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    Sep 2013
    You need a GPS
    i'm cool with the VAs honestly... just need to turn up the volume on the voices...

    but seeing story NPCs got voices too, i'd LOVE to hear artea's! I've kinda got a thing for meganes...

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    Bethma Guard
    Oct 2014
    Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING!!
    Masterfully directed... huh...
    Well i dunno about you but i personally think most of Elsword's voice is pretty unfitting with his image, especially his /laugh.
    And GODDAM some of their lines are silly asf.
    Rena is alright tho, could be better but atleast her voice fits her image better.

    PD: And sometimes the delivery is awkward as hell too, im looking at you "ElswordHello.avi"