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    Mar 2012

    GM Patch 6/1/2016: Rose, Eltrion Phase 1

    Hey El Gang!

    Rose is released today, along with a lot of other big content updates and events.

    Let us know how you feel about this patch. Provide constructive feedback on things you liked the most, things you liked the least, or even suggestions and ideas. Every bit of detail helps us construct and implement improvements to help make Elsword better!

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    Feita Knight
    Mar 2011
    It would've been nice if Eltrion came out after Rose had her 2nd jobs so she could start participating.

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2012
    The Vanillasphere!
    Being able to preemptively name a Rose was nice.
    Having Eltrion come out barely a week after Perkisas ended was not.
    Many people were hoping for a much longer cool down time before he hit.
    Motivation is down by 10pts. \ ' ^ ' / ~plops~

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    Elder Citizen
    Feb 2012
    ¬¬ no 1st job change 4 rose? and also giving her a Eltrion quest? with no chance to give her my equipment that could make her a decent match for eltrion, that just tell me u guys have no clue of what r u doing =_________=

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    Feita Knight
    Dec 2015
    Eltrion coming so early really sucks. It would have been nice to have at least 1 month of a pause to replenish some ressources for raiding. Buying the things you need is very expensive long term.

    Rose not coming with a 1st job is just infuriating. Having a decently leveled character (with the lvl up tomes which are awesome) without any kind of gear (since bank share is disabled for base) and stuck on the same couple of skils is a pain to play with.

    The event page should have been made ready to be up the day before release and published BEFORE the event release.

    Getting free sage stones was nice.

    The weapon cube for leveling this time was kinda meh. Considering the previous Saviour weapon cubes they seemed a little underwhelming by not going past lvl 40.

    Overall the leveling rewards are kinda meh (compared to revamp leveling rewards) and having to go through the tedious skill quest... Since there was a lvl jump provided it was understandable though. My concern with the lvl jump is how it's rng. Why make it rng? What is the purpose of it being rng? What merit does it have for anyone?
    At least the GoD rate was made 100% so leveling is a breeze, but getting Stamina Potions is a pain since you have to queue for Ereda on a non-ranked character which can take a lot of time.

    Overall I felt this was a disappointment. A couple of nice small things between the huge and horrendous stuff.

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2011
    Please bring back 'Exit' only button.

    Why do I have to go character select page to exit the game? Or even task manager.

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    Velder Noble
    Nov 2013
    Will Base be forever restricted from using Bankshare?

    I may have missed it but certainly you did say it was an undocumented change.


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    Sep 2011
    So-Cal, 69,000 feet underground
    Will Base be forever restricted from using Bankshare?

    I may have missed it but certainly you did say it was an undocumented change.


    Please bring bank sharing on base characters back, it's seriously hurting our ability to transfer resources to Rose.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Apr 2011
    +The ability to precreate a Rose was a generously kind event. It bit off the 3 days limit of trade at least, but I guess no point in celebrating it -if base jobs are still restricted.

    -Rose's inability to join the Raid due to lack of job advancements is disappointing for those that wished to invest in their new Rose characters. Not wanting to release job advancements early is understandable, but allowing a new raid to begin immediately without Rose players' participation can be extremely discouraging towards them. Unless you plan to extend the raid events to accommodate for Rose characters, expect continued saddened feedback about this.

    -I'm not a daily raid player, but I would also agree that resources for raids are potentially demanding, and not allowing a period of recovery can afflict continued daily runs. It's not just a matter of resources, but also repetition. You can't really expect half-dedicated people to raid daily forever—there must be some moderation. A pre-event would have worked fine.

    -The lack of Rose event information before or near the immediate end of the patch also severely hurt some of the Rose fanbase. Myself included, players can be dispirited from playing since the leveling boost event was not explicitly stated upon the immediate end of the patch. Then it leads to the bother of submitting a CS ticket and unknowingly waiting for fixes.

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    Altera Savior
    Jul 2013
    I was discussing this earlier with a friend. The way I see it, this would have been nice:

    It would have been fine to release Rose now sans the level jump. The week (or 2?) after, release her 1st job(s) along with a PRE-EVENT for raid. During that week, with the 1st classes, I think the rapid growth would have been better. It gets stale REALLY fast when you're high level and you're only a base. You can really feel it in the lack of skills, and the game doesn't seem to make it any easier by limiting the ability to bank-share. That's severely hindered a lot of people, especially with the tomes of growth. CS could avoid a lot of support requests if this was addressed somewhere, and/or fixed.

    The raid came way too fast. Resources are low and so is motivation since Perkisas runs were done just a week ago. Rose's release is great, but there's some pretty big stuff hindering her. I want to play her, really. She's FUN. But I feel like I'd rather just walk away, because there's only so far you can get with a character that can't bankshare. I mean yes, you can naturally work your way up but again, the encouragement of capping with her rapid growth quests kind of makes things boring when you're level 40~50+ and can't buy or get anything.

    The base job is understandable; it'd be better to build hype by releasing the base and then 1st job(s), but it creates problems when it overlaps directly with raid and other things.

    The Good Stuff:
    + Sage stones are awesome! Thanks so much!

    + The level up event is extremely generous. I'm loving these 300% Drops+EXP fevers, they're super helpful for my other characters!

    + Rose is a lot of fun! I love the fansite, super great work with it. I'm excited for the other chars to get theirs .

    + Eltrion is pretty fun, too.

    The Suggestions (in a tl;dr format):
    * Raid came too early. Something to consider for next one?

    * A lot of players would love to see the base+bankshare issue at least addressed if not worked on. Is it official and here for good or...?

    * Try to balance timer+event rewards with the current content going on. My amnesia ticket ended up on Rose, because it shared a ten minute timer with her tomes of growth.. which i wouldn't have been able to bankshare had I gotten it on someone else. Waste of the generosity . The level up items are, as I mentioned, SUPER cool... but don't really feel right for a base char release. It would have been a better event reward alongside her job releases.

    Hope that's not too much. Thanks so much for the event!