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    Welcome to [PaperHearts]
    Server : North America
    Current Guild Level : 15
    Current Members : 120/130
    (We will slowly be growing the guild size as the guild grows ^^)
    Established : 2015.07.14
    Recruitment :

    (Try not to apply as an Add player... GM Lily hates Adds... Sorry Add players!)

    It all started... On that one cold snowy winter 2 years ago...
    A small group of friends gathered around a table, lit only by a small candle, yet the flame burned with passion and love. The spark was enough to warm our hearts on a cold winter night. We spoke our words and vowed loyalty and bloodshed promises, to protect one another, until death do us apart.

    "The fact that I am standing here...

    Means I'm also prepared to fight on behalf of my guild...
    I don't need your pity."

    Sadly, that's not how things always turns out in life. People come and people go, but as long as you remember, it will stay in your heart forever. To all those that were once one of us, that were dear to us, and that many considered family, we simply wish you the best in your own future and the dreams that you have chosen to chase after. May [PaperHearts] forever be with you.

    "Even if I cannot see you...

    No matter how far away you may be...
    I will always be watching over you."

    And finally, to all those who wishes to join us, we welcome you to this family guild. We all have our ups and our downs. Sometimes we don't feel like doing anything, other times we feel like staying up until midnight drinking and singing karaoke. We don't expect you to be the very best, we just want you for who you are. For whatever reason you chose to play this game, there's a definite reason behind it. And we're glad you did. If you leave us one day, we hope we've given you a good amount of happy memories that you take along with you, and cherish them.

    "When people realize...
    How lonely it is being on their own...
    They will become kind."

    Note: We will always have Gnosis Blessing to help us Level up the Guild!

    1. Be friendly and respect one another. This also applies to when you’re outside the guild, and especially in Arena. It may affect the guild’s reputation and if you are found to be extremely salty or rude, (whether it’s in guild or outside) and you will face the subject of removal. We are known for being extremely helpful and kind, and we plan to keep it that way.
    2. Don’t beg. Whether its ED, Kching or power level. Yes, Admins and higher ranks are here to help, but we are not your slaves. We have our own things to do too. Please do not constantly ask us to level carry you or boost dungeons. It is in your favor to ask other guildmates of similar levels as you, to level and cap together.
    3. Don’t abuse the Guild Chest! We're glad for this new system and it'd be a shame if guildmates abused this system. Please read below for rules and guidelines...
    4. Inactiveness. We understand that you all possibly have a life, and there is no current ‘kick day’ what so ever, however, GM Lily will be looking after all, and will clean and kick on a basis of how active you’ve been. This could depend on your Rank and Level too. So be sure to notify one of us if you’re going to be inactive for how long and the reason. In these cases, your character would receive the “Initiate” Rank, to indicate and remind us that you’re away and will not be kicked.
    5. Chatter is encouraged! We like the friendly and talkative environment that we have, and we plan to keep it that way. However, we do not wish for you to flood the Guild Chat, take turns, and be sensible. If you’re having a separate/private chat with someone, take it elsewhere. We do not need to know your business, and that’s what PMs and Whispering is for. We also understand if you’re a shy and quiet one. But we strongly encourage everyone to say “Welcome Back” or anything along those lines to anyone that have just logged on.
    6. Helpfulness. We’re all here to have fun, and it’ll be great if we looked out for each other. It should be everyone’s job to look after one another, not just the Admins and GM!
    7. Most important rule: Have Fun! We’re all playing this game to have heaps of fun and meet new people. I hope being in [PaperHearts] will only multiply the amount of fun and craziness for you all!

    Guild Bank is here to help all members! These are the following basic rules!
    the list
    If you have any questions feel free to ask Admin Asterima!
    General rules;

    • Don’t be greedy! Only take what you need.
    • Always think of others, do not take a stack of something, when clearly others may need it too.
    • If you take something, it is expected of you to contribute to the guild, by giving something back. It can be anything.
    • This is not a dumpster where you can throw all your junk! We don’t want to have to keep cleaning all the useless things out.

    Things available in Guild Bank:

    • Crafting Material
    • Elixirs
    • Potions
    • Equipment
    • SD Material
    • Orbs
    • Magic Stones
    • Shards
    • Accessories

    Note: Please do not put anything else apart from the list of above ~
    Special Note: Please do not be those people who join guilds, takes things from the guild bank then gaps it. I'm warning you that if you do it to PH, we will blacklist you. And make sure you never set foot in this guild EVER AGAIN. We will also be posting the blacklist on this thread soon to warn other guilds and such of your thieving activities!!! Your IGN, Reason/Explanation of what you did and EVIDENCE will be posted along.
    SO WATCH IT. :c

    : This rank belongs to the one and only Lilaceria!
    Admins: This exclusive tight circle of members is decided by Head Admin and GM Lily only, upon the discussion of the remaining admins. This is the highest rank that can be given out and will result in the member being given a specific area of the job to do/look after.
    Officers: Are given to members that have been with us for a long time, and is constantly active. They would have shown their helpfulness and interest in improving and helping the guild grow and flourish.
    Veterans: Granted to members that have shown and proved their loyalty by staying and helping/interacting with others for at least a week.
    Members: Upon joining the guild, you will receive this rank
    Initiate: Should not be given to any member, unless Admins and GM Lily had been slack and forgotten to change your rank. Also exceptions to those who are away for whatever explained and approved reason, which will not be kicked from the guild.
    Note: Do not beg us for ranks. We will assign you what we believe you deserve. We will observe your actions and will notice if you are helpful and caring towards others. If we think you deserve a higher rank, GM Lily will promote you.

    Get to know your Admins and GM a little bit better!

    GM Lily™
    Mother of [PaperHearts]

    IGN: Lilaceria | xLilacy | xLilacie
    Character: Eve
    Class: Code Nemesis | Code Empress | Code Battle Seraph
    Level: 99

    Carefree, bubbly and talkative. ( A big derp and lazy bum too ) You’ll witness some of her most derpy moments in-game and have a good joke and laugh. You'll also notice how it's a "guild thing" to all bully her (You'll get the swing of it REAAAAALLLLL SOON) #NotYourTypicalStrictGM in fact, quite the opposite.

    She's a social butterfly, in-game and in real life. So if she's a bit inactive, you'll know she's up to no good at parties. You'll probably catch her room hopping in the Sparring Rooms late at night. Also, she loves CATS.

    She has a habit of being AFK sometimes, so please don’t stress if she doesn’t respond you immediately in Guild Chat. She's famous for her "random acts of disappearances" where she disappears for a period of time, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. Hence the famous line that all guildies say whenever someone asks where the GM is: "If you're lucky, you'll see her on once in a blue moon."

    She’ll be organizing all the Guild Events and in charge of promoting all your ranks upon joining us. She also makes the final decisions. She’ll be assisting any lower levels with inquiries, and she’s very good with market pricing. For any P/Cs come to her! ( If you have any real life problems, she's great to talk to too! ) Basically, she just sits there and looks pretty all day.

    Main Job: Events, Rankings, Market... Basically everything. Oh, and throwing out candy!

    "Ghost" Admin Veles
    Phantom of [PaperHearts]

    IGN: xVeleria | xVeles | xVelishia
    Character: Ara

    Class: Asura | Yama Raja | Sakra Devanam
    Level: 99

    (Currently "quit" Elsword, but hops online for Guild Related work and oversees the Guild when GM Lily takes her "extended" leaves)
    Caring, Generous and Extremely active. He’s a spark of fun. Although he can be very self-absorbed in the game at times but just give him a little poke and he shall respond. You’ll often see him dashing in and out of Raids, and dungeons. Behold, our Dungeon Beast.

    He always says that he's "Quit" but really, he gets dragged on whenever Lily yells at him. (Also fulfilling the promise to GM Lily that he must reach Star Rank on board otherwise he cannot quit :3) He's the only one that can actually contact GM Lily when she's "away" or has magically "disappeared" for a long period of time.

    Main Job: Overseer

    Admin Asterima™
    Treasurer of [PaperHearts]

    IGN: Asterima | Animebelle | Damelodia
    Character: Ara | Aisha | Luciel
    Class: Asura | Elemental Master | Noblesse
    Level: 99 | 62 |99

    Fun, Bold, Cheeky. Definitely a Tsundere. ~ Otherwise known as "Ema". You'll often see her calling Lily "Asu" because those two have been friends for a long LONG time. ~

    Giant Foxcon! If you want to get on his good side, then give him plenty of head pats, or bribe him with cute Ara/Asura Art works. ~ He acts innocent most of the time, but really, he's the mastermind behind all the mischief and chaos that happens in the guild.

    Asterima is our monitor for the Guild Storage. He has his own set of rules so be sure to read the Guild Messages section to be informed! He's also our lovely Guild Alchemist, just take your materials to him and he'll happily craft you anything! The hands of magic. All his potions are made with LOVE
    Our Guild Storage is fully stocked ~

    P.S He's adorable like a fluffy pet in chat. But a d*ck in voice channel ! >:C

    Main Job: PvE, Guild Alchemist, Imagine what GM Lily would do... then do it ~

    Admin Acuiasa
    Trainer of [PaperHearts]

    IGN: Acuiasa | Micharti | Livasa
    Character: Ara | Elesis | Rena
    Class: Yama Raja | Blazing Heart | Grand Archer
    Level: 99

    Strict, fearless and Serious. Literally, the Hika 2.0 (For those of you who don't remember our Ex-Head Admin Hikage, well... that's a shame :P) For such a guy it's an irony that he works in... a bakery. (LOL)
    P.S He doesn't like cakes and most sweet things too so... (Candies won't bribe him.)

    He is super active in our Guild Discord voice chat, but most of the time he's really just roasting Ren about his non-stop derps. (Feel free to join in and add the salt ) His way of typing and texting makes him seem strict and unapproachable. (Still gives Lily the cold shivers sometimes LOL) But really he's just a grammar nazi who MUST put a full stop at the end of each sentence and everything else is spaced out grammatically correct with commas etc. (Really, it's just the full stops that makes things seem 100 times DEAD SERIOUS). Once you hear him in the voice chat, you'll get to know his real nature: A rat that's been fed drugs and is happy about everything basically.

    He is also another Ara fan (Which GM Lily seems to have a thing for since she has THREE Ara Admins), joining in on the Ara Spam of posting Ara artworks alongside Admin Veles and Admin Asterima. (As if those two weren't enough to handle already)

    Main Job: Social Media

    Admin Fae™
    Sunshine of [PaperHearts]

    IGN: Windalia | Faenelix
    Character: Elsword | Chung
    Class: Infinity Sword | Tactical Trooper
    Level: 99 | 95

    Veles 2.0 ! He's super duper smart and active (when he isn't caught up in school stuff). He's loves goofing around with the rest of the admins in voice channel and in spar rooms late at night. He's always lurking around in the shadows during our late night calls. It's a shame he can't join our voice calls when it's past bed time from him, otherwise he'd wake up his sleeping family XD.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * SUNSHINE ~ * ~ * ~ * LOLLIPOPS ~ * ~ * ~ *
    Doki doki doki doki

    His special talent is... Making 2 minute ramen in 1:59 seconds

    Main Job: Assisting Acuiasa with social media, and bits and bobs ~

    To Join...
    Simply fill out the form below either through this thread or flick me a PM!

    Birthday (Optional!):
    Fun fact about you


    Proudly presenting you our guild twitch! Keep your eyes out for our live streams of events and tournaments. Recorded videos will then be uploaded to our YouTube channel, later on, ~

    Whoop Whoop! Keeping up with the recent derps! We now have our very own Youtube channel dedicated to the guild. You'll find our past PvP Tournament and other event videos uploaded here ~
    We have also started a new series called "Daily Life of PH" where it's just small clips of guildies running dungeons and derps ~

    We now have Discord too ~ There are heaps of channels dedicated to different topics and even AFK corners ~ Come one, come all! Just PM one of the admins for an invite!

    Nothing here for now~


    More Coming Soon...

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    away from who ever is screaming for healing
    IGN: Bukionious
    Class: Code: Nemesis
    Birthday (Optional!): 20/09/9u8
    Fun fact about you: Me > Lily... I also share a birthday with the Guild's GM

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    This is an extremely well organized and formatted thread! Kudos to the person who made it ^^


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    How do guilds like this work? Would members just go on once in a while or are there specific things to do?

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    How do guilds like this work? Would members just go on once in a while or are there specific things to do?
    Members do not have any specific jobs in the guild , dont worry ! Guilds are just here to aid and help members enjoy the game more ! Only Admins are given a specific job, like helping guildies or organising events etc.
    We're looking for active players at the moment, so it'd be preferred for them to be on most days ^^ ( No more than a 5 day leave )
    GM Lily

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    This is an extremely well organized and formatted thread! Kudos to the person who made it ^^

    Awwww ~ Thank you ! >w<
    GM Lily

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    Since GM Lily can be a lazy bum and forgets to do this

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    Since GM Lily can be a lazy bum and forgets to do this
    R-Rude...! ;///; I do bump this! ><

    ♥ Bumps ♥
    See? <3

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    Class:Sword Knight
    PvP/PvE: Both
    Fun fact about you: I am fairly new to this game, and I am looking for a guild to show me the ropes, and this guild looks like it could.
    P.S: Nice forum name OP

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    Jul 2013
    Class:Sword Knight
    PvP/PvE: Both
    Fun fact about you: I am fairly new to this game, and I am looking for a guild to show me the ropes, and this guild looks like it could.
    P.S: Nice forum name OP
    I apologise for this extremely late reply, (I've been busy lately)
    But my admin has sent you a mail in game. Please reply to that mail ASAP and negotiate a time to both be online so that we can invite you to the guild!
    P.S You can also find our guild AD on the board ^-^

    GM Lily