (No crown or hair)
    DY 2/3 (No cannon)
    SD 5/5
    Sparring quickness stones 50m ea x25
    Seraphim's elixir 5m ea x35
    Contact: IGN: Unload/Trivega
    #3: Shinnyo (forum name) : Elsword DKA hair

    Again, number indicates when buyer/seller is a different person.
    Contact info for all but the first person is provided rn; the rest I've asked for the contact info they wish to be contacted at so please message them directly. If you're interested in my first friend's stuff, my friend would rather have me relay offers, and I'm not going to give away information without permission, so please don't ask.

    My stuffu (yes I say stuffu. Go ahead and judge me >:c )

    Selling/Trading (IBs) :
    am sorry i'm too tired and busy to update pics ;;
    Pictures of a few sets in my inv are in spoilers
    Sockets are also usually in spoilers
    I can sage things for an added fee

    Elsword (main char!!!--well supposed to be //thinks)
    Thanatos - Death Instinct Guilty Thorns || TDI Thorns Lf> ED

    Ignition Caligo Tail Mainly lf ED

    Add (I still hate his theory dungeon >:c) :
    Gold Falcon 3/4 (no buckler)

    Gold Falcon Dynamos
    Gold Falcon Seal
    Gold Falcon Turban

    c/o: none b/o: ED and/or Ara ibs preferably, maybe +8 and above ammies and kc (i.e VIP sales agents)

    Eve (who looks good in just about everything) :
    Ignition Caligo Hair c/o: ~ b/o: ~
    Salvatore Ebalon Hair c/o: ~ b/o: ~
    Archdevil Eye c/o: ~ b/o: 600m+seal
    p/o: 500m, after having to hold it for 1-2 weeks for an IM package (eve TB iirc)

    Archdevil Gloves

    Holy Unicorn Gloves 75m+seal or 125m
    Holy Unicorn Shoes 75m+seal or 125m
    140m+seals||220m sealed if buying both at once

    Salvatore Gaia Gloves 95m+seal
    Salvatore Gaia Shoes 95m+seal
    c/o: ~ b/o: 160m+seals for both

    Ara (that character I can't stop maining) :

    Royal Maid - Black Swan 8/8 (no earrings)

    Royal Maid - Black Swan Spear (Saged 20% maxi)
    Royal Maid Black Mini (RMBS Mini)
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Headdress
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Hair
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Top Piece
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Bottom Piece
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Gloves
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Shoes
    Image of 3/3

    4/5 socketed with add/red
    Extremely attached+wearing on YR
    Plus this is part of what I use to twin with a friend so yeee
    Mainly lf> pure ED or Ara HL (I can add ED if you have the full set...not that much atm though)
    Might be willing to trade for another Ara ib set depending on offer, but if it's not HL I am highly unlikely to add anything else.

    Headdy's on hold

    Nasod Battle Suit 5/5:

    Nasod Battle Suit Hair
    Nasod Battle Suit Top Piece
    Nasod Battle Suit Bottom Piece
    Nasod Battle Suit Gloves
    Nasod Battle Suit Shoes

    Offer only

    Salvator Solace (<- why is it salvator instead of salvatore for ara???? ) 5/5, also have ceremonial sword:
    Ara SS.png

    Salvator Solace Hair
    Salvator Solace Top Piece
    Salvator Solace Bottom Piece
    Salvator Solace Gloves
    Salvator Solaces Shoes

    Somewhat attached
    Wearing on SD
    For the 5/5:
    c/o: ~ b/o: 1.5b+seals

    Archdevil (Dark)/ADvD 5/5

    Archdevil Hair Ver. Dark
    Archdevil Top Piece
    Archdevil Bottom Piece
    Archdevil Gloves
    Archdevil Shoes

    *Relatively attached, since top/gloves/shoes were a gift and hair was a pain to get

    Salvatore Gaia 5/5

    Salvatore Gaia Hair
    Salvatore Gaia Top Piece
    Salvatore Gaia Bottom Piece
    Salvatore Gaia Gloves
    Salvatore Gaia Shoes

    Socketed with crit
    c/o: Starts at 700m+seals b/o: 1b+seals

    Glacial 4/5 (no hair)

    Glacial Top Piece
    Glacial Bottom Piece
    Glacial Gloves
    Glacial Shoes

    Saged maxi
    p/o: 1b+seals; offer retracted due to ED issues ( I think )

    Gold Falcon 5/5 (hair~shoes)

    Gold Falcon Hair
    Gold Falcon Top Piece
    Gold Falcon Bottom Piece
    Gold Falcon Gloves
    Gold Falcon Shoes

    4/5 mostly socketed with red/add damage
    Attached, especially to hair
    Seal is NFW unless you have an extremely tempting highball and even that I'm probably unlikely to take.
    Unlikely to break hair, might break 4/5

    Thanatos - Death Instinct Guilty Thorns Offer
    Salvatore Ebalon Moon Tracers (SE tracers) attached because it has blue in it and blue is my favorite color; Offer

    Royal Maid - Cherry Picker Hair (RMCP hair) Offer
    Royal Maid Battle Mini (RMCP mini) NFS; was a gift and it's only here b/c I don't want to buy another mini by itself (in a combo or set though, maybe)
    Royal Maid - Black Swan Gloves c/o: ~ b/o: ~

    Dragon Knight - Abaddon Hair semi-attached; Offer
    Dragon Knight - Abaddon Gloves b/o 75m+seal

    Evil Tracer - Ran Bottom Piece On hold

    Royal Blood Golden Crown--c/o: ~ b/o: Taking offers
    Nasod Battle Suit MK2 Hair Clean It's really cute so I'm pretty attached to this. Offer

    El Search Party Officer Hat 200m+seal||250m my seal
    El Search Party Officer Hair Clean c/o: ~ b/o: 200m+seal negotiable
    El Search Party Officer's Shoes b/o: 50m+seal||2 yellow seals||100m my seal
    Very unlikely to seal this.

    Blue Millennium Fox Glovesx2 75m+seal each
    Blue Millennium Fox Shoes 75m+seal
    Willing to lower price if you buy both gloves or 1-2 gloves+shoes at once

    Perkisas - Guise of Greed Bottom Piece c/o: none b/o: 325m+seal||400m my seal

    Archangel Gloves 50m+seal, yellow+purple seal or 2 yellow seals
    Archangel Shoes 50m+seal, yellow+purple seal or 2 yellow seals
    90m+seals together

    Salvator Solace Gloves(Why is Ara's SS spelled differently from Eve's??? @[email protected]) - 70m+seal or 2 yellow seals

    Celestial Master Gloves NFS, period. Only on here because I'm not really interested in another one.

    Aisha (temporary main that I spent 1b +on wdf where did I even get that ED from) :
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space 4/5 (no hair)

    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Top Piece
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Bottom Piece
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Gloves
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space Shoes

    p/c'd ~1.5b c/o: none b/o: 1.5b+seals

    Heavenly Diamond Yaksha Staff Saged 24% addc/o: ~ b/o: 2b+seal in ED, Ara ibs, VIP Sales Agents, seals (phoru stamps), or a mix

    Velder Imperial Guard 2/4 (no buckler/headgear)

    Velder Imperial Guard Halbard Staff Socket: Crit+1029
    Velder Imperial Guard Cloak

    On Staff: c/o:1.5b+seal (Unlikely to go below 1.4b+seal)b/o: 2.5b+seal
    On Cloak: c/o: Starts at 700m+seal b/o:
    Both: c/o: ~ b/o: 3.5b+seals or equivalent in ibs/kc/ammies (most ara ibs>everything else)

    Dragon Knight- Abaddon 4/5 (no hair/helm)

    Dragon Knight- Abaddon Top Piece
    Dragon Knight- Abaddon Bottom Piece
    Dragon Knight- Abaddon Gloves
    Dragon Knight- Abaddon Shoes
    c/o: none b/o:
    Ignition Caligo Wing SEALED
    c/o: none b/o: none

    Rose- I have a feeling most Roses switched to Ain > >;;
    Royal Maid - Blue Sapphire Bottom Piece SEALED c/o : Starts at 400m+seal b/o: 700m+seal

    Rena- pretty elf girl <3
    Red Millennium Fox 6/8 (no bow/hair)
    rena rmf.png

    Red Millennium Fox Top Piece (Rena)
    Red Millennium Fox Bottom Piece (Rena)
    Red Millennium Fox Gloves (Rena)
    Red Millennium Fox Shoes (Rena)
    Red Millennium Fox Mask (Rena)
    Red Millennium Fox Protector (Rena)

    Can seal this atm but would prefer not to. Can split into 4/4 or 2/3 c/o: ~ b/o: 1.5b+seals for all; 2/3 (accessories) 900m+seals 4/4 (top~shoe): 800m+seals

    Lu (nololinolife //shot):
    Ignition Caligo Claw c/o: Starts at 1.2b+seal b/o: 1.5b+seal||1.6b my seal
    Velder Imperial Guard Headgear c/o: ~ b/o: ~ 300m+seal

    Ciel (Lu's hot slave--I mean bodyguard. Bodyguard...):
    Nothing atm :c

    Elesis (#female/better elboi):
    Hamel Arctic Uniform Hair b/o: 700m+seal
    Salvatore Ebalon Hair saged maxi

    Chung (or as my friend likes to call him, her favorite trap) :
    Holy Unicorn Horn Crown c/o: ~ b/o: 700m+seal

    Universal \0/
    Salvatore Solace Ceremonial Swords c/o ~ b/o ~
    I only have one SS cere, I just put it next to the Ara SS 5/5 in case people don't scroll down to the bottom

    Pictures \0/ --they need updates. They really really need updates x: Oops? qq :
    I've added a few pics that I found of my chars ;;... I'll try to take pics of inv, but that'll prob never happen...

    Ara IB Accessories

    The only one taken recently,, added 04/27/17
    AA Crown+Impact Flare (Blue) package; please ignore RMF 5/5+HAO Harpoon and AA top wings, I don't have them anymore.

    IB accessories

    Gloomy Night (A; Veil) Pic:

    Ara Costumes
    Current pic is more accurate than the attachment but not 100%
    I really need to stop my impulse buying x:
    : updated friend section \ o /

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    Dec 2013
    no wan knows



    *via spar=either they made spar room or I did
    via board=off board
    via friend=either trade was directly to friend, or friend introduced seller/buyer
    via mega=typically their mega, since I only ever mega when I have free ones LOL

    I think that covers everything...

    11/25/15 Sold MiA Light (Ara)

    11/27/15 Burned MF 4/5 (Ara), rmf but bmf gloves+no top

    12/12/15 Received RM Battle Mini (Ara)

    12/13/15 Gave away extra Dragonic Origin Staff to guildie~

    12/25/2015 Burned Eve SS Shades, SS Shoes x2, AD Eye, AD Gloves, and a +8 ammy--- Christmas miracles really do exist ;w ;

    11/26/15 Burned BMF Bottom (Eve) from 1 free bingo failures ib ( I think??)

    12/26/15 Bought 15 dark crystals for 120m

    12/26/15 Pulled Royal Blood Chung Crown from that random ib acc cube

    2/1/16 Burned Salvatore Gaia Hair (Eve)

    2/20/16 Bought RMF Top (Ara)

    2/27/16 Pulled Ancient Wyvern's Hexacore

    2/28/16 Bought Aisha DKA 4/4 via spar

    6/10/16 Traded Eve SG Hair via forums

    6/12/16 Bought Nasod Scouter via board I SEE CHUR MANA. HU3HU3

    6/23/16 Bought Ara AD Hair via board

    6/28/16 Bought Ara Gloomy Night Premium Package (A) and 10 ibs via IM

    7/1/16 Burned Ara HL Gloves

    7/1/16~7/2/16 Sold Ara HL Gloves via board

    7/4/16 Bought Ara RB Crown via board

    7/4/16 Spent 500kc to make all the fireworks fancy qwqqqqq

    7/5/16 Traded Incubus/Succubus Costume Suit (Perm.) Cube

    7/11/16 Traded (Sold?) Salvatore Solace - Shade of the Sun (Eve) via spar

    7/11/16 Sold Fetch Aura via spar

    7/11/16 Traded +10 Amulet Ty Luciferslove I FINALLY HAVE AN IB SPEAR.

    7/12/16 Sold Gloomy Night Spear (A) via spar

    7/14/16 Traded HAO Harpoon (20% maxi) via spar

    7/14/16 Traded Aisha SS Shades for HNO Harpoon (22% maxi) via forums

    7/18/16 Traded Ele AD Normal hair for Ele HAO/VaKBN Hairs+seals via spar

    7/20/16 Sold Ara RMF 5/5 via forums

    7/20/16 Bought Ara HL Gloves+Shoes via board

    7/22/16 Sold Ara TB bottom (B) via board

    7/23/16 Sold Ara BMF Protector board

    7/23/16 Sold Ara TB top (B) via board

    7/23/16 Sold 3 +8 Ammies via board

    7/24/16 Sold Raven HL Seal via mega

    7/24/16 Sold Ara's TB Spear (B) via board

    7/24/16 Sold Velder Kingdom's Necklace (Strength, Wisdom) via board

    7/25/16 Sold VaKBN Hair (Elesis) via spar

    7/25/16 Sold +9 ammy via board

    7/26/16 Sold Chung RB Crown via forums

    7/26/16 Sold Ara TB Gloves (B) via board

    7/27/16 Sold Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (Rare) x2 via board

    7/27/16 Sold Life Crystal (Mystic) via board

    7/27/16 Sold Ara TB Coat (B) via board

    7/28/16 Sold Undying Fighting Spirit via board

    8/1/16 Sold Ara TB Shoes (B)via board

    8/1/16 Burned Ara HL Clip--which I already have

    8/1/16 Sold Ara EO 5/5 hat (my seals) via spar

    8/2/16 Bought Rickshaw via board

    8/2/16 Sold Ara TDI Gloves via board

    8/2/16 Sold spare Eve SS Shoes via board

    8/3/16 Traded Ancient Phoru to guildie

    8/3/16 Traded Ara PJs via mega

    8/4/16 Sold Grend. ArG wings via board

    8/4/1/16 Sold Dekal's Chair via board

    8/6/16 Sold Ara's Twin Ponytails via board

    8/8/16 Traded SA force cube via spar

    8/11/16 Sold Ara RMCP 4/4 via spar

    8/11/16 Sold Ara's model pose via spar

    8/11/16 Sold Voluptuous Rena pose via spar

    8/13/16 Sold Ara GoF 3/4 (no shoes) via forums

    8/14/16 Burned Life Crystal (Medusa) from free fossil reader

    8/14/16 Traded Rose HL hair via spar

    8/??/16 Sold Ara AA top wings via board

    8/20/16 Traded Ara RMBS headdy via spar

    8/20/16 Exchanged 250 ereda medals and got +8 ammy

    8/21/16 Sold Ara HL 4/5 (top~shoes),,currently regretting this :c

    8/21/16 Bought another Naho life crystal

    9/21/16 Sold Rena RMF hair via spar

    10/8/16 Traded Eve SE Hair via spar

    10/8/16 Sold Eve SS hair via spar

    10/8/16 Bought Eve SE hair via forums

    10/8/16 Bought Ara SS 5/5 via discord

    10/9/16 Traded Eve SE Hair via spar

    10/9/16 Bought Eve SS hair via mega

    10/9/16 Bought Eve SS 5/5 via spar (why did I buy this....)

    10/15/16 Sold Star Academy Wings Accessory Cube via board

    10/16/16 Sold Rena Model Pose via board

    10/19/16 Sold Eve Royal Maid - Assault Marionette (RMAM) Hair via friend

    10/20/16 Sold Ara Thanatos - Death Instinct Bottom (TDI) Piece via board

    10/22/16 Sold Eve Salvatore Gaia (SG) Bottom Piece via board

    10/22/16 Sold Acceleration Ring via board

    10/22/16 Bought Life Crystal (Hedgehog) via board

    10/22/16 Sold Grend. Mech MK-4 Goggles via spar

    10/26/16 Sold Rose MiA Glasses via forums

    10/30/16 Bought Ara Gold Falcon Seal from friend

    11/04/16 Sold Life Crystal (Hedgehog) via forums

    11/04/16 Bought Ara GL 4/4 via mega

    11/19/16 Traded Rena HL Hair to the kind MysticEdge c: via friend

    11/21/16 Traded Eve SS Hair for IC Claw+seal via discord

    11/28/16 Sold Ara NBS Wings via board

    11/28/16 Bought Aisha ETS2 Wings

    12/??/16 Bought 2 yellow seals at 35m each from a nice person in spar

    12/08/16 Bought 12+ yellow seals at god knows what price qq via board mainly

    12/08/16 Traded Eve SS 4/5 (no hair) via forums MysticEdge again sankyuu~

    12/09/16 Sold Ara Nasod Battle Suit MK-B Bottom Piece via board

    12/11/16 Sold Aisha HNO Top via board

    12/11/16 Bought Ara SG 5/5 via mega

    12/11/16 Bought Aisha VIG Staff+Cloak via mega

    12/16/16 Sold EC Top via board

    12/19/16 Sold GFriend 'SinB' via board

    12/19/16 Traded Lu HL 5/5 via forums

    12/20/16 Traded Aisha AP hair via forums

    12/31/16 Pulled Elemental Chaos Claymore (why this again LOL....)

    01/15/17 Traded Lu NBS 7/7 via forums

    02/02/17 Sold (Spare) Ara RMBS Bot via board

    02/09/17 Bought 10 CM ibs on board for 30m e/ on a whim and pulled nothing... never again am I gambling like that LOL

    02/09/17 Holding Aisha ET2 Wings

    02/10/17 Sold Aisha HNO Gloves via board

    02/10/17 Sold Aisha ET2 wings via spar

    02/11/17 Sold Aisha HNO Shoes via board

    02/13/17 Received CM Glove cube as a gift ; u ; s/o to bunny!!!

    02/18/17 Sold Life Crystal (Medusa) via board

    02/26/17 Sold Ara DY Bot via board

    02/28/17 Bought Eve SE hair from friend

    03/04/17 Sold Ara DKDS Top via board

    03/10/17 Sold Aisha PGG 5/5 via discord

    04/25/17 Bought CM Hair cube

    04/26/17 Bought another CM Hair cube

    04/26/17 Sold CM hair cube to friend

    Sold another CM hair cube via board but I still have 1 so I'm assuming I bought another one at some point...

    ^Please note everything on here is accurate however I probably left out a few things due to bad memory/not being able to log on before I forgot which day I made transactions etc.
    : impulse buying sucks

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    Dec 2013
    no wan knows

    Costume Suits/Event stuffu/IM/Pets/Mounts

    L> ED/Pets/Mounts/IBs ONLY (there might be exceptions > > )
    Lu's Animal PJs (fresh; resealable after trade) c/o: none b/o: 1.5b or Ara's Animal PJs (fresh; resealable after trade), or ibs
    Snowglobe (Ice) Ara attached
    Chibi Suits: Ara x1 *attached
    Rena x1
    Ain x3

    Spooky Corrupted Full Set + Corruptions for Ara/Eve/Rena/Aisha
    Aisha's El'lywood Costume Suit DW
    Aisha's El'lywood Hair DW
    Ara's El'lywood Costume Suit x3 YR, LD, base
    Ara's El'lywood Hair x3 YR, LD, base
    Eve's El'lywood Costume Suit CBS
    Eve's El'lywood Hair CBS
    Lu's Ellywood Costume Suit Base
    Lu's El'lywood Hair Base
    Rena's El'lywood Costume Suit GA
    Rena's El'lywood Hair GA

    William Phoru Jr. x3LD, GA, CBS

    GFriend 'Sowon'
    GFriend 'Eunha'
    ^shared bank

    Ara's Classic Maid (Navy) Cut-in On hold

    Custom: Skill Cut-In (Classic Maid) (Black) -can open on Ara/Aisha/Ciel/Elesis/Eve/Lu/Rena (basically all female chars except rose; I can make another char after I'm done with the bingo quest though) Offer

    April Fool's Butler Gloves - Black (Ara)

    Gloomy Night 6/7 (A; Ara Both Hairs no Spear)

    Gloomy Night Hair (A)
    Gloomy Night Veil (A)
    Gloomy Night Top (A)
    Gloomy Night Bottom (A)
    Gloomy Night Gloves (A)
    Gloomy Night Shoes (A)
    Socketed with crit. (not saged)

    Impact Flare Package (Blue) attached; offer

    Fancy Firecracker Accessory (All colors, especially attached to blue) :
    Red : neutral
    Yellow : neutral
    Green : Semi-attached
    Purple (looks pink imo) : semi-attached
    Blue : Very attached; OFFER ONLY.
    ^these require purple seals

    Dream of a Millionaire x2 (DW, SD)

    Summer Star Academy (Sky Blue, Ver. SE) Hair (Ara) b/o: none, your seal (needs a yellow seal)

    Grandfather Clock Costume (Ara)
    Grandfather Clock Costume (Aisha) Socketed with 9% awk time

    Gothic Loli Hair (Ara) Crit

    Winter Casual Top (Ara) Crit.; in use on alt

    Heavenly Priestess Top (Ara) Fresh

    Military Gloves Cube CN

    Pet Toy (30 days) cube x1
    Life Crystal (Darkfox Naho) - dream pet ; n ;
    Life Crystal (Firefox Shiho) - somewhat dream pet ; n ;
    Life Crystal (Grim Reaper - Death)
    Life Crystal (Thanato) - in IM inv
    Adult - Mana Eater

    Christmas Phoru Pet (? Need to know if coupon codes are tradable since I got it when I spent money to test my luck w/ ibs)

    Summon Stone : Ice Hameling c/o: none b/o: none dream mount ; ;
    Summon Stone : Sacred Fox - Red Spirit c/o: none b/o: none dream mount ; ;
    Summon Stone : Senarhl c/o: none b/o: none It's purdy but I like ice hammy more--
    Summon Stone : Dekal's Chair c/o: none b/o: none
    Summon Stone : Ancient Phoru Traded
    GFriend 'SinB' Sold
    Chung's Frankenstein Costume Mask (SEALED)- 90m Sold
    Star Academy Wings Accessory Cube x2 Sold
    Blood Eater Traded v.v
    Life Crystal (Hedgehog) Sold.
    Gothic Loli Bottom (Ara) SEALED Crit Sold via board awhile back
    Life Crystal (Fire Hameling) 100m Sold
    Summon Stone : Dekal's Chair (had 2) Sold
    Aisha Crystal Moonlight Chair ->will trade for Ara's oxo Sold
    Ara's Classic Maid (Black) 6/6 SEALED Sold.
    : updates

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    Ereda Service:
    •10+ medals I don't really do Ereda anymore...
    • Orichalcum accessories: Blade Protector (Ara)x2, Hilt Ornament (Raven)x2, Claymore Pommel (Elesis), Power Amplifier (Add), Balance Control (Ciel)
    • Will Power Warrior's Chronicle (Ara)
    • Opulent Strong Warrior's Hand Seal - I think it's on SD

    •0 medals dead char

    • 0 medals busy running SDs ; v ;...

    1st DW:
    • 0 medals dead char
    • Brave Tenacious Warrior's Chronicle (Aisha)
    • Tenacious Warrior Battle Tattoo
    • Tolerating Warrior's Necklace

    Box/GoD Pulls/Things:~
    The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover (title) x3 SD, 2nd DW
    Transcendent Key Code Bottom Piece SEALED (can be resealed after trade; not enhanced or socketed)
    Mysterious Aspirations 5/6 Ara (no gloves, extra top)

    +8 Mysterious Aspirations Spear: Burn III, Old SD Sockets

    +8 Mysterious Aspirations Top
    +7 Mysterious Aspirations Top
    +9 Mysterious Aspirations Bottom
    +7 Mysterious Aspirations Shoes

    Elemental Chaos 4/5 (top~shoes)+spear/staff/drones/bow
    Everything is +7 and currently unsealed

    Velder Kingdom's Necklace (Strength, Wisdom)x1 (Not sealed; Seal Count: 4 after trade) YR Sometimes wear this
    Acceleration Ring (SEALED; Seal Count: 5 after trade) LD/Future alt YRSold.
    Ancient Wyvern's Hexacore x1 DW SEALED, 1 seal count after trade
    Ancient Wyvern's Wing x1; has chance to summon a meteor thing YR Wearing...kind of, since I now have GoF and HL seals for ara
    Ancient Wyvern's Headgear x2 YR b/o for 1: 50m+gold seal or 225m my seal
    Ancient Wyvern's Tail x1 YR
    Wyvern's Claw: Chung x2 (SD, CrA), Elesisx2 YR, NB, Rena YR, Arax2 (all sealed except Ara) SD, As Ciel NB
    Wyvern's Tail x4 SD, CrA, CN
    Wyvern's Wingx4 1 CrA, 3 VP
    Wyvern's Hexacore x4+ YR, CN, CrA
    Wyvern's Headgear x5 CN
    ^Most of these are not sealed

    200+ Hexonights (106+ YR, 116+ CN, SD/GA/VP have a few; I do the dailies on almost all of them), 189+ Wyvern's Scale Pieces (9+ YR, 180 CN, ? GA ? VP)
    : moar medals ; u ;

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    Twisted x120+ (+20 on LD, 23 on GA)
    Sage x310+ (+over 240 on alts-- 103 on LD, 80 on GA, 61+ on RS, 30 on Lofty: Executor, 28+ on CEm)
    PvP x60
    All on CBS (except where it says "on alts"-those are on my other accounts,,).
    Cost: 30m+seals (if necessary) for normal. Check the seal count of your item(s): I cannot and will not compensate you for your item if you send me an item that's not resealable. I also will not seal for you as I literally don't have seals to spare (or even seals in general most of the time).

    Unless stated otherwise, everything is on YR.
    Pretty much all of these are the old set except the lanox one,,
    Elite Stuff/Non Grend. Pieces:

    • +6 Mk-4 Spear
    • Extra Alterasia Type-H Spear
    • Alterasia Type-E Spear
    • Glitter Berserker Spear
    • Mechanized Mk-4 Spear
    • Sand Blast Sword
    • Sand Blast Bow SD
    • Alterasia Type-H Sword
    • Dragonic Force Cannon
    • Mechanized Mk-4 Claymore
    • Dragonic Force Dynamo
    • Glitter Berserker Dynamo
    • Another freaking Dynamo because Abyss loves me hear my sarcasm please; I never even want to play Add :C
    • Dragonic Force Drones
    • +7 Dragonic Force Staff
    b/o on any of these: Purple seal

    Accessories- Sealed unless stated otherwise; not counting parts of sets:
    • Alterasia Type-H Spur x1 WS
    • Alterasia Type-E Spur (unsealed) SD
    • Resistance Sand Blast Eye (unsealed) x1 YR
    • Draconic-Force Sting
    • Glitter Amethyst Optical Lens x1 WS

    +9 (old) 2nd Dimension Staff- YR
    Saged: Red Damage +1024, Awk Charge +1536, MP Gain on Attack +1152, Awk Time 12%

    Grend. Ancient Guardian Wingz (SEALED)-b/o: 200m CN Sold

    Grend. Sand Blast Drones CBS
    Grend. Sand Blast Bow WS
    Grend. Sand Blast Staff VP
    Grend. Sand Blast Eye YR

    Extra Grend. Glitter Berserker 6/6 (Ara); lv80 set -- can't upgrade anymore as far as ik :c
    ^might use as my PvE gear

    +8 Grend. Spear
    Grend. Top--wedged once
    +8 Grend. Bottom
    Grend. Gloves
    +7 Grend. Shoes
    Grend. Glitter Berserker Optical Lens

    No sockets/other wedges/enhancements/attributes atm
    No longer plan on doing anything with this

    (Current) Grend Lanox 4/5 (Spear~Shoes, except bot), broke the bot while trying to enhance :c

    Mk-4 (Elite) 6/6 (Rena)-except grend top

    Grend. Top
    Mk-4 Goggles
    For some reason I made the top grend....

    when it's not possible to grend anymore ; v ;... //cri

    Untradable Wedges/Sockets/Enhancements:

    Ancient Iron Wedgex1 YR

    Luriel Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (normal) x1 VP
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Absorption x5: 7m per stone used WS
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Combustion x1 CN
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Destruction (Red One//crit+certain skill damage increase)x4: 6m per stone used WS, VP
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Empowerment x12: 9m per stone used WS
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Explosion x2 : 25m per stone used YR
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Haste x5: 9m per stone used WS
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Resistance x15: 5m per stone used WS
    Luriel's Magic Stone of Wrath x2 CN, VP
    Luriel's Special Critical Stone (Rare) x1 CBS
    Luriel's Transcendence Stone x1 SD

    Ariel's Lv. 8 Amulet x1 YR
    Ariel's Lv. 7 Amulet x3 YR
    Ariel's Lv. 6 Amulet x5 YR
    Ariel's Lv. 5 Amulet x8 YR

    Poison Master CrA
    Burning Piercing 2nd DW
    ^I'll have to check for these; ik I have more lying around somewhere
    I also have no idea where my stone are atm

    Tradable (which means yes you don't have to buy gear to buy these '^ ' Prices won't change unless market does.) :

    Ancient Iron Wedgex5 YR, WS Can't find them.
    Ancient Guardian Wedgex15 YR bank
    100+ each of ancient iron/guardian pieces VP

    Magic Stone of Absorption x1 CBS
    Magic Stone of Combustion x1 1.5mCBS
    Magic Stone of Destruction x2 SD
    Magic Stone of Explosion x4 30m e/ YR
    Magic Stone of Haste x2: 10m e/ WS
    Magic Stone of Quickness x3 CEm
    Magic Stone of Wrath x8 2.5m5 CBS, 3 Alt CBS
    Resonant Magic Stone x2 2m e/ CBS

    Barrier's Fragment 213+ (213+ YR, 100 SD, 900 As, 87 CN)
    ^I typically move these onto my As for storage purposes... ;v;
    El Reward x100+ (82+ YR, 17+ GA, 21+ CN, 2 VP) ...

    I'm making my own 4D gear rn :c
    Progress (because I'm probably going to forget aaa you can ignore this

    +9 4D spear

    friend has some pieces, I'll double check later , v `
    +8 ammies (weapon x1/armor x2? I'll have to double check)
    +7 x1
    +6 x1+1 armor (armor can't be traded though)
    +5 x23
    ^Imagine if that was reversed ;c

    Purple Round Fragment Gloves; Maximize+500? need to check
    Blue Balance El Tear Fragment (Elite) -- Gloves; El Tear lv.20
    Blue Balance El Tear Fragment (Unique) -- Top piece; El Tear lv.22
    Purple Transformation El Tear Fragment (Elite) -- Bottom piece; Magic Defense Level + 5.25
    Blue Proficiency El Tear Fragment (Elite) -- Shoes; Damage received when 30% HP or less -8%
    Purple Proficiency El Tear Fragment (Elite) -- Gloves; MP Cost -8%
    Red Balance El Tear Fragment (Unique) -- Top piece; Item Drop Rate +9%
    Purple Transformation El Tear Fragment (Unique) -- Top piece; Add. Damage +572 (from lv99 POV)
    Red Destruction El Tear Fragment (Elite) -- Shoes; Abyss Strike's Damage Increases +10% (Lu/Ciel)

    PvP save me

    Character/Class # of AP # of Competitor's Coins
    T.YR 42,133+ 103+
    SD 32,221 31+
    DW 3,323+ 6+
    WS 8,593 7
    VP 4,540 16
    CBS 8,136 7
    CrA 3,961 7
    CEm 3,975+ 5+
    EM 923 2
    CN 6,269 3
    RS 1,516+ 2+
    GA 3,402 4
    LD 460 1
    EM#2 4,294 7
    GA#2 1,328+ 3+
    base Ara 1,321 3
    base Ara#2 2,738 5
    As 4,471 8
    DW#2 9,243 7
    CBS#2 3,116 7
    TR 4,388 6
    NB 7,616 13
    SaK 7,256 7
    base Ara #3 5,242 9
    Lofty: Executor 837 2
    LH 472 1
    base Aisha 818 2
    base Ain (lv17) 2,289 6
    base Ain (lv16) 2,077 5
    base Ain (lv14) 825 2
    base Elesis 836 2
    Total 180,696+ 289+ but they can't be bank shared why did I calculate this

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    IGNs (just offer---):
    Most of these won't require a name change, though I may change my mind if I decide to level my Ains
    These IGNs are not for contacting; I'm rarely even on them. Not all of these are mine
    KodoNemesu Slightly attached
    RamenSlayer- requires name change; would like ramen
    NightJade- requires name change
    GiveMeAClass- requires name change

    [Summeritis] TacticalTofu
    ^I made these for the sole reason of being able to see my characters in guilds with ridiculous names. And so my alts had somewhere to go where they wouldn't be kicked. They're all level 1 (as far as I know), without any guild coins stored. But I liek the names so you'll probably have to pay more for them. Especially summeritis.

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    Rachel's Grace x1
    Zakkiel's Grace x1
    Seraphim's Blessing x1
    Newt's Grace x1
    ^ VP
    Liquid Medicine of Fighting Spirit x14+ (VP, Ara, DW) b/o: 10m each
    Advanced Vitality Potion x52: 300k e/ ; Vigor Potion x1010+
    Advanced Recovery Potion x99 300k e/
    Superhuman Organic Apple x10 425k e/
    Giant Stone Apple x10 300k e/
    Exclusive Summon Card Pack - Green Forest Ranger Lime x5
    Blessed Giant Potion x16 625k each
    Blessed Giant Hand Potion (Elixir) x14 450k each
    Blessed Blazing Bomb (Elixir) x21 300k each
    Blessed Rosso's Blazing Ring (Elixir) x13 185k e/
    Blessed Denif's Ice Orb (Elixir) Out of stock atm 350k each
    Blessed Ventus' Wing (Elixir) Out of stock atm 400k each
    Blessed Tracker's Soul (Elixir) x14+ 1.4m each
    Baby Fairy Cradle 450k each
    Updated prices 10/29/16
    Pretty much all alchemy related things are on CBS--I believe the card pack's on my VP...?

    I might have more elixirs on CEm.
    Service: Currently lv7 with 44.4%+ \0/; You provide mats, I'll craft free (including elixirs/essences or magical crystals, etc). If you aren't providing mats, I expect ED because I'm too poor to craft for nothing qq
    Just PM me or something oxo

    Blacksmith: lv6 with 90%+
    Lf mat donations qq Dunno how I could really have a service with this lol (due to the chances of stuff breaking) ; v ;

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    Divine Magic Stone of Resistance-idek where it is LOL...
    2 Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (Normal) CN
    1 Special Damage Reduction Magic Stone (Rare) 1 NW
    2 1 Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (Rare)
    4 Special Critical Magic Stones (Normal) DW
    7 Special Critical Magic Stones (Rare) 4 NW, 1 As, rest unsure... ??? DW, 2 WS
    10 Magic Stone of Explosion YR ~
    150+ Sparring Magic Stone [Explosion]
    i hoard CRPs fear me
    Tacos x100 (77 on YR) ~

    2 Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (Rare) CN Sold.
    1 Special Attack Speed Magic Stone (Elite) 45m CN Sold.
    1 Special Additional Damage Magic Stone (Elite) CBS b/o: 100m Sold.

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    ED Funds: Currently enough to buy anything I want (though probably not everything). Might drop if I go back to my impulse buying ways but probably (? idk it's kind of tempting LOL) won't.

    My game is unstable sometimes so I might d/c in a trade but I usually don't. I'll do my best to do the transaction at a time where I can have only Els open (most of the time I have to have chrome open to do HW as well--) to keep it as stable as possible.

    Alternate crystals/ibs This is literally only because I like playing with RNG despite RNjesus hating me
    Kc 15~25:100 rates, trades>gift for items that can be traded to lower the risk of scams
    Keep in mind that if you want to gift, I expect you to gift first. Feel free to record if you don't trust me. I can show you the ED before you gift, of course.
    B>VIP Sales Agent (30 days)-gift first (since it can't be traded) unless you're someone who I know is trustable
    Yellow/Purple seals
    Ara's Battle Suit
    Depending on the amount of kc+whether or not you are able to trade (Usually Ara>Aisha/Eve/Rena) or gift I may do 30:100
    My interest in other IM stuff varies, I'd prefer if you PM'd me about this, so I can send you a thorough list. Atm I'm mainly just looking for VIP Sales Agents and seals though.
    +9?, +10 and above ammies: Mainly if you're interested in my ib weaps etc

    Ara HL- no one seems to have just the spear so I'll buy/trade for the 4/4 or full set; just send me an offer

    Hair-Obtained~ ; v ;
    Henir Seal-Obtained~
    Spear-I'd prefer trading for this. Might do mix of ED+ibs. I can pay in pure ED however I'll expect trade first due to risks of scams--I can ask friends to vouch for me if you like.

    Ara RM Earrings (?)

    Any donations, and by any I literally mean any, including you people who offer 1 ed, to SeraphimHere will be greatly appreciated ^^

    Medium to Low Interest -- Only message me if you have a c/o or b/o for these:
    Ara's Summer Star Academy Top Piece (Sky Blue) or Summer Star Academy Top Piece Cube **need this to twin friend
    Ara's BTS 'RUN' 6/6 or Bottom Piece **need this to twin with friend ;v;
    HL title
    Ara Costume Suit- Qipao or Luto preferrably
    Rickshaw- I dunno
    Raul's Vassal- ???
    : More stuff on 2nd page