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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2014

    ~Tuna's Artshop~

    ~Tuna's Art Shop~

    Status: OPEN!

    Hey there o.o/, well, I saw this section of the forum and I told to my self: Why not?, so if you like my art style and want to commission me, leave here your request n.n
    I'm from NA server
    My Deviantart Gallery→ http://tunajam.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/

    just some examples of my artwork(if you don't have ED you can also pay in USD through paypal):

    A sketch 80 m ED - 4USD

    black & white commission costs 200 m ED - 6 USD

    A chibi like this costs 250 m ED - 8 USD

    A colored character like this 360 m ED - 12 USD


    A couple 450 m ED - 15 USD

    A drawing like this 250 m ED - 8 USD

    Too detailed drawings with 1 or 2 characters (additional characters 5 USD each)
    only able via paypal - 25 USD

    This is an example of an order:
    IGN: lAnakim
    Payment: 360 m ED
    References:/a image of the character/characters that u want in your commission/
    drawing/painting style: like Rena Illustration
    Additional Info: I wanna see my character dancing in a raining forest

    *I will be happy if you use an image as reference n.n

    *The drawing can be from other game, anime, etc
    *The payment if is in ED must be half first and the other half when the illustration is finished
    *If not have ED, check the wish list, then sent me a note to discuss about your commissionand if is ok the payment, also u can pay me through paypal
    *I'm from NA server~
    * you can send your payment to IGN: lAnakim (it's an "L" before "A")
    * a detailed Background cost an additional 10% of the original price
    *you can do the payment online, just tell me the hour and the time zone you can log in o3o
    *If u want also the Photoshop file with all the layer of the drawing, you can get it with an extra payment of 30% of the price in ED, or a fixed price of 3 USD (except for sketchs)

    Wish List:

    - Holy unicorn parts for Eve, Top, Bottom, hair, accessories or weapon
    - Skill slot medal or fetch aura
    - Celestial master top or bottom piece
    - EO arm band aisha
    - Ara animal Pajama bunny costume suit

    *if the item price of an item in the wish list is more than the price of an illustration, you can add more drawing requests until the price of drawings and the item match

    List of customers 0/4:


    *when it reaches 4 customers, you must wait until one slot were empty to make a request
    That's all, Ciao >.o/

    PD: Link to my Deviantart for more examples: http://tunajam.deviantart.com/galler...h=%2F&offset=0
    : Updating status

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    Velder Noble
    Mar 2011
    oooo, i'd like a commission done
    assuming this is NA server, i'll be able to pay with expansions. how many are you charging per piece?

    and any details for the request form?

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    Elder Citizen
    May 2015
    I'm interested!!! How much you want for a drawing of 2?

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2014
    I added some prices according to the style of the illustration in the main post

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    Elder Citizen
    Nov 2013
    IGN: AscendedMoon
    Payment: 90m
    References: ⊙︿⊙
    Drawing/painting style: Rozen maiden (?)
    Additional Info: -

    Now, where do I have to send the ED? ⊙﹏⊙

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    Velder Noble
    Mar 2011
    IGN: Silane
    Payment: Inventory Expansion (let me know which and who to gift it to)
    Reference: here
    Style: something like the Rozen Maiden one
    Additional info: personality is laid-back, lazy

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2014
    Send here:
    IGN: lChii
    NA Server
    is an "L" before "C"
    I added you to the "customers list"

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    Altera Savior
    May 2014
    Rolling around
    Since you didn't respond to my PM yet, I'll just post this here ;u;

    IGN: Kaluha
    Payment: I'll pay 100m, realized I have no more KC left ;; (+15m for a background)
    References: xxx
    Drawing/Painting Style: Something similar to the Rozen Maiden one~
    Additional Info: Character is bright, cheerful, and mischievous
    Would also like a background, something similar to this:

    a library-like setting~

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2014
    Oh sorry, I was connected with my phone, and didn't notice your pm
    but don't worry I will add you to the "list of customers" :v

    -SingOfDead I'm working on your request, so, the others must wait until I finish with his/her commission~

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    Elder Citizen
    Nov 2013

    Sent the whole payment already, hope that's ok ⊙︿⊙