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    [Guide] Wanting Heaven Crossroad's solo boss fight to be less tedious to deal with.

    I'm not providing any images because I'm lazy hurr durr
    2016/11/21 edited my grammar because I'm derp haha
    [Intro blaH]

    So.. in the dungeon [Heaven Crossroad], there are two bosses you'll encounter at the very end of the dungeon. Them being [Hernia orb], and [Hernia Shield]. (I'll be calling them "Shield" and "Orb" from now on. 8))
    When you're soloing, you may have noticed that you're being nuked with spammages of near unavoidable attacks.. and guess who's doing that?
    The answer is, [Hernia Orb]. DUN. DUUN. DUUUUUN.

    Once the boss fight starts, you'll see the warning message around the top area of your screen that says something like, "Separate Hernia Orb away from Shield, so Orb will do less damage bla bla", right?

    Now what that means is, you gotta separate the orb boss away from the shield boss. So the orb boss who's the attack spammer btw, will be weaker in terms of both defense and damage.
    Also, by defense, I meant Orb will no longer be in 24/7 i.frames koff koffkofkfofkofkfkoff.
    [The part where you'll actually learn how to make the dungeon go much easier . _.]

    You may ask, "well.. how do I do that?

    Well, in order to separate them both away from each other, you'll need to run all the way to the end of the map. The end of the map is where you'll see a teleporting circle, where it's function is to basically teleport to the circle directly on the opposite side of where you're standing, and vice versa.

    Now that you know where the location of the teleportation circles are at-- Now we just need to put it into actual use.
    Follow these eazy peazy steps below, to troll orb like there's no tomorrow. 8))

    1. Just run across the map and wait at the end of the map. Then.. viola! The boss will magically teleport towards you, because Orb loves your booti. This one step alone basically is the separation on it's own.

    2. Now that Orb is separated, which means no more I-frames!! yay!!! This also translates to a weakened Orb-- But, that doesn't mean he'll spam less, so keep your guard on him about that.
    But what about Shield you may ask? Don't 'cha worry, he's a slow poke. Just violently assault orb in the corner of the map with the temporary time you have. Because Shield being slow doesn't mean he won't aggro you.

    "But what if Shield does catch up?" Well then ladies and gentlemen, this is where the teleporting circle plays it's role-
    3. Run like hell to the one that's nearest to where you are currently, then it'll be a rinse and repeat process of step no.1. Yup.

    I]Time skip
    "Wowie, now that Orb is dead, what about shield?"[/I]

    4. Ya kill him, stating the obvious I am-- But the reason why you save Shield as the last course of the meal, is because- After that Orb is dead, the defense and damage of Shield would drop. For Shield, the tanker who's focus is primarily on defense, who doesn't attack as often as the offensive counter part- the result is a great advantage towards you.

    Soooo yeah.

    That's it now really.

    Cheers fam o/

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    Thank you for showing us those helpful info that I'm now able to clear 10-4 with less heart attack (due to low HP) now! :3
    I hope that all dungeon's boss could be like this so we could discuss a strategy to fight them (though I know elsword used to be like that

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    o vo Np fam, I'm glad I helped.

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    no wan knows
    Ooh thankies ; v ;

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    Bruh, thanks so much dude. I struggle at them in Henir so muuuuuuuuuuuuch.

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    No problem fam o/

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    oooh! so thats how...when on henir i always doing the other way around...trying to kill Shield 1st then Orb