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    [Guide by ShadeMalkior] Royal Guard/Noblesse [PvE]



    [7-13-2016] The "Critical Attribute" Trait Update
    - Updated details about V-Switch's new 1sec CD when you use a Switch Skill
    - After further testing of Hunting Prey, recommendations have been switched to suggest taking it over Strong Strike.
    - Properly updated the types of skills section to be the same as my other guide
    - Updated skill info to reflect the [7/13 Balance Patch]
    [5-18-2016] The "No Fun Allowed (For Lu/Ciels at Least)" Patch
    - Updated details about Lu/Ciel's stats returning to being split
    - Updated skill info/attributes to match the [5/18 "Balance" Patch]
    [4-14-2016] Initial Post

    DISCLAIMER: This guide is 100% my opinions and suggestions. You are free to disagree with anything I say in this guide, and I actually encourage you to. I'm by no means the sole authority on Noblesse, and I'm always open to constructive criticism.

    PvE Guide to Royal Guard/Noblesse

    Table of Contents:
    ***To quickly navigate to any section of this guide, press CTRL+F to open your browser's Search/Find function, and type in the code listed next to the section. Press either "v" or "Next" until you reach the desired section.
    Part I: The Duo
    *I-A: All About Skills! - Explains how skills, the Skill Tree, and Skill Attributes work [01AAS]
    *I-B: Terms to Know - A brief look at the terms used in this guide [02TTK]
    *I-B: Lu and Ciel's Special Features - An overview of Combination Points, Switching, and Switch Skills [03LSF]
    *I-C: The Duo's Combos - Breakdown of Lu and Ciel's combos as a base class [04TDC]
    *I-D: The Duo's Skills - Detailed info on Lu and Ciel's basic skill tree [05TDS]
    *I-E: Beyond The Duo - Details on how to Job Change into a Royal Guard [06BTD]
    Part II: Royal Guard
    *II-A: Royal Guard's Combos - Describes Royal Guard's new combo extensions and provides usage suggestions [07RGC]
    *II-B: Royal Guard's Skills - Detailed info on Royal Guard's skill tree [08RGS]
    *II-C: Beyond Royal Guard - Details how to Job Change into a Noblesse [09BRG]
    Part III: Noblesse
    *III-A: Noblesse's Combos - Describes Noblesse's new combo extensions [10NBC]
    *III-B: Noblesse's Skills - Detailed info on Noblesse's skill tree [11NBS]
    Part IV: Transcendent Noblesse
    *IV-A: Transcendence Explained - A quick run-down on what Transcendence is [12TEX]
    *IV-B: Noblesse's Transcendence Skills - Detailed info on Transcendent Noblesse's skill tree [13NTS]
    Part V: How-To's and FAQ's
    *V-A: How-To's - Breaks down RG/NB's general role and abilities in PvE [14HTS]
    *V-B: FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions [15FAQ]
    Part VI: Appendix
    *VI-A: Sources - Where I got stuff for this guide [16SRC]
    *VI-B: Helpful Resources and Info - Exactly what it says [17HRI]

    Part I: The Duo

    In the ancient days of the Demon World, Lu was a powerful demon lord who supported the traditional ways of the Demon race. Ruler of the Makal tribe, she was a respected and powerful demon... until one of her subordinates betrayed her. Defeated and humiliated, she was imprisoned, and her powers were sealed away. After immeasurable years of confinement, she finally managed to muster enough power to break the seal and escape to the only place she could think of at the time: the realm inhabited by humans, the continent known as Elrios. However, the immense amount of power needed to jump through dimensions drained Lu's mana significantly, leaving her body in a child-like form, and her memories gone.

    Lost and alone in Elrios, Lu is rescued by an unlikely hero. Ciel, an infamous assassin known all throughout the criminal underworld, takes Lu in and protects her. Having lost his parents to bandits at a young age, he sees himself in Lu, reminded of his younger days spent struggling to survive on his own.

    When a group of demon assassins appears to eliminate Lu once and for all, Ciel tries to defend her, but he is struck down by the succubus Karis. In despair and shock, Lu's memories come flooding back, and she remembers her heritage and power. As his life fades away, Lu offers Ciel a contract, in which he must act as her servant. He accepts, and revives as a half-demon, now part of the Makals like his new mistress. The reborn Ciel fends off the assassins, and swears to repay his debt to Lu by serving her cause: hunting down the demons who have invaded Elrios, and using their powers to restore her own.


    Part I-A: All About Skills!

    Elsword is built around a "skill-based combat system," so, before we get into any of the heavy stuff, let me explain a little bit about how Skills and the Skill Tree work.

    Q: How does the skill tree function?
    A: The skill tree in Elsword is tier-based. As you level up, new tiers of skills unlock. As you reach the proper level to use each skill, it will automatically become available for use. The tree itself is split into three main sections, with each containing different types of skills.

    Q: What types of skills are there?
    A: There are currently five types of skills in Elsword: Actives, Special Actives, Buffs, Passives and Hyper Actives. The first two types make up the bulk of your skills, and are found on the left side of the Skill Tree. Actives are low-MP attacks mainly used to aid in chaining combos, and many of them inflict status conditions on opponents. Special Actives are powerful skills with much higher MP costs. They include wide-range attacks, more powerful buffs than Actives, and much higher damage than Actives. Buffs are similar to Actives in that they cost low MP and execute quickly, but they vary in that they affect your party. When you use a Buff, a large circle appears around your character, and any allies inside the circle gains the effects of the skill. Passives are constantly active skills, and are the only skills that don't need to be placed on the skill hotbar to activate. These are found in a single column to the right of the Actives and Special Actives. Lastly, Hyper Actives are an even more powerful version of Special Actives. Each class has one Hyper Active, and it can only be unlocked once you reach Level 65. All Hypers share a few characteristics: they all cost 300MP, they all have a 180-second cooldown time, and they all require one El Essence per use.

    Q: What are Skill Attributes?
    A: Underneath all Active and Special Active skills, you'll see two arrows. Each represents one of two Attributes you can apply to that skill. There are various different Skill Attributes, but the Attributes available to each skill vary. Once you begin to reach levels above 70, earlier skills will also gain a special Attribute, Final Enhanced. Unlike the other Attributes, Final Enhanced applies automatically, and stacks with your chosen Attribute for that skill. This is not to be confused with the normal Enhanced Attribute, as they have very different effects. Final Enhanced will always be in gold text, and have [brackets] around it, like this: [Enhanced]

    Q: Why are some of my skills locked?
    A: If you look through your Skill Tree, you'll notice that to the right of the Passives column is yet another that contains sills covered in padlocks. To invest SP in these skills, you'll need to either complete a quest branch from Camilla, or purchase the Skill Manual for that skill from the Item Mall. Each class has five locked skills, with the final being their Hyper Active. The quests from Camilla to unlock them become available once you unlock the tier in your skill tree with the locked skill on it. I'll warn you right now, these quests are well-known to be extremely tedious and frustrating, as they are designed to make you give up and buy the skill instead. As such, don't try to do the entire quest in a single day, take your time with it.


    Part I-B: Terms to Know

    Like many games, Elsword has its own sort of "language" of terms. Some are shared between games in general, but others are more specific to fighting games, or just to Elsword in general. Since I tend to use these terms without taking time to explain them (mostly because I've played this game for far too long, and I use them without realizing it), this section will serve as a glossary of terms you should know when playing Elsword.

    Flinch/Flinching - The animation performed by both players and enemies when they are hit. During a flinch, it is impossible to input any movements, or use skills (except for a few exceptions, namely Guard and Stoic - Strong). Some more fighting game-savvy players may also refer to this as hitstun.

    Knockdown - A term which can be used to refer to three different things: the status of being knocked down, the invisible counter that determines when a player or enemy is knocked down, or an attack that automatically causes the status. The status itself is pretty self-explanatory; you're knocked down on the ground. While players are knocked down, they cannot move, and are immune to damage. Upon standing up, you'll be invincible for a very brief moment, giving you time to get yourself away from enemies. When monsters are knocked down, instead of becoming invincible, they gain Super Armor and an incredibly large boost to their defenses. This is sometimes abbreviated as KD.

    Launch - Just like knockdown, launch can refer to multiple things, though in this case, it almost always refers to an attack that sends the enemy into the air. This status is the same for players and enemies, it completely prevents movement and attacking (except for Stoic - Strong), and when you land, you'll immediately be put into knockdown. However, unlike knockdown, you can be damaged and flinched while falling.

    Super Armor/Stoic - A status where a character or player is outlined in red. While in Super Armor, you are immune to flinching, but you can still take damage and be inflicted with other status effects. Although the technically correct term for this state is Super Armor, many players also refer to it as Stoic, because of a certain Elsword skill. Stoic is the Korean name of his Iron Body skill, and was one of the first skills to grant Super Armor, which is why it's so heavily associated with the status.

    I-frames/Invinci-frames - The state of complete invincibility gained when using a Special Active. While in I-frames, you cannot be damaged or flinched by enemies, and all non-boss enemies will freeze in PvE. This is commonly used during discussions on defeating bosses, i.e. "that attack is hard to dodge, so I just I-frame it).

    Mana Break - Sometimes, you really need to stop getting attacked, and that's what mana breaking is for. If you hold down Z or X, you'll notice a green bar filling up inside of your MP. If you are hit while the green bar is either at or past the line in your MP bar that denotes 100MP, you will temporarily gain I-frames, drop to the ground, and enter knockdown status. Although 100MP is the minimum required to initiate a mana break, if you charge the green bar past 100, upon being hit, you will use however much MP it covers. Do note that while mana breaking will shortly make you immune to damage while falling and standing up, the attack that triggers the break will still deal its normal damage. Certain skills cannot be mana broken (i.e. all Hyper Actives except Ancient Trigger), and some status effects can also cancel a mana break, namely Stun and Power Stun. Skills with the Evil trait also prevent mana breaking.

    Skill Delay/Skill Freeze - The status inflicted on enemies when you use a Special Active. While in skill delay, you cannot input any commands, and your character is completely frozen in place until the skill's execution finishes. If you were in the process of using a skill, it will pause, and continue after the skill delay ends. In PvE, boss-type monsters are immune to skill delays, and some bosses (the most infamous being Ran and Type-H) can actually use their own Special Actives to put you in skill delay. You can escape from skill delay prematurely if you're hit by any enemy attack. The only time you are immune to skill delay is upon using a Hyper Active, as they cannot be interrupted by any other skill.

    Awakening - Underneath your character's portrait in the top-left of the screen, you'll see three beads (unless you're playing Add), as well as a gauge in between the portrait and your HP/MP bars. These represent Awakening, a sort of "power up" system. As you both deal and receive hits, the gauge will fill, and upon filling, one bead will light up. Pressing the Awakening button (default L.Ctrl) with one or more beads will cause your character to consume all currently filled beads to enter Awakening. The animation for Awakening shortly activates Skill Delay, and once Awakened, your character will glow with light, and a timer will appear on your character portrait noting the remaining time for Awakening. The number of beads used to Awaken determines the time. The change is more than cosmetic, though. While in Awakening, all damage you deal is increased by 20%, certain skills may change functionality slightly, and many characters have special systems based around Awakening.

    Proc - Short for process, it's used to refer to an effect activating. In Elsword, this usually refers to bonus effects on weapons, set effects, or titles. With a fast-attacking character, you have a better chance to "proc" an effect with combos.

    Class Abbreviations - Since most of the classes in Elsword have long names, it's a common practice to abbreviate them to the first letters of the words that make up their names. For example, Iron Paladin becomes IP. There are some exceptions to the rules, mainly made to avoid confusion with earlier classes (Sheath Knight being ShK to differentiate from Sword Knight and Saber Knight), and some classes that are only one word (Noblesse is split into its syllables, becoming NB). Learning them all simply takes time, so don't worry too much about them right away.

    Dungeon Abbreviations - Again, because dungeon names are long, it's common to abbreviate them with a two-number system. The first number is the town the dungeon is associated with, and the second is the number that dungeon. Secret Dungeons don't have a number, but are instead referred to with an X. For example, Wally's Castle is the fifth dungeon in Elder, the second town, so it's referred to as 2-5. Dragon Nest: Abyss is the Secret Dungeon in Bethma, the third town, so it's written as 3-X.

    Secret Dungeons - I should probably explain this since I just mentioned them, eh? If you beat every single dungeon on Very Hard in certain towns, you can unlock an additional dungeon. These are the Secret Dungeons, one of the sources of end-game gear, and a primary grind spot. These dungeons feature upgraded versions of enemies you fought in that town, as well as much more powerful bosses. Although you're technically allowed to enter them earlier, it's highly recommended that you reach lv80 before attempting them. Secret Dungeons are often abbreviated as "SD," just be careful not to confuse it with the class Sakra Devanam.

    Henir's Time and Space - A boss rush dungeon that pits you against nearly every single boss in the game, all the way from Ruben to Lanox. Many of them are also duplicated, and unlike normal dungeons, you have strict limitations, especially in Challenge Mode, which removes your consumables, disables mounts, and won't allow you to revive if you die. The challenge is worth it though, as this is the other main source of end-game gear.

    Fields - Located between towns, fields are sort of like dungeons, but instead of having a clear start and end, you can freely roam about them, and there can be far more than four people in a single field. They used to be excellent for grinding EXP, but with recent updates and events, it's generally more efficient to dungeon instead. Pretty much their only uses now are for a few story quests, and the Evil Soul Orbs dropped by the randomly spawning Field Bosses, which can be traded in for EXP medals.

    Raid - Elsword's take on the "raid boss" mechanic, the Raid is a timed field in which you team up with numerous other players to fight a massive boss enemy. Dealing more damage to it increases your score, and you're ranked against other players of your class across the server. When a Raid phase ends, you get rewards both for how well you did as an individual, and how well your guild did. Get enough rewards, and you can craft Raid Weapons, the strongest weapons in the game, and the only equipment capable of reaching Legendary grade. Raid has concluded on NA, and as such, the weapons and accessories are no longer obtainable.

    PvE and PvP - Short for Player versus Environment and Player versus Player, these are the two types of combat that make up Elsword, and most MMOs in general. PvE is any time you're fighting purely against computer-controlled enemies, like dungeons and fields. PvP is any time that you're fighting against other players, such as Arena and Sparring. There's one mode in Elsword that's in a sort of grey area between the two, and that's Ereda Island. Although you still fight against computer-controlled enemies, you're simultaneously racing against another team of players to see who can reach the center of the stage first and inflict more damage to the final pillar.

    El Resonance - Although the maximum level is 99, you can continue to gain levels after capping by activating El Resonance. Upon reaching lv99, you'll unlock a new story quest, which will give you the book required to activate El Resonance, and start gaining Resonance levels. Once unlocked, you can access the system from your character menu. Each Resonance level grants you one El Resonance Point (ERP), which can then be used to raise the level of special passives exclusive to El Resonance.


    Part I-C: Lu and Ciel's Special Features

    Because Lu and Ciel are two separate characters, they function a little differently than your average character in Elsword. Although they share most things like a single character would (HP, equipment, etc), there are four things they don't share: MP, combos, costumes, and accessories. Lu and Ciel each have their own MP bar, with the inactive character's MP being displayed as a smaller blue bar beneath the active character's MP. The inactive character's MP regenerates much faster than usual, at 6MP/sec. Some combos are slightly changed depending on which character is active, but for the most part, they can execute the same combos. Lastly, since fashion is the true end-game, Lu and Ciel each have their own separate costume parts and accessories. Do note, since their costumes and accessories are split, this means that they require double the costumes and accessories just to reach the same level of power as other characters. In short, do not play a Lu/Ciel unless you are prepared to pay double what every other character does just to get the same basic functionality.

    There are numerous ways to switch between the dynamic duo. While in towns or rest areas, you can open your Character menu (U by default) and press the blue star beneath the character model to swap between Lu and Ciel. In fields and dungeons, you have three ways to switch. Most of their skills can only be used by one of them, so using a skill that requires the other character will switch them in. These are known as Switch Skills, and any skill that will cause you to switch will occasionally flash with a blue outline when on your hotbar. Some of their combos will also cause them to switch mid-combo, known as Switch Combos. Lastly, to the left of your skill slots, you'll see a star symbol. This is the Switch Key (default bound to V), and it will instantly switch the active character, with a 1-second cooldown. If you successfully switch using a Switch Skill, the Switch Key will also enter cooldown.

    Now, for why switching is important. To the right of your HP and MP, you'll notice a star surrounded by a segmented circle. This is the Combination Gauge, consumed by certain skills known as Combination Skills. Unlike normal skills, instead of using MP, they consume all ten Combination Points (the segments in the Combination Gauge). Once you have a full Combination Gauge, any Combination Skills currently equipped on your skill bar will flash with a blue outline like Switch Skills, but with a star in the top-left corner of the icon. To gather Combination Points, or CP for short, you must switch between characters. Using Switch Skills will always reward you with CP if you switch characters with them, with higher MP moves giving more CP. Switch Combos will only reward you with CP if the part of the combo that switches characters makes contact with an enemy. Lastly, the Switch Key doesn't provide any CP.


    Part I-D: The Duo's Combos

    Combo Shorthand:
    Z - The Z key. Combos starting with Z are generally "light" combos, meaning lower damage but higher speed.
    X - The X key. Combos starting with X are generally "heavy" combos, meaning higher damage but lower speed.
    <, >, ^, v - Used to represent the left, right, up, and down arrow keys. Two in a row (>>) means the combo can only be executed while dashing, and two followed by up (>>^) indicates the combo can only be used after dashing, then jumping.
    Keys in red are combos with Super Armor. While in Super Armor, you cannot be flinched or knocked down.
    Keys in bold and dark blue are Switch Combos. Successfully hitting an enemy with these combos will fill a segment of the Combination Gauge.

    Lu's Combos

    ZZZZX - Lu does three repeated swipes with her claws, then uppercuts enemies into the air with a final slash. Ciel then appears to fire a blitz of shots, catching enemies. You can loop the first three Zs of this combo by dashing as the third strike connects, then immediately pressing Z to begin the combo again. Another option is to execute the first three Zs, then dash-jump into a Z or ZX.

    XXXX - Lu leaps forwards, clawing her way into enemies, and ends by blasting enemies away with a blue flame claw.

    XXX(Hold)Z - The exact same as the previous combo, but Lu ends it by weaving her claw's fingers together, and pounding the ground with devastating force, blasting the enemy upwards. Holding down Z will charge the final blast.

    >>Z - Lu does a swift slashing uppercut with her claw, launching enemies upwards.

    >>X - Lu jumps into the air, creating a pool of blue fire and flipping over it. As she lands, the fire bursts up and damages enemies. This is the staple cross-through combo, and it can be used as a nice way to interrupt other combos.

    ^Z - Lu extends her claw forwards, damaging enemies hit by it. Nothing too special here.

    ^X - Lu does a swift mid-air slash with her claw, lightly launching enemies and pushing them forwards.

    >>^ZX - Lu slashes forwards with her claw, then fires off a large blast of blue fire that travels slightly forwards. The fire blast requires and consumes a little bit of MP. You can stop this combo at the Z for a quick cancel tool, or just an aerial poke.

    >>^XXXXZ - Lu uses her demonic magic to create a spell circle in mid-air, and uses it as a platform to jump a second time. As she reaches the peak of her second jump, she ignites her claws with blue flames, and dives diagonally downwards, smashing into the first platform in her path, then punches forwards and uppercuts her enemies into the air. Ciel then appears to blitz enemies with a spread of bullets. This is a nice combo for mobility, especially so if you simply stop at >>^X or >>^XX.

    Ciel's Combos
    *Note: All commands involving Ciel firing his gun-blades require and consume small amounts of MP.

    ZZZZX - Ciel slashes forwards with the blades on his guns, then kicks the enemy upwards and fires a shot to propel them into the air. Lu then appears, smashing into the airborne enemy with a blue flame punch, catching them.

    XXXX - Ciel shoots off a series of bullets from his gun-blades, ending with a more powerful shot that blasts enemies away and knocks them down.

    XXX(Hold)Z - Same as the previous combo, but with a more powerful final bullet. Holding down Z will charge the last shot, increasing its strength.

    >>Z - Ciel does a sliding dash-kick, damaging any enemies he hits. Unlike Lu's, Ciel's >>Z doesn't launch, so it can be used for approaching and chaining.

    >>X - Ciel somersaults, passing through enemies, and fires a bullet during the flip. Just like Lu's version, this is your standard pass-through combo with all of the usual applications.

    ^Z - Ciel stabs forwards in mid-air with one of his gun-blades. Again, nothing special here.

    ^X - Ciel shoots a single bullet, propelling himself backwards. This is very similar to Aisha's ^X, but Ciel is pushed much farther back than Aisha's version.

    >>^ZX - Ciel does a quick downwards aerial slice with one of his blades, then tosses two bouncy grenades in a diagonal downwards arc. The grenades require and consume a small amount of MP.

    >>^XXXXZ - Ciel uses his demonic magic to create a spell circle in mid-air, and uses it as a platform to jump a second time. As he reaches the peak of his jump, he aims diagonally downwards with a single gun-blade, and fires repeated shots. Then, Lu appears with her claws already ignited, and she dives down along the same path the bullets took, colliding into the earth with a small blast of flames on the impact. Just like Lu's, stopping at >>^X effectively gives him a double-jump.


    Part I-E: The Duo's Skills

    In this section, I'll break down the skills available to Lu and Ciel as their base class, tier by tier, including a basic description of both the skill and the Skill Attributes available for it. Since there are no longer any choices on which skill to take over the other, instead of suggesting a choice, I'll give a brief breakdown on what the skill should be used for, or if it should be used at all.

    With that out of the way, let's get down to business!

    -----Tier 1 - Unlocks at Level 1-----

    Triple Shot - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +2CP], 100MP, 6sec CD: Ciel fires three volleys of piercing shots from his gun-blades, which have a long forwards range.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Heavy: Triple Shot's damage is increased by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Critical: Triple Shot's MP consumption is increased by 20%, but it now ignores 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Triple Shot gives one extra CP when switching to Ciel, for a total of 3CP.
    Usage: This is pretty much only useful as Baby's First Ciel Switch, and once you hit Level 25, you'll get a much better option for a 100MP Ciel Switch, one so important that your entire PvE strategy revolves around it. Basically, keep this skill with you until then for a quick Ciel swap, but ditch it later.
    Attribute Choice: Take either or neither, this skill won't be of much use to you by the time you get the Attributes anyways.

    Stomp - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +2CP], 100MP, 6sec CD: Lu leaps forwards, then smashes into the ground with her gauntlets, creating a small pillar of blue fire.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Gigantic: Stomp's range is increased by 30%.
    - Light: Stomp's MP consumption is lowered by 20%
    - Final [Enhanced]: Stomp's range is increased by 10%, and upon impact, it creates a cursed patch of ground that lasts for 5 seconds, and slows enemies that come into contact with it
    Usage: It's like they tried to make Leap into a Special Active... interesting, but it will lose effectiveness as you level. It's your best 100MP Lu Switch for a while though, so get all nice and comfy with it.
    Attribute Choice: Hitting more stuff is always nice, and since LuCiel has little issues with MP, there's little value to lowering its cost in PvE. Gigantic is the way to go here.

    Strong Strike - Active, 30MP, 5sec CD: Lu/Ciel delivers a flaming punch/strong, piercing shot forwards. This attack has a 15% chance to deal double damage, which will be indicated by a "Strong!" icon above their head.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Empowered: Strong Strike's damage is increased by 20%.
    - Powerful: Strong Strike gains Super Armor during execution, but has its cooldown increased by 40%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Strong Strike's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: An alright skill, but the presence of an attribute on a later base Active makes it generally more useful than Strong Strike, so I'd skip this.
    Attribute Choice: Strong Strike is indeed pretty strong for an Active, so I'd personally take Empowered to boost it even more in PvE.

    Extreme Heavenly Love - Active, 0MP, 300sec CD: Lu/Ciel throws an orb filled with love that restores the HP and MP of both themselves (only the active character) and their lover, so long as they stay in range of the orb. It also grants both you and your partner a short buff that massively increases your MP regeneration rate. This skill cannot be used in Arena, but it can be used in sparring. Upon coupling, this skill will unlock and level itself, and it has no Attribute choices. It's a nice thing to have since it's one of the few ways to heal yourself in Challenge Mode of Henir's Time and Space, and the MP regen buff allows you to unleash an insane skill barrage on bosses, but it takes up a skill slot, so it's a matter of give and take.
    Extreme Heavenly Love is initially locked. To unlock the skill's first level, you must couple with another player. To unlock the skill's second level, you must marry your partner.

    -----Tier 2 - Unlocks at Level 5-----

    Flick Shot - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +4CP], 200MP, 12sec CD: Ciel fires an enchanted bullet forwards. Upon hitting an enemy, the bullet splits in two, and it furthermore has a 33% chance to split into three. If there are multiple enemies nearby, the bullets will ricochet between them, dealing damage with each bounce.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Haste: Flick Shot's cooldown time is reduced by 20%.
    - Light: Flick Shot's MP consumption is lowered by 20%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Flick Shot now deals additional explosion damage to all enemies hit by the ricocheting bullets. If no targets are detected, Flick Shot will bounce off of Ciel for a short period of time.
    Usage: Every once in a while, there will be a skill you acquire at base class that is so ridiculously good that even your later skills have trouble matching it. Flick Shot is one of those, being an incredibly strong clearing skill. Each split bullet is capable of ricocheting fifteen times, dealing damage each time they hit. This is, by far, one of your best Ciel skills, and it should remain on your skill bar from the second you get it until the end of time.
    Attribute Choice: Dropping Flick Shot's MP cost is a very good thing, because it allows you to toss it out much earlier, granting you those sweet 4 CP much more often, so I recommend Light.

    -----Tier 3 - Unlocks at Level 10-----

    Nether Shredder - Special Active, Combination Skill, 20sec CD: Lu uses her demonic magic to summon chains from the ground, restraining enemies in front of her. She then calls forth a massive blue claw to crush them, while Ciel fires a barrage of bullets at the trapped enemies. The final strike of the skill binds enemies in place for 2 seconds
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Empowered: Nether Shredder's damage is increased by 20%.
    - Gigantic: Nether Shredder's size and range are increased by 30%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Nether Shredder's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: Ah, your very first Combination Skill. However, as is the fate of many base skills, it's completely worthless compared to later options, namely a much, much better Combination Skill you get later. As base though, it can work as a decent tool against bosses.
    Attribute Choice: While Gigantic makes Nether Shredder easier to land, it already has a pretty large range, so I'd take the damage boost from Empowered.

    Aura of Punishment - Active/Buff, 60MP, 10sec CD: Lu/Ciel emit a circular aura from their body, strengthening both themselves and their allies. Those within the circle receive extra damage on their critical hits, and enemies have a lowered chance to land critical hits on them for the duration of the buff.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Killing Blow I: Aura of Punishment's effects last 30% longer.
    - Killing Blow II: Aura of Punishment's buff is 15% more effective.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Aura of Punishment's MP cost is reduced to 30MP.
    Usage: A very powerful buff that comes at the incredibly low cost of 30MP. While it can be helpful, as you start to get more and more powerful skills, you may soon find yourself running out of space on your skill bar for Aura of Punishment. You can take it or leave it.
    Attribute Choice: Aura of Punishment already lasts for a full minute by default, there's no real need to make it last longer. The enhancement of the effects of the buff from Killing Blow II is much more helpful.

    -----Tier 4 - Unlocks at Level 15-----

    Evil Claw - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +2CP], 120MP, 6sec CD: Lu releases the restraints on her gauntlets temporarily, and a large claw of blue flames erupts from the ground in front of her, breaking chains and damaging enemies as it does so.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Light: Evil Claw's MP consumption is decreased by 20%.
    - Empowered: Evil Claw's damage is increased by 20%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Enemies hit by Evil Claw are bound in place for 1 second.
    Usage: An alright Lu skill, but it costs 20MP more and grants you the same CP as Stomp, both of which are just here to give you a 2CP Lu Switch. As such, it's not really worth carrying in PvE.
    Attribute Choice: Either can work, just decide whether you want faster CP gain or more damage on your temporary Lu 100MP.

    -----Tier 5 - Unlocks at Level 20-----

    Hunting Prey - Active, 30MP, 6sec CD: Lu dashes forwards in Super Armor, slamming into enemies and dragging them with her/Ciel shoots a spinning bullet forwards that drags enemies with it.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Useful: Hunting Prey's damage is reduced to 70%, but it deals more hits.
    - Critical: Hunting Prey's MP cost is increased to 120%, but it now ignores 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances.
    - Final [Enhanced]: The final hit of Hunting Prey has a 50% chance to inflict Stun.
    Usage: This is the Active I was referring to before. With Useful, it does a lot of hits, making it excellent for activating elements or other hit-based effects from sets or titles.
    Attribute Choice: Since Critical now only ignores 50% of defense, it's not that helpful on an Active, plus Useful gives you more utility if you have an element or a title that activates on attacks, so I recommend Useful.

    Soul Infest - Special Active, Combination Skill, 20sec CD: Lu summons a large number of stars, like a constellation around her, which Ciel then skillfully shoots with his gun-blades, detonating them all and creating a barrage of homing chain explosions around the duo. The souls summoned by Soul Infest attach to targets they hit, greatly reducing their speed for 7 seconds.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Empowered: Soul Infest's damage is increased by 20%
    - Gigantic: Soul Infest's size and range are increased by 15%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Soul Infest's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: A very decidedly "meh" skill, Soul Infest really isn't that much use in PvE, especially in comparison to the other Combination Skills you'll be getting later.
    Attribute Choice: Neither choice really make the skill worth using, so take whichever.
    Soul Infest is a Locked Skill, and can only be learned by using Camilla's Secret Manual (Basic), obtainable either through the in-game quest chain "Camilla's Basic Training," or from the Item Mall.


    Part I-F: Beyond The Duo

    Lu and Ciel are powerful fighters, but it's time to take them to the next level, starting with Ciel. Lu and Ciel do Job Changes a bit differently than other characters; only one of them class changes at a time. In this case, we'll be changing Ciel into a Royal Guard. Check the board in Elder, and you should see your Job Change quests once you hit Level 15.

    Demon Power
    1. Collect 20 drops from bandit-type enemies in Wally's Memorial Bridge (the first Elder field).
    2. Clear 2-3 (Underground Waterway) on Hard or higher.
    3. Collect 8 drops from Bomber Mongs in 2-4 (Suburbs of Wally's Castle).
    4. Clear 2-1 (Shadow Forest) on Very Hard.

    After completing the Demon Power quests, three more quests will appear on the board. Accept the Royal Guard quest, and do the following:

    Royal Guard
    1. Defeat 6 Little Soldiers and 5 Big Soldiers in 2-3 on Very Hard.
    2. Collect a drop from William Phoru in 2-4 on Very Hard.
    3. Collect a drop from Nasod Banthus in 2-3 on Very Hard.
    4. Defeat Wally No. 8 in 2-5 (Wally's Castle) on Very Hard.

    Congratulations, Ciel is now the Royal Guard, a deadly butler devoted to serving his queen in her every endeavor!

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    Part II: Royal Guard

    As Lu and Ciel bear witness to the atrocities of the demon invasion on their quest, the day when Lu reclaims her throne begins to seem like a distant dream. However, Ciel's drive to repay his debt to Lu is stronger than ever, now that their contract has given him the power to surpass his previous strengths as a human. He focuses all of his energy into supporting Lu's rise to power, unintentionally turning himself into "one hell of a butler." With Ciel's fervent support, Lu also begins to put her all into regaining her royal powers, aided by the incredible servant, the Royal Guard!


    Part II-A: Royal Guard's Combos

    Sniper Mode
    Royal Guard's new combos are interesting, because most of their "new" combos are actually modifications to pre-existing combos in the form of something called Sniper Mode. Basically, to enter Sniper Mode, you can use one of four combos as the base: ZZZ, XXX, >>Z, or >>X. After doing any of these, pressing X will cause Lu/Ciel to assume a special stance. Lu holds one of her claws forwards, and Ciel draws his new cross-railgun. Pressing Z will launch a multi-hit barrage of souls/bullets, and pressing X will blast out a powerful single hit. You can fire up to five times in Sniper Mode, but using the X attack at any time will cancel Sniper Mode and return Lu/Ciel to normal mobility. You can also dash out of the stance if you need to.

    >>^XZ~Z - Lu/Ciel jumps into the air, then points their claw/railgun downwards and fires off a rapid barrage of souls/bullets. Ciel initiates rapid fire instantly upon pressing Z, but Lu requires a second Z press before her firing begins.

    >>^ZXZ - Lu/Ciel swipes with her claw/with his blades, then tosses a soul blast/two grenades forwards before the other appears mid-air, firing a powerful blast of energy from her claw/strong bullet from his railgun.


    Part II-B: Royal Guard's Skills

    -----Tier 6 - Unlocks at Level 15-----

    Trigger - Soul Eruption - Active, 40MP, 7sec CD: Lu/Ciel calls upon the power of demon spirits they've gathered, and fires them forwards from their hand/railgun. Enemies hit by Soul Eruption will have their MP drained. If used with stacks of Gathered Souls, Soul Eruption will fire additional shots, and will burn more MP.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Empowered: Trigger - Soul Eruption's damage is increased by 20%.
    - Powerful: Trigger - Soul Eruption grants Super Armor during its use, but its cooldown becomes 50% longer.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Trigger - Soul Eruption uses 20% less MP, and has its cooldown lowered by 1 second.
    Usage: Although Soul Eruption has the potential to deal great damage, it has two issues preventing it from reaching greatness. Firstly, it's bugged, and will sometimes not fire any additional shots. Second, it uses up your stacks of Gathered Souls, which you really should be saving for other skills (I'll explain the whole Gathered Souls thing in two skills, the Passive for it is on this tier). Overall, Soul Eruption can't really match up to Hunting Prey for PvE.
    Attribute Choice: You shouldn't really be using this skill, but if you do, take Empowered. A flat damage boost will be much more helpful than Super Armor in PvE.

    Death Sentence of Marbas - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +1CP], 50MP, 15sec CD: Ciel readies himself in a firing stance, then takes aim with his cross railgun. A guiding laser that can be aimed up and down with the arrow keys appears and the camera's angle adjusts, allowing you to direct his fire. The entire time that Ciel is in the stance, he has Super Armor. Pressing Z will fire a lightning-fast barrage of bullets, while pressing X will shoot a concentrated, more powerful blast. Z shots cost 9MP, while X blasts cost 30MP. If you stand still without firing for a full second, 10MP will be consumed. After 200MP has been consumed, or if you move left or right, Ciel exits the stance.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Critical: Death Sentence of Marbas now ignores 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances, but its MP usage is increased by 20% (Note: Only the initial activation cost is affected, the Z and X shots retain their original MP cost).
    - Heavy: Death Sentence of Marbas' damage is increased by 40%, but its cooldown is also increased by 50%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Death Sentence of Marbas uses 50% less MP when idle, and 30% less MP per Z or X shot.
    Usage: Sadly, while the skill looks really cool and is fun to use, its damage is pretty bad for its MP cost. I wouldn't recommend taking Marbas, unless you're planning to run a support NB (for some reason), then you can use it for boss delay support with rapid hitstun.
    Attribute Choice: Critical gives it the nice gimmick of being able to bypass shields, but neither attribute fixes its mediocre damage.

    Soul Collector - Passive: Ciel gains the ability to empower his bullets with the strength of demonic souls, increasing their range and piercing power. All combos and Active skills for Lu and Ciel also now gain the ability to grant a buff called Gathered Souls. For each 5 attacks, a stack of Gathered Souls is gained, with a maximum stack of 5. Gathered Souls has no effect by itself, but later Passives use them for their effects, and some skills can consume the stacks to add additional effects.
    Comments: Finally, here we are at the defining skill for Royal Guard. This Passive is the cornerstone of the class, as many later skills build off of the effects of this one. Trust me, the Gathered Souls buff is what Noblesse lives and dies for. I mean, the two other skills you gain this tier already use them, and you'll get even more skills that use them as you go.

    -----Tier 7 - Unlocks at Level 25-----

    Soul Extortion - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +2CP], 100MP, 9sec CD: Ciel shoots a demonic shell from his cross railgun, dealing damage to and absorbing spiritual energy from any enemies he hits. One stack of Gathered Souls is gained for each enemy hit. If you already have 5 stacks, Ciel will regain a little MP for each extra soul collected. Additionally, Soul Extortion has a 50% chance to instantly grant 5 stacks of Gathered Souls, regardless of how many enemies you hit.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Gigantic: Soul Extortion's range is increased by 30%.
    - Reversed: Soul Extortion's MP cost is reduced by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Soul Extortion's damage is increased by 10%, and it casts 30% faster.
    Usage: If there's one skill that you must always carry, this would be it. As integral as the Gathered Souls buff is to how this class functions, a skill that helps you gather those stacks faster is an absolute must-have. Put it on your skill bar the second you get it, and never take it off.
    Attribute Choice: Another case where both Attributes are viable choices. I personally prefer Gigantic, as it makes the range of the soul grab insanely large, almost guaranteeing multiple stacks of Gathered Souls gained. I'd also rather not have more cooldown on such an integral skill for the class.

    -----Tier 8 - Unlocks at Level 30-----

    Demonic Breath: - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +2CP], 100MP, 15sec CD: Lu opens a portal to the Demon Realm, blasting a ray of pungent demon breath forwards. Repeatedly pressing the skill key will increase the range and damage of the flames, for up to 10 presses. Each additional press costs 10MP. Demonic Breath can be used in mid-air. If the Combination Gauge is full, pressing the skill key for Demonic Breath after the skill finishes executing will cast Eschaton.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Heavy: Demonic Breath's damage is increased by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Reversed: Demonic Breath's MP consumption is lowered by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Demonic Breath's additional hits have their MP cost halved (10MP -> 5MP).
    Usage: Although the damage this skill does for its MP cost is pretty good, it takes far too long to cast, and is utterly trounced in terms of both damage and range by later skill choices (ironically, by the skill it chains into).
    Attribute Choice: You're going to end up with a longer cooldown either way, so decide if you want more damage or less MP use.

    Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +2CP], 100MP, 15sec CD: Ciel readies his weapons for rapid fire, then begins an onslaught of bullets. He starts by barraging the area in front of himself with repeated blasts from his gun-blades, then he switches to his railgun and continues the stream of bullets. You are free to move forwards and backwards during the firing. During this skill, Ciel has Super Armor, and becomes immune to all disabling-type status effects (Stun, Helpless, etc). If the Combination Gauge is full, rapidly pressing the skill key after the firing concludes will automatically make Ciel use Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement (if the skill has been unlocked).
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Light: Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement's MP cost is reduced by 20%.
    - Evil: Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement will drain 3MP from enemies per hit.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: I really wish this skill wasn't so terrible. The whole concept of having skills as "movements" of a musical piece is cool, but sadly, the 1st Movement is terrible in PvE. Not only is its damage bad, but it also takes ages for the entire thing to execute. It locks you into facing one direction for the entire skill, and it makes you unable to jump, meaning that if anything gets behind you, you're screwed, and you're now stuck firing at nothing until the skill's far-too-long animation finishes. It's also restricted to firing in a straight line, which is silly when you have much faster skills that do more damage without said restriction at your disposal (see: Flick Shot). Long story short: bad damage, restricts motion too much, and takes too long to use.
    Attribute Choice: MP burn isn't much use in PvE, so if you really still want to use this skill, take Light.
    Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement is a Locked Skill, and can only be learned by using Camilla's Secret Manual (Intermediate), obtainable either through the in-game quest chain "Camilla's Intermediate Training," or from the Item Mall.

    -----Tier 9 - Unlocks at Level 35-----

    Eschaton - Special Active, Combination Skill, 20sec CD: Lu and Ciel combine their powers to open a large rift to the Demon World, unleashing a maelstrom of malevolent spirits that fly forwards in a wave of energy. If any stacks of Gathered Souls are present, Eschaton can consume them to increase its size and damage, +3% to both per stack. As it travels, Eschaton's damage slowly degrades. It can also be used mid-air.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Persistent: Eschaton's range and duration are increased by 33%.
    - Gigantic: Eschaton's size and range are increased by 30%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Eschaton's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: Say hello to one of the skills that's lead to Noblesse becoming a god in PvE. Eschaton's range and damage are incredible, allowing it to rip apart linear rooms, and it can even travel around slight curves in the map. The one downside is that like all Combination Skills, it has a long cooldown, and is very heavily limited by that until you gain your later passives that allow you to manipulate cooldowns. This is still your go-to Combination Skill, and is another skill that should never leave your skill bar.
    Attribute Choice: Persistent is alright, but Eschaton truly reaches its maximum power when it has Gigantic, and can reach nearly from the top to bottom of the screen when used with five Gathered Soul stacks.

    -----Tier 10 - Unlocks at Level 40-----

    Shadow - Active, 40MP, 8sec CD: Lu/Ciel surround themselves with dark energy, striking the enemy to lower their knockdown rate, then swiftly dash backwards. The dark energy remains in place as an afterimage of them, decreasing the defenses of enemies by 31% for 3 seconds when they pass through it. Additionally, the shadow will absorb 20% of the damage that Lu and Ciel take for as long as it remains summoned. The shadow takes damage by doing so, and will disappear after it's received 25% (12.5% in PvP) of Lu/Ciel's max HP as damage, or after 16 seconds.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Killing Blow I: Shadow's duration is increased by 30%.
    - Powerful: Shadow grants Super Armor during its use, but its cooldown becomes 50% longer.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Shadow's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: Although the defense decrease can be helpful against bosses, since the debuff's duration is so short, you either have to corner or immobilize the boss, and since bosses are often prone to being dragged out of stationary skills, it's not the most amazing tool. I would only recommend taking this skill into Henir's Time and Space, where all you'll be fighting is bosses. It can still be helpful in normal dungeons, but only if your party is experienced, or you're soloing. It also loses prevalence very quickly when you realize that you could just use Marbas and ignore 50% defense anyway, or toss a Wind Orb and use any skill you want.
    Attribute Choice: Killing Blow I is the better choice by a long shot, as it allows the afterimage to remain out and continually re-apply its debuff, Powerful is more of a PvP thing.

    Communication - Restoration - Passive: The bond created by the contract between Lu and Ciel strengthens, making their combined powers greater. Each level of the skill slightly increases the MP regeneration of the inactive character, and makes Combination Skills deal more damage. The knockdown dealt with their combos is also reduced, and Lu gains the ability to execute a get-up attack with X that doesn't knock down.
    Comments: More MP? More MP it is. Since Noblesse has the best Combination Skills of any Lu/Ciel class by far, the damage increase is very nice. It's a shame that the no-KD X attack only applies to Lu, but it's still helpful if you end up getting knocked down.


    Part II-C: Beyond Royal Guard

    With Ciel's ambitions to serve Lu as her loyal butler now stronger than ever before, it's time for Lu to rise to her former glory! Once you reach Level 35, head to the board, and you should see your new Job Change quests. To finish them, do the following:

    1. Talk to Adel, the Village Chief of Altera.
    2. Collect:
    - 1 Navigation Core from a Nasod Scout Type-L in any Altera dungeon
    - 1 Titanium Blade from a Nasod Blader in 4-5 (Nasod Foundry) on any difficulty
    - 1 Nasod Leader Code from Crow Rider in 4-5 on any difficulty (Warning: Extremely low drop rate)
    3. Collect:
    - 5 drops from Assault Nasod: Type W-9 in 4-6 (Altera Core) on any difficulty
    - 20 drops from Elite Nasod Guard: Shield in 4-6 on any difficulty
    4. Defeat:
    - 3 Crow Rider in 4-5 on any difficulty
    - 3 King Nasod in 4-6 on any difficulty
    5. Collect 1 drop from Dulahan Knight in 5-1 (Shrine of Dedication Entrance) on Very Hard

    Congratulations, Lu is now the Noblesse, her original form as a Demon noble who wreaks havoc on the battlefield!

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    Part III: Noblesse

    After Ciel's advancement to Royal Guard, Lu feels that the time is right to take back her throne. With his inexhaustible support, she finally begins to regain her influence in the Demon Realm. By calling upon the powers of her Makal lineage, she gains control over deceased, evil spirits, bending their wills to her command, and using their strength to increase her own. Systematically, she begins to win the nobility of the Demon Realm over with her incredible power, impressive lineage, and irresistible charms. She also manages to hunt down those who betrayed her so long ago in her first attempt on the throne, and completely strips them of their influence. Having finally taken her rightful place at the head of the Makal, and as Queen of the Demons, Lu has become the ultimate deadly royal: the Noblesse!

    Part III-A: Noblesse's Combos

    Sniper Mode
    Noblesse adds a slight enhancement to Sniper Mode: holding either up or down when using the X blast allows it to be aimed in the corresponding direction.

    >>ZXvXX~X OR >>XXvXX~X - After a dash command, Lu/Ciel switches in, repeatedly blasting the earth with soul spears/powerful shots from his cross-railgun. These are the only full new combos that Noblesse adds, but they're both nice, fluid switch options.

    Part III-B: Noblesse's Skills

    -----Tier 11 - Unlocks at Level 35-----

    Shadow Bolt - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +4CP], 200MP, 13sec CD: Lu summons a spell circle in the air that repeatedly rains down soul spears on enemies below. The spears explode when they hit an enemy or the ground, dealing splash damage. If the skill key is held down, Lu gains Super Armor and the camera focuses on the spell circle, allowing it to be moved around with the arrow keys. Once the skill key is released, the circle stays in place and control transfers back to Lu. The skill will also end if twelve spears have been dropped.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Heavy: Shadow Bolt's damage is increased by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Critical: Shadow Bolt's MP cost is increased by 20%, but it will ignore 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Shadow Bolt's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: An extremely heavy-hitting skill, Shadow Bolt is your primary bossing tool, though it can also work for clearing if you maintain control of the circle for the entire duration of the skill. Just be warned, like all skills with manual aiming, Shadow Bolt is very lag sensitive, so poor connection to the party host may make it difficult to move the spell circle accurately (hence why I prefer to just drop it off right away and let it do its job while I move around).
    Attribute Choice: Both Attributes here are excellent damage boosts, and which you should pick really depends on what you're doing. In general though, Critical will net you more damage in Secret Dungeons and Heroic Mode, due to the high defense of enemy mobs, and the ability to still deal full damage on knocked-down enemies.

    Soul Sigil - Active, 45MP, 10sec CD: Lu/Ciel use their royal powers to engrave themselves and one nearby party member with a demonic seal that aids them in battle. The sigil will float behind you and your party member, launching homing souls at nearby enemies periodically. For every five souls fired, the sigil will also produce an enhanced soul that inflicts a Slow status on the enemy it hits. If used on only yourself, the sigil will last slightly longer, but it deals less overall damage.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Persistent: Soul Sigil will reduce the knockdown of enemies by 5 per hit.
    - Evil: Soul Sigil burns 5MP from enemies with each hit.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Soul Sigil's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: There's nothing really remarkable about this skill for PvE, it's very clearly designed for PvP. Hunting Prey remains a far better Active to carry in PvE, so I'd just skip over this skill completely.
    Attribute Choice: Both choices are only useful in PvP, so take either or neither.

    Spiritual Enhancement - Passive: With Lu's return to power as a Demon Queen, the souls of demons are more willing to aid her and Ciel, allowing them to strengthen the Trigger - Soul Eruption skill. Each level of the skill increases the damage and size of the souls fired, and it also gains the ability to fire homing soul spears; one by default, and one more per stack of Gathered Souls.
    Comments: An overall useless Passive in PvE, because all it does is increase the flaws with Soul Eruption. The fact that it uses up Gathered Souls is exactly why it's not good to use in PvE, adding more benefits to it does nothing to help the skill at all.

    -----Tier 12 - Unlocks at Level 45-----

    Twilight Judgement - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +4CP], 200MP, 18sec CD: Ciel loads three exceptionally powerful demonic shells into his cross railgun, then immediately fires one forwards. The shells have infinite piercing, and they explode with splash damage each time they hit an enemy. Pressing the skill key again will fire another shell, and the shells remain loaded for 60 seconds after the first shot is fired. If any shells have not been used at the end of the skill's duration, 33MP is recovered for each one. NOTE: The two stored shells can still be fired while Lu is the active character, and doing so will not cause her to switch with Ciel.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Empowered: Twilight Judgement deals 20% more damage.
    - Critical: Twilight Judgement's MP cost is increased by 20%, but it will ignore 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Twilight Judgment gains one additional ammo.
    Usage: This skill got a serious buff recently, turning it into a much more respectable option in PvE. It has incredibly good damage when used against closely-grouped enemies, and the new longer 60sec duration on loaded shells is much more forgiving than the old 15sec. Sadly, it still has trouble standing up to the immense utility of Flick Shot, which maintains its advantages of not requiring aiming or grouping. I'd still take it once you get Transcendence though, since you'll have room for it, and it's not necessarily "bad," it's just not as good as Flick Shot.
    Attribute Choice: Another choice between two good damage boosting options, I'd generally say to take Critical for PvE.

    Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement - Special Active, Combination Skill, 20sec CD: Ciel summons two flaming blue crosses to either side of himself, then Lu creates multiple burst explosions of demonic magical power in the sky, which Ciel repeatedly shoots with perfect accuracy, dealing heavy damage to any foes surrounding the two. If this skill is activated by chaining into it via the 1st Movement, it uses less Combination Points.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Useful: Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement deals more hits, but the damage of each hit is lowered by 20%.
    - Empowered: Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement deals 20% more damage.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement's damage is increased by 20%.
    Usage: A great Combination Skill for bossing, but it should not be used as a replacement for Eschaton at any point. It works for bossing, and that's about it. I only recommend taking this skill after you get Transcendence and have enough room on your skill bar to accommodate two Combination skills.
    Attribute Choice: Useful may seem the better choice at first glance, but unless you're fighting a perfectly stationary enemy, some hits may miss, so Empowered works as a more reliable damage boost.
    Fantasy Impromptu - 2nd Movement is a locked skill. It can only be learned by using Camilla's Secret Manual (Advanced), obtainable either through the quest chain "Camilla's Advanced Training," or from the Item Mall.

    -----Tier 13 - Unlocks at Level 50-----

    Swift Smash - Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +1CP], 70MP, 11sec CD: Lu summons several spirits, which rapidly carve the shape of a downwards-facing pentagram into the sky before returning to the Demon Realm. Enemies hit by the pentagram take repeated heavy damage. Swift Smash can consume five stacks of Gathered Souls to increase its damage by 35%. It can also be used in mid-air.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Gigantic: Swift Smash's size and range are increased by 30%.
    - Critical: Swift Smash's MP cost is increased by 20%, but it ignores 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Swift Smash gains the ability to grant stacks of Gathered Souls as it hits enemies.
    Usage: A nice small circle clear and a quick Lu switch, Swift Smash will be useful... for about five levels, until you get a better Lu switch.
    Attribute Choice: The skill's damage is already pretty high when used with Gathered Souls, so I personally went with Gigantic to let it clear a bit more. In the end though, it doesn't matter much since you won't be using the skill for long.

    -----Tier 14 - Unlocks at Level 55-----

    Spectral Spear - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +2CP], 100MP, 10sec CD: Lu tosses a spear made of spirit energy forwards that pierces through targets and explodes for splash damage each time it makes contact with an enemy. Spectral Spear can consume soul stacks from the Soul Collector passive to add waves of homing souls that burst from the spear as it flies forwards.
    Skill Attribute Choices:
    - Heavy: Spectral Spear's damage is increased by 40%, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
    - Critical: Spectral Spear ignores 50% of enemy defense (25% in PvP) and guard stances, but its MP cost is increased by 20%.
    - Final [Enhanced]: Spectral Spear gains an additional 2 homing spears when used with Gathered Souls.
    Usage: Oh hey, here's that better Lu switch I was talking about just last skill. Its range isn't nearly as large as Swift Smash, but it has homing when used with Gathered Souls, which is always a plus. Just something to note, much like Heavy Railgun, Spectral Spear explodes an extra time when it reaches its maximum range, so if you're only using it on one enemy, back up a bit before casting.
    Attribute Choice: Heavy isn't bad, but I prefer Critical, for a few reasons. Firstly, the lack of a cooldown penalty lets me toss it out more often for a quick Lu switch, and the defense/guard ignore allows it to be a shield breaking skill that instantly rips those pesky shield mobs apart. It's exceptionally handy in Velder's Hallucination, where you can make an enemy start drinking their potion, then use Spectral Spear and instantly kill them.

    -----Tier 15 - Unlocks at Level 60-----

    Tribute - Passive: The souls that Ciel gathers with his Soul Collector passive now volunteer to sacrifice themselves for their new Demon Queen, Lu. Any time a Gathered Souls stack is gained, a bit of the Awakening Gauge is charged, and all buffs on Lu and Ciel are slightly lengthened. The spirits also increase their elemental resistances (+128 to all elements at max level), and when five stacks of Gathered Souls are reached, they gain a stacking increase to their Magical Attack (2.2% increase per stack, 10 stack maximum). If Lu or Ciel is inflicted with a debuff, there is a 27.5% chance that one of the Gathered Soul stacks on them will sacrifice itself to remove the debuff instantly.
    Comments: Post-Renewal, this Passive is a combination of the old Tribute, and the old Noble Presence. It's also why I've been stressing the importance of Gathered Souls since they were first mentioned back at Royal Guard. Not only do they make skills stronger, as you see with this Passive, they strengthen nearly every aspect of Noblesse's playstyle. Just a note for the stacking Magical Attack buff: in the past, you had to reach 5 Gathered Souls, use all 5, then re-gather them. That's no longer necessary, simply gathering another stack once you hit 5 will refresh and re-stack the Magical Attack buff, as well as re-trigger the effects of stacking to 5. This makes it much easier to keep stacks, and much faster to reach the maximum ten stacks for an impressive 22% damage increase.

    Nobility - Passive: Lu's royal command over Ciel, and his acceptance of her as his master, has greatly strengthened their combined powers. Each time a segment of the Combination Gauge is filled, there's a 27.5% chance for one additional segment to fill. Furthermore, any time segments of the Combination Gauge are consumed, the cooldowns of all skills (other than Extreme Heavenly Love and Castle of Abbadon) are lowered a bit for each segment used. Both Lu and Ciel also now receive 20% less damage when being attacked by Special Active skills.
    Comments: This Passive is basically screaming at you to spam your Combination Skills, because not only does it make reaching a full gauge easier, it gives you benefits each time you use your CP up. Gather, use, reduce cooldowns, repeat. This passive truly shines once you reach Transcendence, as you'll then have room to carry two Combination Skills, allowing you to lower each of their cooldowns by using the other.
    Nobility is a locked skill. It can only be learned by using Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert), obtainable either through the quest chain "Camilla's Expert Training," or from the Item Mall.

    -----Hyper Tier - Unlocks at Level 65-----

    Castle of Abaddon - Hyper Active, 300MP, Consumes 1 El Essence, 180sec CD: Using her authority as a Demon Queen, Lu calls forth Abbadon, the Makal tribe's ancient castle from their glory days. As Ciel kneels before his mistress, her demonic army streams forth from the castle gates, bombarding the area in front of the pair with hundreds of soul spears. Just as the onslaught begins to conclude, one final, larger spear, the terrifying demon weapon Avalance, is unleashed, blasting forwards with infinite range and dealing even more damage than the smaller spears.
    Skill Attribute: Upon reaching Level 79, Castle of Abaddon will become Final [Enhanced], increasing its damage by 20%.
    Comments: Castle of Abbadon's damage is pretty impressive, even when only hitting one target, so it's an effective bossing skill. Its true power, however, comes from its stage clearing abilities. Much like Code: Battle Seraph's Hyper, this will liquidate any straight areas incredibly fast. Its only downside is one shared by every Hyper skill: it's cooldown is ridiculously high, so you'll likely only get to use it one to three times per dungeon.

    Part IV: Transcendent Noblesse

    Lu and Ciel have been through a lot since they first made the contract that bound their souls together. They've journeyed across Elrios, fighting demons along the way. They've saved the El Priestesses, stopped the revival of the Demon God, and even traveled to another dimension in pursuit of Solace and the El Lady. Their shared power has brought them this far, but to face the even greater challenges that lie ahead, they'll need to truly master their demonic powers. Pushing past their limits, Lu and Ciel Transcend Noblesse!


    Part IV-A: Transcendence Explained

    Q: Wait... what exactly is Transcendence?
    A: Transcendence is the "final" job advancement in the game, where your character masters their chosen class.

    Q: How do I Transcend?
    A: Like the previous Job Changes, you'll need to reach a certain level, and complete a quest. You can start down the path to Transcendence once you reach lv70, however, due to the nature of the quests, it's recommended that you take it slowly. Secret Dungeons aren't very forgiving to players at a lower level. The quests are as follows:

    Limit Break
    1. Clear 5 dungeons within your level range (Henir and Ereda excluded)
    2. Collect 5 Tiny Goddesses' Breath Fragments from any dungeon in Lanox on Very Hard difficulty (Warning: Low drop rate)
    3. Collect 5 Slightly Small Goddesses' Breath Fragments from any Secret Dungeon boss
    4. Collect 3 Slightly Large Goddesses' Breath Fragments from any Secret Dungeon
    5. Clear any Secret Dungeon 20 times

    Q: What does Transcendence actually do in terms of making me stronger?
    A: A few things. The most obvious reason to Transcend is that, like past Job Changes, it unlocks new skills. Arguably even more important than that is the addition of more skill slots. Transcendence will grant you two more slots to place skills in, aptly named Transcendence Skill Slots. Not only does this allow you to carry more skills into dungeons, skills placed in the Transcendence Skill Slots gain an extra bonus. While in Awakening, there's a random chance that the Transcendence Skill Slots will begin to shine gold, resetting the cooldowns of any skills (except Hyper Actives and Extreme Heavenly Love) in the slot, and giving them a +20% damage bonus if you use the skill within the next 10 seconds. On the subject of Awakening, the damage boost gained from Awakening also becomes stronger once Transcended, rising to 30%.

    Q: Okay, but we all know that the end-game in Elsword is playing dress-up. Do I get to look pretty with Transcendence?
    A: Heck yeah. You get a new character portrait, and when you Awaken now, you get a new voice line that plays as a small cut-in appears that shows your character expanding their Transcendence Wings. Also of note, pretty much all Transcendence skills are very well animated, so you can get some amazing screenshots. Keep it fab.

    -----Transcendence Tier 1 - Unlocks at Level 70-----

    Soul Entrapment - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Lu, +2CP] 100MP, 10sec CD: Lu summons a storm of spirits on either side of herself, restraining and damaging enemies.
    Usage: It looks pretty cool, but that's about it. The damage isn't anything special, the restraining effect is barely noticeable, the range isn't that good, and it loses in every feasible way to Spectral Spear for a good 100MP Lu switch.

    Awakened Will: Noblesse - Passive: Lu and Ciel's demonic power reaches its peak, granting them a multitude of bonus effects when they have less than five Combination Points. Critical and Maximize are increased by 10%, their chance to activate the Light and Dark elements on their weapon increases by 5%, and they gain 100 more resistance to the Dark element. However, they lose 100 resistance to the Light element. Switch Skills for the inactive character will also use 10% less MP.
    Comments: Although the stat boost are pretty solid, the loss of so much Light resistance is odd, especially considering that Tribute completely negates the loss with its 100 boost to all elements. Regardless, the passive as a whole does provide a nice occasional boost, making it much easier to restore your CP after using a Combination Skill.

    -----Transcendence Tier 2 - Unlocks at Level 80-----

    Soul Spread - Active, 40MP, 6sec CD: Lu/Ciel converts all stacks of Gathered Souls into homing projectiles, and blasts them forwards.
    Usage: There's no real nice way to say this, but... this is pretty much just a worse version of Trigger - Soul Eruption. The animations are nearly identical, just this skill has lower damage and worse homing range. There's no real reason to carry this other than wanting to be a hipster.

    Awakened One - Passive: After years of constant combat, Lu and Ciel's bodies have become even more battle-hardened, permanently increasing their Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and HP by 10%.
    Comments: This is a skill shared between all classes once they Transcend, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. 10% higher stats is quite a massive jump.
    Awakened One is a locked skill. It can only be learned by using the Forbidden Tome of Secrets (I), obtainable either through the quest chain "Sealed Power," or from the Item Mall.

    -----Transcendence Tier 3 - Unlocks at Level 90-----

    Magdonic Cannon - Special Active, [Switch Skill - Ciel, +4CP] 200MP, 16sec CD: Ciel fires a massive orb of soul energy forwards that deals continuous damage, as well as blasting out additional souls for each enemy inside the orb.
    Usage: This skill is really weird, and not in a good way. Its damage is hilariously low for a 200MP, requiring you to hit quite a few enemies before its secondary fire makes up for the lack of damage from the initial hit. This issue becomes even worse when you see the laughably small range of the orb, and how short its duration is. Overall, it's a decidedly subpar skill that's not worth a skill slot as long as Flick Shot and Twilight Judgment exist with more reliable access to 4CP, more powerful damage, and quicker executions.

    Noblesse Oblige - Passive: Having finally regained her position of power as a demon noble, Lu's control over demonic souls increases even further. Any time a Gathered Soul sacrifices itself via Tribute's effect to remove a debuff, the active character gains 10MP, and one Combination Point. Shadow Bolt also gains an additional six spears to drop.
    Comments: Okay, the first part isn't that amazing since Noblesse doesn't get debuffed that often, but six more spears for Shadow Bolt?! That is a lot of extra damage, bringing the total to eighteen spears.
    Noblesse Oblige is a locked skill. It can only be learned by using the Forbidden Tome of Secrets (II), obtainable either through the quest chain "Power of Transcendence," or from the Item Mall.

    -----Transcendence Tier 4 - Unlocks at Level 95-----

    Rain of Chaos - Special Active, Combination Skill, 24sec CD: Ciel spreads his arms, and Lu leaps into the air, creating a large sigil beneath the duo. The sigil launches multiple demonic spears into the sky, which then rain down around Lu and Ciel. Reign of Chaos gains extra damage when used with Gathered Souls.
    Usage: Say hello to your new strongest skill. Reign of Chaos has absolutely absurd damage potential, commonly dealing even more damage than Shadow Bolt's full spear rain, or even Castle of Abbadon. Still, its range isn't that large horizontally, so it's primarily meant to be used on bosses or stronger foes in Heroic. This needs to go on your skill bar ASAP.

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    Part V-A: How-To's

    So, you now have my suggestions for which skills to use. But, what really matters is how you use them. This section is meant to help you with just that. First, you must understand your class role.

    -----PvE Basics-----

    DO try to gather up scattered enemies. This makes everyone's life easier, and you have an amazing tool for it: Soul Extortion. With the added range from Gigantic, a good half-screen in front of you can be hit and sucked towards you. Of course, if you want to speed things up, Noblesse is one of the classes in the game that has the luxury of high-damage skills that don't rely on specific situations, a la Eschaton. It's still beneficial for skills like Spectral Spear and Twilight Judgment though.

    DON'T knock down enemies, if at all possible. This greatly increases their defense, and allows certain monsters to attack upon standing up. On that same note, launching enemies will generally also lead to them being knocked down unless you immediately catch and ground them again, so be very cautious when using launch attacks. Luckily, Royal Guard and Noblesse have very few launches and knockdowns on their combos and skills, so you don't have to worry about this as much as the older classes that still have antiquated combos.

    DO learn to manage your Gathered Souls, as well as your Noble Presence buff. Making sure that you have a full five stacks before using Eschaton is one of the things that separates a good Noblesse from a great Noblesse. 15% more range and damage makes a much larger difference than you might think, and it can be the difference between clearing an entire area and having to mop up stragglers at the end of the stage. In my case, if I know that Eschaton is needed in the first stage of a dungeon, I even make sure to reach five Gathered Soul stacks in the field before entering the queue.

    DON'T adamantly refuse to use skills solely for Combination Points. If Noblesse isn't your first class, it might take some time to adjust to the fact that it's perfectly okay to use skills against no enemies for the sole purpose of gaining CP. This class has far better resource management than most classes, they can afford to throw away 100/200MP on attacking nothing.

    DO form parties with friends or guild mates. I won't lie, PvE can be tedious if you're doing it alone. Having a group of people you know with you makes it much more fun.

    DON'T expect a random party to follow these guidelines. Sadly, after the party system was changed from pre-formed to auto-queued, most of what was previously common knowledge now only exists among the long-time veterans and the few new players who decided to seek out guidance from them. If you're here, reading this, kudos to you for being one of those few. While we're on that topic...

    DO ask veterans for help. Most of us don't bite, and we want to see you enjoy and excel at this game.

    -----Types of Enemies-----

    In dungeons, you will encounter many enemies, but they can be divided into four basic categories: Trash Mobs, Buffed Mobs, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses.

    Trash Mobs are called as such because your goal is to sweep them up, like trash. Almost all of the enemies you encounter in your dungeon runs are Trash Mobs, and can usually be finished off with a single skill (unless you're under-geared).

    Buffed Mobs are exactly what the name says: buffed versions of Trash Mobs. You can identify Buffed Mobs in a few ways; by their names having a prefix attached that describes their abilities, by the small speech bubbles coming out of their heads, and/or by the colored circles surrounding them that show the element they can use. Buffed Mobs can be a serious annoyance, as their stats are universally higher than a normal Trash Mob, and they have much higher chances to activate their elements than you. Be cautious of them when you see them, but when clearing, treat them the same as Trash Mobs.

    Mini-Bosses show up before the end of the dungeon, and feature a short "Danger" cut-scene that displays their name. As you can probably guess, a mini-boss is essentially a weaker boss monster. They have high HP, more powerful and varied attacks than normal monsters, and require different counter-measures.

    The Boss monster (or monsters, there are sometimes more than one!) shows up at the end of the dungeon, and features substantially higher HP than any enemy before it, as well as higher attacks and defenses. That being said though, there are very few bosses in the game that are actually technically challenging. Once you know a boss monster's pattern, it's easy to take down quickly. Remember: Elsword PvE is not about fighting difficult enemies, it's about taking down enemies as fast as you can.


    Clearing refers to the art of quickly eliminating large amounts of Trash Mobs as quickly as possible. In the same vein, skills capable of doing this are called clearing skills, and they can be classified into a few different groups.

    Linear Clears are skills that clear in a straight line. Some are limited to a perfectly straight line, while some are capable of following curves in the stage. Line clears excel at clearing smaller groups of enemies, or larger groups that are spread out across a straight stage. Noblesse has many skills that can be classified as linear clears, with the most notable being Eschaton, and their Hyper, Castle of Abbadon. Eschaton will make up almost all of your clearing power in dungeons, simply because it's so amazingly good. Great damage, great range, and great travelling distance. Castle of Abbadon should only be used in massive areas that are perfectly straight, as even the slightest curve can throw it off track. Marbas is capable of being used as a linear clear, but it often executes too slow to be efficient, reserving its main use for bossing. Also of note is Spectral Spear, which functions as a short linear clearing tool that can liquidate nearly any trash mob. After its sizable buff, Twilight Judgement fits into this category as well, though it has much smaller vertical range than the others. There are some others, like Demonic Breath and Fantasy Impromptu 1st Movement, but enough about trash.

    Circle Clears, as the name suggests, are skills that clear in a circular area. They are generally not influenced by curves in the stage, with many having large forwards/backwards ranges, allowing them to attack enemies in the foreground or background. The only skill I would really classify as a circle clear on Noblesse is Swift Smash, and it's not really that helpful compared to their other skills.

    Homing Clears are skills that don't require positioning, aiming, or really any input from the user at all once they're activated. They simply jump from enemy to enemy, wiping out anything in their path. If you successfully make contact with an enemy on the first attack of Flick Shot, it becomes a homing clear. A few other skills also have elements of homing in them, namely the extra souls fired when using Spectral Spear and Death Sentence of Marbas.

    Lastly, the most uncommon clear type, Block Clears, skills that clear in rectangular areas, but not for a great enough length to be considered linear. These skills usually attack on both sides of the user, either appearing on the top or bottom of the screen. Noblesse doesn't have any skills that fall under this niche.

    So, why is this important? Classifying your skills like this will help make your job a lot easier, because you need to focus on one thing to know how to use them to clear: what shape are they? Much like the mind stimulation toy for children where the goal is to fit various shapes into their corresponding holes, your job when clearing is to match the shape of your skill to the groups of enemies in the dungeon. If the enemies are all lined up, then a linear clear will best eliminate them. If they're slightly spread, but still in a fairly condensed area, then a circle clear will do. If there's a divide between two groups, a block clear may do the job better than others. The only type of skill that doesn't require this sort of thought process is homing, but since Noblesse only possesses it as a secondary effect on a few skills, you'll need to be aware of the way that enemies are spread in the dungeon at all times, and use your clears appropriately.


    Part V-B: FAQ's

    Q: What's your skill set?
    A: This is probably the top question that almost everyone asks me right away. Here's how I run my Noblesse in PvE:

    Q: Can I spar with you?
    A: Nope, sorry. The only thing I go into Sparring for is marketing.

    Q: What element should I use for my weapon?
    A: Noblesse has two main choices for elements: Water IV or Dark IV. Water is the standard go-to PvE element for its defense reduction, and even though Noblesse has a lot of skills with Critical, it's not complete defense ignore, and Water will also help your party. Dark IV allows you to gain an absurd amount of MP via combos and Actives, and with Awakened Will, its proc chance is even higher right after you've used a Combination Skill.

    Q: Does Noblesse need a Magic Necklace?
    A: Heck no, lol. Lu/Ciel's passive regeneration on the inactive character already puts them ahead of most other classes in terms of resource management. If you can afford to grab one though, I still recommend it, every little bit counts. Since KoG loves to punish players though, you'll need two Magic Necklaces for Lu/Ciel. If you can only afford one, I'd recommend giving it to Ciel, since he has far more commands that use MP than Lu.

    Q: Does Noblesse need a Skill Slot B/Transcendence Slot Expansion?
    A: Do you want to have fun playing the game? The answer to that question is the same. The versatility that a B-Slot adds to all characters will put them head and shoulders above anyone not using one. If you plan to play any class seriously, you should get them a B-Slot, whether you do it via cashing or off the board.

    Q: Do I need a costume?
    A: If you're aiming for socket optimization, yes. Not only will a costume set give you extra socket space for more stats, all costume gear is treated as if it was +11, meaning sockets on it will almost always be at maximum value if you use any type of magic stone equal or greater to an Advanced Magic Stone. If you can't afford one/don't cash, don't worry, KoG's been getting less stingy with giving them out in events lately. The Renewals literally gave everyone an entire costume, eight Sage Stones, and a +9 Amulet just for having a capped character. Just keep an eye on the current events, and when one with a costume pops up, you know what to do. Just keep in mind that Lu and Ciel both need costumes before you reach full functionality.

    Q: What gear should I aim for?
    A: Noblesse is sufficiently powerful on their own without any gimmicks from gear, which makes the choice for their end-game set less of a question of "which one is best," and more "how do you want to play?" MK4 provides you with a little more max MP and makes you incredibly tanky, Dragonic allows Awakening to be used for bursting, Alterasia makes their resource management become unmatched, and both Glitter and Ancient Guardian grant various on-hit effects. Sand Blast is the only SD set that I would say isn't worth it in PvE, the Bind effect can actually be detrimental against some enemies. In my case, I run Alterasia, but it really depends on how you're planning to build your character.

    Of course, Secret Dungeon sets are only the prelude to the true endgame gear: Heroic. Obtainable from Heroic Hell dungeons, Heroic gear is lv90, and has obscenely powerful effects on each individual piece. The downside is that actually obtaining good gear is heavily RNG-gated. As for what effects you want to aim for with Heroic gear:

    - 2pc Wrath and 2pc Wisdom (parts don't matter, just two of each for your armor)
    - Rank 25 or higher Wrath or Wisdom weapon to complete one 3pc set
    - Bottom Piece with either Party Magical Attack, Party Maximize, or Party Critical
    - Gloves with either Strength or Bravery Skill Stacking Damage
    - Ignore Magical Defense on any piece really, since most of NB's damage is Magical
    - Strength/Bravery Cooldown -X% and MP Cost -X% are also good effects on any piece
    - Skill damage boosts to look out for: Eschaton, Shadow Bolt, Spectral Spear, Flick Shot (note that specific skill damage boosts are nice, but not required, it's not the end of the world if you get a good piece that doesn't happen to have a skill you use on it)
    Q: How should I socket at end game?
    A: With the recent Stat Revamp completely changing up the options for socketing, it can be a tad overwhelming if you don't understand what each stat does. To put it simply though, you'll want to do the usual baseline 20% in all three speeds, then immediately focus on Maximize (at least 40% is recommended). After Maximize, turn your attention to Critical, the other stat essential to damage output in PvE. Around 70-80% is recommended, since the normalization on the stat gets pretty intense after 80%. From there, it's up to you. The only stats I'd say you should never bother with are MP Gain (Attack) and MP Gain (Attacked). Both of these are instantly boosted to 30% if you wear a Magic Necklace, and after 30%, the normalization becomes so insane that it's completely pointless to bother with socketing them.

    Q: Which ring is the best option for Noblesse?
    A: Honestly, just grab whatever you can get. Due to having split accessories, rings only work on the character they're equipped on, meaning that if you want to use a Ring of Fury, you'd need two to actually get the extra Awk. Charge at all times. Same with Skill Rings, the damage boost will only apply while that character is active. You can either choose to carry the same ring on both characters, or choose a ring that works best for each character. If you only have one Ring of Fury, make sure to put it on Lu, as the effect for granting three Awakening Beads at the start of a dungeon won't apply unless it's on her.

    That about covers the basics of Noblesse. There's no feasible way I could explain everything, as a lot of things simply have to be learned through experience, but hopefully this guide has given you a good start on your journey. With that, I bid you good luck on mastering Royal Guard and Noblesse!

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    Part VI-A: Sources

    - All class and skill images are sourced from Elwiki
    - The image used above is fan art drawn by ハクジ [Pixiv profile] [Illustration]
    - All skill information was researched using Elwiki, but the skill descriptions used in this guide were written by me

    Part VI-B: Helpful Resources and Info

    Elwiki - The most complete and detailed source of Elsword information from every official server. All of the skills in this guide will take you to Elwiki's page for them if you click on their names. Do be warned though, since it's still a Wiki, anybody can edit it. This means that it is not always 100% accurate.

    Elsword Skill Tree Simulator - A web app that can simulate the Skill Tree of any class, albeit in Chinese. There's currently no English equivalent, so this is the best you'll get.

    Elwiki's Elsword Mini-Sigs - A cool section of Elwiki that allows you to make custom signatures showcasing your characters, based on the now defunct RemovedFromGame Mini-Sig Creator (RIP ; - ;)

    Dntien's PvE Guide - I go over the very bare-bones basics of PvE in this guide, but if I were to cover the entire spectrum, this would cease to be a Noblesse guide, and would become me ranting about how to use NB in PvE, lol. Fortunately, Dntien goes much more in-depth into how to properly PvE in their guide, so I highly recommend you give it a read.

    Psycho K's Mechanics and Resources Guide - Prepare your minds for math. This guide, if you can wrap your head around it, is a great look at some of the game's lesser-known mechanics.

    PvP Modifiers - Damage is scaled down a bit in PvP, and this shows exactly how much on each skill.

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    Reserve post #5, just in case. You may post now~

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    Might want to note in the skill ring section that the next balance update isolates both of their stats, meaning they won't be able to use 2 skill rings at once in the future and get the benefits on both characters. Not a huge deal, but it might be worth noting to keep someone from spending twice as much cash as they should.

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    Thank you so much! This was a huge help. I hope I can remember these though! (⋟﹏⋞)

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    Might want to note in the skill ring section that the next balance update isolates both of their stats, meaning they won't be able to use 2 skill rings at once in the future and get the benefits on both characters. Not a huge deal, but it might be worth noting to keep someone from spending twice as much cash as they should.
    Well, since the Skill Rings can be bank shared, it's not like they become useless. Another character can always use the extras after their stats are split again, or they can continue to use two rings, putting the proper rings for certain skills on the right character. Since the change in stats does have a large effect on them though, I'll probably add in a note about it regardless.

    Thank you so much! This was a huge help. I hope I can remember these though! (⋟﹏⋞)
    No problem, glad I could help~

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    ok! soooo...
    i recently made an RG/NB and i'm a little..stuck i guess? i don't wanna nab a b-slot so early for a character i may/may not like, so i guess i'm asking if you have any 4-skill recommendations for people starting out with this particular class; from mid-RG(20-30) to beginner-NB(40) specifically?

    &&sorry if that's too much--i'll re-flip through your guide for myself, on the off-chance that this question was already covered andijustmisseditorsomething. either way, thanks for the tips ! ;;v;;