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    Mar 2012

    Dev Diary 1/28/2016: The Royal Treatment – Eve, Chung and a quick NPC Update

    Hey Guys and Girls

    Hope you are enjoying Eve and Chung's revamp. We took the time to elaborate more on some details you all had questions on this update.


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    Sander Chieftain
    Sep 2011
    I like that you are continuing with this. glad to know you guys are taking the voices seriously also their are some weird influxes on aishas high mage voice its like they decided to go with a lower tone of voice for some of high mages stuff and all of EM. Im fine with the EM cause it makes sense because of the age thing but High mage just sounds funny sometimes especially when you compare magic missile with her other high mage stuff it sounds a little off. it sounds like you went with two different tones of voice but still also how come you havent revealed Aishas VA if its a all star cast. did they not want their name revealed or something

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    Jul 2011
    Awesome. Thanks for the insight, really helps see what goes on and clarifies a lot!

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    Hamel Guardian
    Jan 2012
    Curious as to why not Glaves as well, since most people disliked his voice too.

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    Sander Chieftain
    Oct 2012
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    Are these finally coming back?

    Nice to hear about the voices. Tbh Camilla's not that bad, but considering the change to Hanna's voice, I'm curious what Camilla's will be.

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    Bethma Guard
    Apr 2014
    City of Radiant Ruin
    Awesome to see another entry.

    I agree with Bigsmallbrot that Glaves wasn't in a direction that we all hoped for.

    Hope to hear the new Camilla voice.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2015
    i agree glave's voice should be more different. imo his voice should sound more mysterious making him more of an enigma.

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    Elysion Navigator
    Sep 2012
    Boca Raton, Florida
    Next update huh?

    Does that mean ara/elesis's renewal or just next weds?

    pls say next weds qwq

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    Mar 2011
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    Crow!? Camilla's voice is NOT unanimously panned! She's my favorite npc voice, and I've seen plenty of people say in the forums that they liked it/didn't mind it.

    Do I need to start a petition?

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    Feita Knight
    Jan 2012
    Being Thankful
    Hey, in the future... I hope you come here more often.