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    Genjutsu User
    Mar 2012

    Dev Diary 12/3/2015 Prelude to Season 2

    Hey Elpeeps,

    It's been awhile since we posted a Dev Diary entry, however all that will change going forward. We'll start off with a little rundown of this patch and also reveal some information that we as KOG are preparing behind the scenes for you.

    Please read up on our Prelude to Season 2 entry:


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    Cobo Service
    Mar 2012
    In America

    I was just there at CTN expo, y u do dis 2 me?

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    Velder Noble
    Nov 2013
    Oh hey, it's back.

    Let me see

    So, we thought, instead of nerfing CBS, how about evolving and bringing the other Jobs up to a comparable level of playability, fun and competitiveness.

    I know you mention how balance is a difficult thing. But this is so wrong I can't even...

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    Yay it's back~

    I know you mention how balance is a difficult thing. But this is so wrong I can't even...
    RIP my CEM

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    Hamel Guardian
    Jan 2013
    If what I read implies a different character balance than Kr Im even more scared.

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    Altera Savior
    Jul 2011
    Hamel's Steamed Spider Shack

    My eyes skipped an entire section when it hit the CBS mention.
    I won't comment on it because there's too much to say, but ... /cough

    But it's good that these are back.
    I was wondering what happened to them.

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    Velder Noble
    Oct 2013
    Much Stalker
    happy these are back after half an year but, well
    First off, by not buffing CBS, KOG killed her because everyone else got insane buffs (also kugel blitz costs 100 MP l0l). The noticeable things CeM got were overshadowed her nerfs, as well.
    Also, I see no update on the windows 10 BSoD which I learned the hard way is incredibly frustrating and stupid. I want those claws so I can get both the aura and a restoration scroll since I forgot that stuff can still break with a fluorite.

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    Velder Noble
    Mar 2013
    In an alley luring in kids with candy (◐∇◐*)
    They better not make every friggen Raven have grenades. I'm fine with not having Shadow Thrust for my VC, but just having grenades for BM is not right.

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    Feita Knight
    Sep 2011
    elulu's basement
    Looking forward to more tournaments!

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    Sheath Knight
    Dec 2013
    Your Vital Regions
    Oh yay! They're back!
    But anyways, this is a dangerous road.
    I don't want Elsword to go down the GC path of balance.
    Just because every class is OP, doesn't mean it's fun.
    There must be limits!
    If a class is going to be broken op, don't make it because of a win button *cough*apollyon*cough* *cough*onepunchlord*cough*